Internet Marketing and Your Dental Practice

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  • 1. Internet Marketing and your Practice  Presented by
  • 2. Why should you care about Internet Marketing?
      • New Patient Acquisition
      • Increased patient retention and patient engagement
  • 3. Websites SEO/SEM Blogging Social Media Location Based Services  
  • 4. Websites  
  • 5. How can a website help your Practice?    
        • Internet visibility to potential new patients
        • Reduced call volume from existing patients
        • Overall appearance of professionalism
  • 6. A Typical Dental Website
  • 7. SEO vs. SEM
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vs. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Case Study: A potential patient is looking for a new dentist and turns to google. They search for “Vancouver Dentists”
    • There are two types of results on these searches:
      • Paid (achieved through SEM)
      • Unpaid (achieved through SEO)
  • 8. An Example
  • 9. Search Engine Optimization
    • Based on Google's estimation of how relevant you are to the keywords
    • How do they determine this?
      • Content on your site
      • Correctly configured page titles, meta descriptions, URLs
      • “ References” (inbound links) from other valuable sites (articles, blogs etc)
  • 10. SEO Keywords
    • Google Keywords Tool (free):
    • See how many people search for a specific keyword or phrase
    • See suggestions on similar keywords
    • Check competition levels for those keywords
  • 11. Search Engine Marketing
    • This is paid search traffic
    • Use Google Adwords (
      • Pay Per Click
      • Bid “Per Click” to get impressions
      • Daily maximum budget
      • Requires a decent website to get a good ROI
      • Measure carefully with analytics
  • 12. Metrics and Analytics
    • Metrics are Key
    • You need to know
      • How many people visited your site
      • How many pages they viewed
      • How they arrived at your site (Organic, SEM, Social Media, Referrals, Direct Visits)
      • How long they stayed on your site
      • Where they are geographically
      • Try and track conversion to new patients
      • Landing and exit pages
  • 13. Google Analytics
    • Free, Powerful
  • 14. Domain Purchase and Hosting
      • Look for a URL related to the keywords you're targeting
      • There are ongoing costs for a website. Hosting and Maintenance
  • 15. Clinicbook