Memorial Health System


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Memorial Health System

  1. 1. CASE STUDY ST. VINCENT’S HOSPITAL BIRMINGHAM, AL • HORIZON CLINICALS M C K E S S O N D E L I V E R S M E D I C AT I O N S A F E T Y T O H I G H -T E C H , H I G H -T O U C H C A R E AT S T. V I N C E N T ’ S AT A G L A N C E More than 10 years ago, St. Vincent’s Hospital cross-encounter patient data – the in Birmingham, Ala., embarked on a aggregated records form a vast, paperless technological journey to improve clinical and clinical repository. Caregivers can access ORGANIZATION operational excellence by delivering vital, information such as current and past St. Vincent’s Hospital appropriate information to clinicians and staff medications, laboratory results, radiology and Birmingham, Ala. in a timely, intelligent manner. Now, as other pathology reports, vital signs, input/output – Beds: 338 healthcare organizations scramble to address data, transcribed documents, and patient – Medical staff: 700 patient safety, reduce medication errors and demographics. – Inpatient visits per year: 20,000 improve outcomes, St. Vincent’s is already realizing the value of blending “high-tech, To maximize the value of the repository, – Outpatient visit per year: 148,000 high-touch” into healthcare that works, St. Vincent’s added other McKesson – “Flagship Digital Hospital” healthcare that is safe, and healthcare that clinical solutions, including many from for parent health system, leaves no one behind. the Horizon ClinicalsTM suite of integrated Ascension Healthcare solutions. Physicians and other clinicians Challenges can now analyze integrated data from SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT any location on the 1 million-square-foot, – Horizon Clinicals Birmingham’s healthcare market is highly six-building hospital campus using wireless competitive, with 21 hospitals, numerous clinics tablets, PDAs, and computers at nurse CRITICAL ISSUES and diagnostic centers — in fact, more than stations and in patient rooms. The – Access to patient information 9 percent of the local workforce is employed in information can also be viewed from a – Medication safety the healthcare field. To fundamentally affect physician’s home or office using McKesson’s – Clinical excellence the medication and care delivery process in the secure portal technology. – Attracting clinicians region, St. Vincent’s sought to: RESULTS Speed access to real-time and historical “The cure for better healthcare is access to patient information by placing information information,” says Timothy Stettheimer, – 1,500 PCs deployed across at clinicians fingertips anytime, anywhere Ph.D., St. Vincent’s vice president and chief 1 million-square-foot campus information officer. “By making information Proactively monitor and notify clinicians – 90 percent clinical information available to caregivers anytime, anywhere, of critical changes in a patient’s condition system usage among medical staff we’re giving them the tools to help ensure Deploy pharmacy and bedside bar-code patient safety and quality outcomes.” – Wireless and Web-based access technology to help prevent medication to patient information errors St. Vincent’s looked to McKesson for – 10 percent decrease in average Provide physicians with electronic ordering leading-edge technology systems for every patient length of stay and clinical decision support tools step in the care delivery process, especially – 25 new physicians added in 2003 for improving medication safety. The Answers organization recognized that it needed the processes, technology and infrastructure to St. Vincent’s journey began in 1991 with the “close the loop” on medication errors by plan for a completely digital information preventing them at every stage: prescribing, environment. In 1993, the hospital brought live transcribing, dispensing, administering and its electronic medical record. And in 1996, with monitoring. the implementation of McKesson’s clinical data repository, the foundation was set for To provide clinically intelligent tools for future technology initiatives. With every pharmacists to capture scripts, fulfill orders patient procedure, test and order compiled and validate the accuracy of the medication into an evolving patient record – which use process, St. Vincent’s deployed now includes more than five years of
  2. 2. CASE STUDY S T. V I N C E N T ’ S H O S P I TA L • H O R I Z O N C L I N I C A L S automated dispensing cabinets, McKesson’s “By automating best practices and allowing Horizon Meds ManagerTM pharmacy clinicians more time to focus on direct information system and Horizon Admin-RxTM patient care, McKesson’s guidelines-based medication administration system. Through solutions are having a positive effect on “We may virtually eliminate medication integration with Horizon Expert quality at St. Vincent’s,” notes Stettheimer. DocumentationTM (McKesson’s point-of-care “We may virtually eliminate medication errors by making sure that anytime a clinical documentation system), communication errors by making sure that anytime a clinician interacts with an order, among all caregivers is greatly enhanced. In clinician interacts with an order, a system addition, St. Vincent’s uses McKesson’s checks that the best, most appropriate care a system checks that the best, most Horizon Care AlertsTM (rules-based clinical is taking place.” appropriate care is taking place.” alerts system) as the “guardian” of all clinical data, monitoring and proactively notifying Results caregivers of any health situation that needs immediate attention or could negatively affect McKesson technology is supporting patient care. St. Vincent’s goals for clinical and Timothy Stettheimer, Ph.D. operational excellence by delivering safer, The hospital is also in the final stages of more cost-effective care. Physicians and Vice President and Chief implementing Horizon Expert OrdersTM, other clinicians not only access information Information Officer which will assist physicians with order entry anytime, anywhere from 1,500 PCs deployed and clinical decision-making by displaying across the campus, but more than 90 percent clinically relevant information about a of St. Vincent’s 700-member staff routinely patient’s condition along with evidence-based uses the hospital’s clinical data repository. guidelines and treatment protocols at the point Stettheimer reports that the physician’s of decision making. improved workflow and expedited rounding has contributed to a 10 percent decrease in Here’s how St. Vincent’s will “close the loop” the average patient length of stay (4.7 days on medication errors. After a physician places to 4.2 days). And St. Vincent’s technology a medication order in Horizon Expert Orders, has helped attract and retain clinicians. In it is sent electronically to the pharmacist for fact, St. Vincent’s has attracted nearly 25 verification and review with Horizon Meds new physicians in the past year. Manager’s advanced clinical screening. The completed order is then passed electronically “Not only are physicians comfortable with to the cabinets and Horizon Admin-Rx. With technology as a means to access clinical up-to-date information available at their information quickly and effectively, they fingertips, nurses administer the medication now expect and even demand it,” says after verifying the “five rights.” St. Vincent’s Stettheimer. “We focused on McKesson nurses scan for a bar code match of the because of its best of breed approach to patient’s wristband and the medication. The technology, its ability to tie solutions integrated system confirms that the right together across the enterprise, and its long- caregiver is administering the right medication term approach to supporting clinicians in all to the right patient at the right time in the environments. Through the partnership, right dose and right route. After the medication we’ve been able to meet our goal of is administered, the EMR is updated across all providing excellent clinical care.” clinical systems for any necessary review or monitoring. McKesson Information Solutions 5995 Windward Parkway Alpharetta, GA 30005 Copyright © 2004 McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. Horizon Meds Manager, Horizon Admin-Rx, Horizon Expert Documentation, Horizon Care Alerts, Horizon Expert Orders and Horizon 1.800.981.8601 Clinicals are trademarks of McKesson Information Solutions LLC. All other product or company names mentioned may be trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. PRT199-02/04