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Update on the S2R Medal open badges development for the HASTAC Digital Media Learning competition

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  • S2R -Supporter to Reporter gives young people skills and confidence through sports reporting. By working for real as reporters at sports events they learn communication skills, teamwork and how to meet deadlines. As they interview players, coaches, organisers and fans they learn to interact with a wide range of people and grow in self-esteem. Young people are passionate about sport and love using digital media to record, and share their lives. They create reports using video, audio, text and images, and publish them all for the world to see on the safe social network Radiowaves:www.radiowaves.co.uk/s2rS2R Aims ToGive young people confidence, higher aspirations, communication skills and a broader outlook on lifeEquip young people for the world of work, in particular by giving them media skills that are in demand across industry: social media; digital production of audio, video and images, blogging, interviewing, writing and reportingHelp young people gain transferable life skills: teamwork, meeting deadlines, discipline, handling pressure, creativity, resilience, empathy, critical thinking and rising to a challenge!Provide a way for all young people to engage with the 2012 Olympic Games and get their story heardSchools can engage remotely too
  • Traditionally a 5 day training programme – media visit and match dayFunded by the football foundation but match funded by V, British Council and Sports Clubs/Education Centres across the UKCurrently have 9 hubs/centres of excellence which run S2R weeksDeveloped a school offer to enable schools to get involved in time for Olympics – downloadable resources and video tutorials plus free online channel. 4 levels to work throughWorking with YST and LOCOG to provide exciting national opportunities to reporters for 2012
  • How does it work? Online channel, access tutorials and support, share reports and connect with experts and other reporters – can use any social media outlet for S2R but Radiowaves is the safe space that houses the resources and that schools/young people can safely use to connect with each other
  • Example of pupil report – opportunity to generate views, share and receive and leave comments.
  • Where is S2R at the moment? Reach and geography – 9 UK hubs, over 100 schools involved.
  • Overview of content – this channel will become the space for Olympic reports this year. Online activities will be set
  • Radiowaves is a safe social learning platform for 5 to 19 year olds. The system provides teachers with moderation tools allowing them to easily manage stduent content whilst allowing students freedom to create, connect and share safely.It is available for free to all schools globally and we currently support a community of around 50,000 users who have created over 60,000 multimedia reports and blogs. We work with a range of partners to deliver engaging learning projects such as WWF, Red Cross, Action Aid and of course DigitalMeThe challenge for us is mapping all the learning and skills in s2r to a system that can be automated to allow for huge scalability but also managed enough to ensure quality. We also have a unique challenge in that radiowaves is available to under 13s and so we need to provide a route for those users and a system to support teachers throughout.We have been involved in S2R since the start and provide a dedicated network to showcase students work and provide a platform to connect with a real audience.
  • Medals will be award for a combination of quantative activity and other qualattativeactivy that will be assessed by other young coaches or practitioners.The gold level medal is only achieveble if you have completed offline reporting activity and mentored others – because its difficualt for a system to automatically aknowdlege this kind of activity these can only be awarded by practitoners who observe the young people at the live event. This process ensure the top levels cannot be gamed and builds in scarcity by requiring significant real world activity to achieve themThe mentoring aspect of the coach medal also ensures those who do achieve the top medals are supporting others to achieve lower medals – this helps build the community and increasesthe overall capacity of the project to scale up globally.
  • Radiowaves is available to under 13s so community achievments are a way for stduents who are unbale to access open badges to still gain rewards for tehir work, and to build up a portfolio of work which can tehn be aplied when they are old enough and translated in to medals or other Open badges. We think this is an important factor for the success of this programme and als helps build a larger feedre audience for badegs lower down the school amdhelps gain techersuport right across the learning syages.
  • This shows how we connect s2r activity like creating reports and attending offline activity on radiowaves through the community achievements to provide granular markers of activity and to reward smaller achievments.As radiowaves is available to under 13s younger users will still be able to gain a form of badges within the community and build up their portfolio for when they can access openbadgesWe will developer a displayer module too so that other Open Badges can be diplayed on students profile pages in Radiowaves
  • Overview of content – this channel will become the space for Olympic reports this year. Online activities will be set
  • Overview of content – this channel will become the space for Olympic reports this year. Online activities will be set
  • Overview of content – this channel will become the space for Olympic reports this year. Online activities will be set
  • S2r medals intro (july)

    1. 1. S2R Medals
    2. 2. Storyso far...
    3. 3. S2R: UK’s youth sports reporting channel
    4. 4. S2R changes young people’s lives through sports reporting.Encourages aspiration, teamwork, resilience and creativity. Givesreporters a legacy of life and job skills, confidence, motivation,friends and fun!
    5. 5. 635 young people trained so far in this outstanding, award-winning media project across 9 regional hubs1900 young people reached in schools via the Radiowavessocial media network
    6. 6. We have interviewed hundreds of interesting people andcreated over 10,000 reports and blogs
    7. 7. Theplan...
    8. 8. The safe socialplatform forchildren to sharetheir videos,photos and blogs“At the forefront ofeducation social networks”The Guardian
    9. 9. Mobile
    10. 10. SkillsYoung people can obtain S2R ‘Medals’ in3 sets:Journalist, Coach and ProducerEn route to gaining Medals students willgather ‘Achievements’ for theircontribution to the S2R community
    11. 11. MedalsPushed out to Open BadgeInfrastructure and havevalue to a broad audienceQualitative assessment ofskills by peers/leaders3 sets Journalist, Coach &Producer3 levels in each set: Bronze,Silver & Gold
    12. 12. CommunityAchievementsNot pushed out to OpenBadge Infrastructure andmain value is withincommunityGranular markers ofactivity
    13. 13. Get work selected & featured Give and receive feedback Complete offlineCreate multimedia challengesblogs and reports Student Profile Other OBI badges
    14. 14. Structure
    15. 15. Example student profile
    16. 16. How medals will work with current OBI set up and work flow Student receives 3 S2R achievements S2R Bronze Journalism medal awarded In box message sent with link to claim medal and info Student goes to Open badges site Sign in Create Browser ID account Mozilla Validate Email Sign in Claim medal and make public Medal shown on Radiowaves page
    17. 17. How we would like medals to work Student receives 3 S2R achievements S2R Bronze Journalism medal awarded In box message sent with link to claim medal and info Student claims medal within Radiowaves Don’t know if this is Log in ID and data sent to back pack possible yet Medal set to public by default Medal shown on Radiowaves page
    18. 18. Designday…
    19. 19. Students and teachers discussed skills, process and value of medals.Created short films on the day
    20. 20. Reports and blogs available onlinehttps://www.radiowaves.co.uk/s2rindie/c/s2rmedals
    21. 21. TimelineJuly Research & DesignAug Technical BuildSept Schools PilotNov Review and RefineMarch Share and scale up
    22. 22. S2R 2012 Reporter Medal – Available nowwww.radiowaves.co.uk/story/375693/title/earnyour2012reportermedal
    23. 23. Thanks!