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Down from the top, up from the bottom and making the most of the middle.
Presented by Cliff Manning at Digital Media & Learning Conference 2013

“If you could make one law what would it be” The UK Parliament asked 7-16 year olds to answer this question by making their own online films and pitching them to Oscar winner, Lord David Puttnam

In the UK there are over 100,000 young carers looking after families affected by substance misuse and mental or physical illness. Young Carers in Focus connects these young people online, provides media training and gives them a platform to campaign for change.

Digital media can enable large organisations and policy makers to engage with young people, ‘top down’, in new creative ways. At the same time young people can use the same tools to more easily connect with policy makers from the ‘bottom up’. This presentation will explore these two models of civic engagement and youth empowerment, and find out what can happen when they join together.

The presentation focusses in on the story of a group of young carers affected by HIV who were supported by The Elton John Aids Foundation to create a film for the parliament competition. The teens went on to advise Ministers at an all party parliamentary group on the needs of young carers and had their demands discussed in the House of Commons.

Lights Camera Parliament

Young Carers in Focus

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  • Digitalme – new directions in learning. DigitalMe is a not for profit which creates learning programmes which support the development of young people’s 21st century skills through project based learning programmes which use social media –give young people a role and context for their learning. learning which is real-life, makes use of current and emerging technologies and develops learning and social skills.DigitalMe provides:A comprehensive digital learning and rewards programme for children, teachers and parentsSupport to organisations to deliver these programmes locallySafe, My World
  • Overview of how the site works and how schools and young people use itSafety features – moderated, approved users, reporting toolsApp and APIPromote positive activities using social mediaOver 3000 Schools and Groups worldwide50,000 young people sharing media stories and connecting online
  • Down from the top up from the bottom

    1. 1. Downfrom thetop,Follow us:@cliffmanning@lucyDMe
    2. 2. Makewaves is a leading safe social learning platform Whether posting photos via the App, submitting a video competition entry to the WWF Channel or live blogging from the Olympics, Makewaves provides a fun, easy to use way to engage learners worldwide.Makewaves homepage screenshot Oct 2012
    3. 3. Lights, Camera Parliament!If you could make one law, whatwould it be?UK Parliament Education Service -www.parliament.uk7-16 year oldsraise awareness about how laws arepassed and the role of individuals inshaping
    4. 4. Young Carers in Focus„over 100,000 young carers inUK‟Four year project funded by The Big LotteryFund and run by The Children’s Society withpartners.Provide young carers with a place to sharestories and campaign for change.Young champions trained in digital andmedia skills to run the network and
    5. 5. The Film...„In our shoes‟Young carers from projects supported byElton John Aids Foundation made a videoabout the need for HIV awareness in schoolsas an entry to LCP. Views and „Highly Commended‟ byParliament judges
    6. 6. The Meeting We would like you to writeto, the Secretary of State forHealth and share what youhave heard todayThe team invited to Standing Commission forCarers to share their views.The young people asked for:• Specialist HIV and young carers training sessions for all teachers• Lessons in schools about HIV and the impact on family• Raise awareness of young carers affected by HIV all the time not just on World Aids day
    7. 7. The Action“I pledge to support youngcarers affected by HIV” MaggieAtkinson the Children‟s Commissioner forEnglandChuka Umunna MP, shadow secretary ofstate for business refernces the video onBBC RadioPamela Nash MP and Chair of the All PartyParliamentary Group for HIV and AIDSpromises to write the prime minister.Chuka Umunna asks Children’s Ministerwhat the government will do…
    8. 8. The Result “Our revised carers strategy recognises that too many young carers remain „hidden‟ because of the stigma, discrimination and bullying that are still too often associated with conditions like mental ill health and HIV/AIDS.” Children’s Minister, Ed Timpson
    9. 9. What happened Establishment using digital to listen to young people Clear requests Localized presented and Support and actions opportunities pledged Young People Support and Advice, trainin opportunity to g and present in recognition person Safe platform to share and connect
    10. 10. “A primary object should bethe education of our youth inthe science of government. Ina republic, what species ofknowledge can be equallyimportant? And what dutymore pressing thancommunicating it to thosewho are to be the futureguardians of the liberties ofthe country?”― George Washington
    11. 11. “Our involvement with theproject has been based on themlistening to us, supporting us tospeak to MPs and members ofthe public to inform them aboutexactly how we feel about beingyoung carers affected by HIV.By doing all of this we hope thatin the end everyone we haveever spoken to will see wherewe are coming from and howlife is in our shoes.”― Young Carers Group
    12. 12. k @lucydme