Clicktale Launchpad - Technical Implementation


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A step by step guide to the technical implementation of ClickTale

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Clicktale Launchpad - Technical Implementation

  1. 1. Implementing ClickTale “LaunchPad” Webinar series Presented by: Dana Schwartz
  2. 2. Agenda• General Description• Implementing ClickTale - General• Implementing the Standard Tracking Code• Advanced ClickTale Implementation• Types of ClickTale Integration Solutions• Integration Topics in the ClickTale Wiki• Important Links to ClickTale• Contact ClickTale Support 2
  3. 3. General Description• ClickTale is a Web Analytics platform with a difference.• ClickTale leaves “guessing” out of website optimization, conversion analysis and usability research, providing up-to-date data about the behavior of visitors on your site.• Knowing how visitors use your website will enable you to better target specific audiences, improve customer satisfaction and increase conversion.• Use ClickTale to analyze the performance of your online forms, keep visitors engaged in page content, and lead them through the conversion process. 3 © 2006-2011 ClickTale Ltd
  4. 4. Implementing ClickTale - General• You can set up ClickTale on your site in 5 minutes, with a simple “Copy & Paste”.• For more complex scenarios, other integration solutions are available.• You can implement ClickTale in phases, starting simple and adding functionality later <HTML> <HTML> <HEAD> Copy & Paste <HEAD> </HEAD> </HEAD> <BODY> <BODY> <!-- ClickTale Top part --> <!-- ClickTale Top part --> <script <script type="text/javascript"> type="text/javascript"> var WRInitTime=(new var WRInitTime=(new Date()).getTime(); Date()).getTime(); </script> </script> <!-- ClickTale end of Top part - <!-- ClickTale end of Top part - -> -> SITE CONTENT….. 4 © 2006-2011 ClickTale Ltd
  5. 5. Implementing the Standard Tracking Code (1)• Create a ClickTale account or access your existing account• Create a new project, if you have not yet done so 5 © 2006-2011 ClickTale Ltd
  6. 6. Implementing the Standard Tracking Code (2)• After naming the project, click the Tracking Code generation link Estimated traffic to your site (Day/week/month) Recording Ratio (Automatic or Manual) Recording secure pages? 6 © 2006-2011 ClickTale Ltd
  7. 7. Implementing the Standard Tracking Code (3)• The Recording Ratio could be set automatically based on your traffic- or manually, based on your choice.• When you finish entering the details requested, click Next. 7 © 2006-2011 ClickTale Ltd
  8. 8. Implementing the Standard Tracking Code (4)• You will be presented with the two parts of the Tracking Code- the Bottom part and the Top part The Top part of ClickTale code The Bottom part of ClickTale code 8 © 2006-2011 ClickTale Ltd
  9. 9. Implementing the Standard Tracking Code (5)• Simply copy each part into the appropriate section of your HTML pages• The Tracking Code includes the unique ID of your project, the recording ratio figure and the location of the project on the ClickTale servers. Top Bottom 9 © 2006-2011 ClickTale Ltd
  10. 10. Implementing the Standard Tracking Code (6)• Any page containing the ClickTale code is recorded automatically • Recording is based on the recording ratio 10 © 2006-2011 ClickTale Ltd
  11. 11. Advanced ClickTale Implementation• If you wish to record pages of the following types, use one of ClickTale‘s integration options: • POST pages – Mostly forms posting information to the server. • Pages behind login – Pages which reside behind user/password credentials. • Session pages – Pages on which the visitor is uniquely identified (Shopping cart, subscription service…). • Pages with dynamic elements – Pages which include dynamically changing elements (Drop down menus, for example). 11 © 2006-2011 ClickTale Ltd
  12. 12. Types of ClickTale Integration Solutions• You can use two types of integration solutions:• ClickTale integration Code Extensions: • Simple client-side script extensions • Not dependent on site platform • Manually configured• ClickTale Integration Modules • Ready made code modules • Server-side implementation • Platform dependent • Automatic services 12 © 2006-2011 ClickTale Ltd
  13. 13. Integration Topics in the ClickTale Wiki• The ClickTale Wiki contains instructions for every integration available 13 © 2006-2011 ClickTale Ltd
  14. 14. Integration Support in the ClickTale Wiki (2)• The instructions take you through the implementation process step-by-step 14 © 2006-2011 ClickTale Ltd
  15. 15. Important Links to ClickTale• The following resources may be useful for implementation • ClickTale Wiki (Main) – • ClickTale Quick Start Guide - • ClickTale Integration page – • The ClickTale Forums – 15 © 2006-2011 ClickTale Ltd
  16. 16. Contact ClickTale Support• Subscription plan customers may contact ClickTale support using a dedicated form at: 16 © 2006-2011 ClickTale Ltd
  17. 17. Summary General Description Implementing ClickTale - General Implementing the Standard Tracking Code Advanced ClickTale Implementation Types of ClickTale Integration Solutions Integration Topics in the ClickTale Wiki Important Links to ClickTale Contact ClickTale Support 17
  18. 18. 18