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These are the slides I used for my presentation to the St. Augustine, FL Historic Inns Association. Great collaborative seminar all around.

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  • I don’t know it all.
    I don’t have all the ideas.
  • I don’t know it all.
    I don’t have all the ideas.
  • I don’t know it all.
    I don’t have all the ideas.
    I am happy to advise you and to help you refine your ideas, but ultimately you know better than anyone what makes you and your product great.
    Any time ask me to clarify, etc.
  • Ideas
    Video contest for every guest – tour of st. augustine
    Most incredible site in st augustine
    Why bed and breakfasts rule
  • Ideas
    Video contest for every guest – tour of st. augustine
    Most incredible site in st augustine
    Why bed and breakfasts rule
  • Ideas
    Video contest for every guest – tour of st. augustine
    Most incredible site in st augustine
    Why bed and breakfasts rule
  • What topics might increase rank and be relevant to your clients?
    Attractions here
  • Web Marketing Fundamentals

    1. 1. Brad Nickel MarketingInnSites.com VP of Marketing Seasite.com/Landry & Kling Web Marketing Fundamentals
    2. 2. What was my line? I used to sell people for a living
    3. 3. Brad Nickel Consultant Clickbrain.com VP of Marketing Seasite.com/Landry & Kling Web Marketing Fundamentals
    4. 4. Plant the seeds and give you the tools
    5. 5. Agenda Marketing  How marketing has changed  What it means to you What is web marketing  Overview of types  Your web site Fundamentals  SEO  SEM  Other advertising  Social Media
    6. 6. Traditional Marketing is Dead Customers are on to it No more stretching the truth…. nowhere to hide No more throwing things up to see what sticks Consumers are empowered and expect the truth
    7. 7. You are perfectly positioned Hallmarks of your service: Relationships Service Shared experiences Fond memories
    8. 8. You are perfectly positioned The most important component of your business online is your team. You are your brand. “Pat and Ted the owners have become like family members” Thank you Pat and Ted for such a wonderful stay at your beautiful bed and breakfast. You both are so welcoming and by the time we left you felt like family. Pat and Ted could not have done more for us during our stay. The most wonderful of all though was the friendship we now have with Pat and Ted Dobosz. Etc., etc., etc.
    9. 9. How? How do you engage your guests to help you spread the word? How do you find and engage potential guests?
    10. 10. Relationships
    11. 11. Who are you as a group? Numbers from survey Web Marketing expertise: 2.5 out of 5 Social Media expertise: 2.7 out of 10 Blogs: 7 PPC: 4 / 12 Social Media Ads: 4 / 12 Most Active: St Francis / Bayfront Marin House
    12. 12. TripAdvisor.com Who actively works the reviews? Who is tracking traffic?
    13. 13. What is Web Marketing? Driving traffic to a web site and getting visitors to engage Calls to action  Inquire  Subscribe  Interact and remember  Relate their experience / Refer  Reserve/Buy
    14. 14. What is Web Marketing? This isn’t easy.... … but can/will eventually build great rolling momentum.
    15. 15. What is Web Marketing? Be prepared to invest time and some money to market your property and yourself on the web
    16. 16. What is Web Marketing? An opportunity to begin or build a relationship Don’t rush the “sale” Build trust Open Channels to communicate Verify your greatness
    17. 17. What is web marketing? Where to start: Targeting  Who are your customers?  Why are they your customers?  Why did they pick you?  What is your value?  Where do they hangout online and off?  Verticals? History buffs, etc.
    18. 18. Types of web marketing Search Engine Marketing - SEM (Advertising)  Adwords  Other advertising  Landing pages
    19. 19. Types of web marketing Search Engine Optimization - SEO
    20. 20. Types of web marketing Real world networking
    21. 21. Types of web marketing Social Media
    22. 22. Types of web marketing Traditional Marketing to drive traffic
    23. 23. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Your Web Site Needs To Campaign For Votes The more votes you get the higher your site will rank on search engines
    24. 24. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Votes = Links from other web sites
    25. 25. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Content = Your Site’s Campaign Platform
    26. 26. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) The better your site’s platform (content) the more votes(links) you will get and the better your ranking will be
    27. 27. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) When other relevant sites link to your site they are “voting” for your site
    28. 28. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) The more links to your site from other highly ranked sites in your topic area the higher your rank in the search engines
    29. 29. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) You win the election when Google serves up your address when content on your site matches a user’s search, because you had more links
    30. 30. SEO - Tactics  High quality relevant links to your site  Forum posts  3rd party blogs  Comments on other blogs  Controversial content  Public Relations  Keyword/phrase optimized content  Follow all the rules
    31. 31. SEO - Content, Content, Content Each page a topic Keyword rich  How to identify (Google tools)  Brainstorm  Look at competitors  Search how your customers search  Don’t try to go for common terms  Long tail terms  Low counts in Google
    32. 32. SEO - Use a Content Management System(CMS) If you can’t control your site, then you can’t control your marketing WordPress  Not just for blogging  Install (Godaddy)  or use WordPress.com Many others available  TypePad  Drupal
    33. 33. SEO - Get free content Directories of content RSS feeds Guest posts
    34. 34. SEO - Links out = links in Comments on other blogs Blog networks Forum posts Write free articles Contests Post to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Write articles that get attention  Top 10s  Secrets
    35. 35. SEO - Weblogs Specialized Content Build  Separate hosting accounts Hire  Freelance writers  eLance  Odesk  Blog specialists  Performancing
    36. 36. Silly Rabbit Tricks Are for Kids Slow and steady equals SEO success No one can get you top rankings without work and original content, but they can get you banned Check references of anyone you hire
    37. 37. Search Engine Marketing Google Adwords Maximize your investment  Learn  Hire(Trada, oDesk, etc.) The "Others" - Yahoo, MSN(Bing), etc.  Cheaper  Less competition
    38. 38. Search Engine Marketing Landing pages can increase conversions
    39. 39. Search Engine Marketing Competing Against Each Other
    40. 40. Other Advertising What other venues are available?
    41. 41. This Changes Everything
    42. 42. This Changes Everything Blurs the lines between our personal world and business world More open and honest communications Sharing everything Less divisions – more commonality Go ahead and login
    43. 43. What is Social networking Conversations
    44. 44. What is Social networking Connections
    45. 45. What is Social networking Relationships
    46. 46. What is Social networking Can you hear me? “I just posted the coolest link ever to Facebook and none of my friends have “liked it” or commented upon it.” REFRESH
    47. 47. What is Social Networking? Connecting Conversations Relationships Ego Geography Business Schools Hobbies Family Any Interests
    48. 48. What is Social Networking? Personal Old friends School mates Family Neighbors Civic Business Promotions Recruiting Networking Referrals Testimonials
    49. 49. How To Use Social networking Do you have the time?
    50. 50. What Networks Merit Your Attention?
    51. 51. Semi-closed business focused network The Chamber of Commerce online Worldwide and local Fantastic business resource
    52. 52. Features Job listings Groups Q&A / Answers Connection tools Targeted advertising Network updates Recommendations
    53. 53. Features Groups
    54. 54. Features Q&A / Answers
    55. 55. Features Recommendations
    56. 56. Features Advertising
    57. 57. Value to you? Referrals Meetings References Recommendations Networking
    58. 58. Semi-closed personal social network Club, church, community center, bar online Worldwide and local Fantastic personal connections Connect with only Those you choose
    59. 59. Features Comments and likes The wall
    60. 60. Features Photos and Videos
    61. 61. Features Connections old and new Important discussions
    62. 62. Features Profile Groups/Pages
    63. 63. Features Groups
    64. 64. Features Integrate your data and sites
    65. 65. Features Ads and pages
    66. 66. Features Ads and pages
    67. 67. Getting Likes Ask for it Bribe Contests Partners
    68. 68. Pages – Getting Started
    69. 69. Pages – Getting Started
    70. 70. Ads – Getting Started
    71. 71. Check In Start a conversation
    72. 72. Get the Like Button Everywhere Ask everyone to like you
    73. 73. Remember that likes are referrals – Their friends see it. Ask for them. Take action while staying with you or at least remind them too. Remind them to check in with Facebook, Foursquare, etc. – Put up a sign Post content of value frequently
    74. 74. Examples: Local news and info
    75. 75. Examples: Local news and info
    76. 76. Examples: Humor and ideas
    77. 77. Examples: Guest photos
    78. 78. Open personal/business social network Broadcasting and conversations Worldwide and local Small bursts of info (140 characters) Follow – Subscribe Real time/live
    79. 79. Features Fast communications Easy to master Reciprocal Easy to share
    80. 80. How tos Concise communications Short URLs (TinyURL) Relevant Useful Traffic to your site Update tool for biz
    81. 81. SEO / Social - Self-feeding strategy Independent accounts Blogs Twitter Facebook Blog Blog Blog TwitterFacebook Your Site
    82. 82. Don’t forget email Newsletters Blasts – to a list Think about those verticals
    83. 83. Video People will click Post to YouTube and all the social media sites Detailed keyword Descriptions - SEO Contests: Best hidden gem, tours, etc.
    84. 84. Calls to action Determine what you want visitors to do Build pages and links to get them to take that action  Landing pages Tweak then test again and again
    85. 85. Tracking, tracking, tracking!
    86. 86. Tracking, tracking, tracking!
    87. 87. Time Allot a set amount of time each day to the tasks Patience... breeds success. It can take months to see results
    88. 88. Getting Started Jump right in Have fun Plan your strategy Pick a few and stay Set your goals Enjoy yourself Keep it real Keep it fresh Open up or be left behind Give
    89. 89. Great Resources Send for more MarketingExperiments.com Google’s Webmaster Central Google Analytics Tools for building, tracking, and managing your site and clients WordPress.com