Building a Professional Image
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Building a Professional Image






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Building a Professional Image Building a Professional Image Presentation Transcript

  • Building a Professional Image (personal brand) Brad Nickel
  • What is your image of a CEO?
  • Is this professional? Click to watch the video
  • What should a professional image class be about?
  • Why / when isimage important?
  • Branding does not have to be fake or inauthentic
  • Branding can be real...
  • What is your image for these brands? Why? What do others think?
  • What is your image for these brands? Why? What do others think?
  • Write down what you perceive about the following images.Do you think your initial perceptionmatches up with who they actuallyare or perceive themselves to be?
  • What is an image?
  • What is professional?
  • Define your image:Write 5descriptions ofhow you think youare perceived nowand 5 morerelevant to howyou want to beperceived in 10years.
  • Do you think yourperceptions matchup with your bestfriends perceptionof you?Boss? Co-workers?The clerk at theconvenience store?Does it matter?Is your perceptionmore accuratethan theirs?
  • What would mom say? Really. What would your Mom say her image is of you? What doesnt she know?
  • How ridiculousis it that we liveour lives basedon sillyperceptions...when everyperception isdifferent?
  • To perceive is to suffer. Aristotle
  • Now, what do you want your image to be? Why?
  • Whoareyou?
  • • Father • Great Boss• VP of Marketing • Horrible Boss• Teacher • Mean• Husband • Silly• Outspoken • Loud• Crazy • Leader• Loving • Follower• Pretty Fearless • Strong
  • Is it possible for us to "build a professional image"?
  • Is it possible for us to "build a professional image"?
  • What can make you appear professional?• The work you do and how your do it• Your appearance• How you speak• Your writing skills• How you handle stress• Presentation skills• Certifications / Degrees• Ethics• Manners• Mannerisms• Loyalty
  • Its all about PERCEPTIONS
  • We spend most of our livesworrying about what other people think about us.
  • How are perceptions formed?First Perceptions can be lasting
  • Components of first impressions
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Appearance
  • Body Movement
  • Personal Space
  • Touch
  • The words you say
  • What is a perception? • An opinion based on • appearance • past action • gossip / opinions of others
  • • Culture • Bias • PrejudiceWhat can impact perception?
  • How do you build "Brand You"?• Many of us start with appearance: • Professional wardrobe • Hair • Weight
  • Ultimately its on us• Reality• Who are you?• Rather than build an image, you can be a professional• Ethics, value, demeanor• Must come from within
  • We can all smell a rat• People that refuse a trust relationship• People who manipulate situations to their advantage all the time• People who are more worried about their image than the actual work they do
  • Once you play the perception/image game, it can be difficult to quit.
  • How can you "build" a professional image?
  • Solid, but not elaborate(dont create extra work) appearance
  • Hard workbut dont work hard
  • What do you do... best?
  • Resumes
  • Resumes
  • Skills / Bio
  • Skills / Bio
  • Online branding • Work all of them • Relationships = opportunity • LinkedIn recommendations • Give to get • Reuse in other ways • Testimonials with you as product
  • Get a blog - nowSEO, Profile, Learn, Be The Expert
  • My resume is lacking...
  • Identify what accomplished
  • Break the job down into tasks
  • What did you create or fix?
  • How have you led (job or other)
  • Interviews - What will you do for them? • Who are they • What is their motivation to hire • How can you help them improve - positively • How long have they been there
  • Deliver on promises and commitments
  • Under-promise Over-deliver There will ALWAYS be obstacles to overcome and people to get onboard(or go around). Being a hero doesnt mean being unrealistic. Double(at least) every time estimate
  • Speak your mind,but professionally and with compassion
  • Offer help with no strings attached
  • Be genuineand honest
  • We live drivenby our EGO, buthow much is upto us.
  • We spend most of our livesworrying about what other people think about us.
  • Imagine how muchbetter life would be... If you could turn itoff.You cant, but youcan see yourperceptions andthoughts and slowthem and reducetheir impact. Watch.
  • The secret is that we usually are nothing like what we think we project...
  • Fear is only a thought and emotion
  • Try everything and anything
  • Click to watch video
  • You got the gig... Now what
  • Communications
  • Anger ManagementThe #1 gig/relationship killer - useless
  • Admit mistakes when they happen
  • Exit gracefully(no matter what)
  • Every relationship mattersand can help or haunt you later
  • Be the perceptionyou want people to see
  • Brad Nickelbrad@captivacomunications.comhttp://captivacommunications.com305-297-2466