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Consumer Finance and Leasing Company (Sierra Leone) helps you or your business advance without putting a heavy debt or monetary burden on you. At Consumer Finance and Leasing Company, we help you save …

Consumer Finance and Leasing Company (Sierra Leone) helps you or your business advance without putting a heavy debt or monetary burden on you. At Consumer Finance and Leasing Company, we help you save in the long run–whether its for your kids education, health, or other life situations and unexpectancies

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  • Knidly reply to my questions. VERY IMPRESSIVE VENTURE.
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  • This is worthwhile innovation.Too good! Indeed a very daunting task. Pls go all out to make it a reality.BRAVO! GOOD LUCK for the help thougth of to the poor.

    Pls indicate whether you will finance produce marketing as one of your staff members was on radio explanning your desire to collaborrate with SLEPA. Also, can you finance housing completion.
    Paul Sahr Fomba.
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  • At the launch is where you will talk about the company’s name, brief overview, mission/vision, objectives and value proposition.Inform people that this is the first Sierra Leoneean- owned and operated hire purchase company in the country. Also mention Bentworth as arguably the first non-Sierra Leonean owned and operated.
  • How does a consumer finance and leasing company contribute to the development of a financial sector? Well, by increasing the spending power of Sierra Leoneans through the provision of hire purchase and financing opportunities and afford them goods they could not get outright on their own creates an increase in the volume of goods purchased and/or sold. This in turn stimulates the economy and hopefully ALL Sierra Leoneans can benefit from the growth, whilst we make money for our investors... A lot of money for that matter in a win-win situation!
  • CFL provides the Key, which is in the F of CFL as you can see... to your happiness by doing 2 things:Access to quality goods that you can use prior to owning them outrightFlexible payment options that you can affordAND BY DEFAULT LEAVES EXTRA CASH IN YOUR POCKETS TO DO OTHER IMPORTANT, OR NOT-SO-IMPORTANT THINGSESierra Leoneans will be able to improve their lives and hopefully become not only more productive, but also happier..
  • From speaking to many people on the ground and some in the Diaspora, it is clear that consumer goods are much needed among those who can afford it. But because of the gloomy economic situation in the country many of us are hard pressed to be able to consume goods that others elsewhere would consider basic. A nice bed, a refrigerator, a car, tv, stereo system, etc. are all desired by many and if you can qualify for our financing opportunities you can own them now and pay later.
  • Matilda Songo-BrowneMohamed SesayProbyn BrowneAmadu Massally
  • 1. Procurement of professional equipments 2. Increased cash flow for other profitable operational purposes
  • Operation department is critical to the efficiency and productivity of the company because it is directly responsible for the application turnover time, risk and portfolio management, and due diligence for approval of loans.Consequently, our operational processes must be lean, resourceful, and proficient for the potential customer applying for a loan or the stake holder who wants assurance that all processes are geared to reach a sustained, profitable conclusion.Every one of you in here falls under the category of stakeholder, shareholder, or potential customer so we have summarized the main points to cater to those three aforementioned categories.
  • Because of time constraints and the reluctance to bore you with all the minute details, I will simply give you the main points and benefits from the applicants, stakeholders, and shareholders point of view. The application process is formulated to ensure the speedy review of your application in 3-5 business days—with the exception of larger loans. These will need to be reviewed and approved by management or the board. When applying, CFL understands your need for your desired goods at an affordable rate so we use our low interest rate as a common basis to form a beneficial relationship with our clients. Our business model allows us to start loans at 16% with a ceiling at 18%. These competitive rates and our dedication to making the application process swift will sure be a benefit to you the applicant and us the lender.CFL also understands the need to cater to your employees with employee loans but the administrative cost sometimes outweigh the benefits. In view of that, we hope institutions that offer employee loans will outsource or form a strategic partnership with Consumer Finance and Leasing Company because we ensure that your item is from a valued and quality vendor; that your application process is effortless and quick; that we cut out your administrative hassles on loans by leaving it to our specialized team of employees; and more importantly that we still provide your employee with the good they desire at an affordable rate.Though the application process is designed to be quick, CFL still has stringent measures that assure the credit worthiness and repayment abilityCFL has also reduced the burden of retrieving employment and income records by institutionalizing most applicants and having their HR department verify income, name, address, applicant through a picture, and other necessary information needed to ascertain the applicant is credit worthy and has good repayment ability.CFL’s goal in instituting all these steps are for the customer to be provided their good in minimal time while also limiting our risk of default through specific information obtained about the applicant--that will guide us to an informed decision on the approval/disapproval of the loan.
  • Risk is managed from the start of the application process with prequalification requirements,and risk is managed throughout the application process. CFL has reduced default risk by institutionalizing applicants or finding innovative approaches to guarantee the salary to CFL payment time lag is as short as possible. CFL has also focused on indirect variables that may affect loans and promote bad loans such as over inflation of prices for goods, quality of goods, and the insuring of EVERY good a loan applicant will receive.The portfolio will be handled by skilled professionals at all levels from the reception of the loan by the financial analyst to the portfolio management duties by the investment officer. CFL has made certain that our management team, officers, and staff are well equipped with the skills—experiential, inherent, and taught—to lead our organization to success. The operational process also holds all members accountable at all levels but all decisions are finalized with two signatures so there is no collusion between vendor and employee or applicant and employee. Risk management does not end at the end of the application process. CFL stores information on all applicants such customer type, type of good, and amount of loans so we can always generate reports and know which loan price baskets, demographic, or consumer good is profitable or not. We use this as an analytical tool to manage the portfolio and safeguard against losses within our portfolio.Securing our goods that are financed are also of high priority; consequently, CFL assures that the good in still in possession of the applicant. CFL selects vendors that offer quality goods at an affordable price who will not entertain or encourage any kind of collusion between lender, vendor, and applicant.The list of checks and processes we have instituted to protect your investment and give you a good return on investment goes on and will continue to be refined to assure every shareholder will get the highest return.
  • The future outlook for CFL looks very promising because of the current positive trend in economic growth in Sierra Leone and the expected rise of the middle class. Market studies indicate a largely untapped market of potential revenue as the graph to the right suggests. Economic studies also predict a rise in employment in the next 5 years which the other graph illustrates. These factors will be beneficial to CFL because we offer services in a niche market that is inclusive of all persons employed and our main targets are the middle and upper class demographic.As a result of this strong potential growth, CFL has decided to issue more shares to the public. Our issuance of shares keeps our competitive advantage which is our interest rates. Issuing new shares keeps the pressure down to raise rates above 20 percent which we would have to do if we borrowed from banks—because the interest rate we would be borrowing at would be profitable to loan out at 18%. At CFL, growth and maintaining a good relationship with our stakeholders and shareholders is a priority. We are dedicated to forming long-term relationships with quality vendors and customers—existing and previous—to ensure a better quality of life and standard of living for the individual and reduce risk and monitor processes and goods frequently to ensure a positive return on investment for our shareholders. We look forward to having you join our team as an applicant, investor, or both. Whichever you choose you, we are sure you would have made the right decision to improve your life, the life of your employees, and the standard of living in our country. Please contact our Finance department for any questions regarding issuances or purchases of shares.


  • 1. Allow us to introduce you to our company… the first of its kind in SL
  • 2. Mission Statement:
    To contribute to the development
    and deepening of the financial sector in
    Sierra Leone through the provision of consumer and business financing for the benefit of Sierra Leoneans
  • 3. Value Proposition:
    Providing the key to your happiness with quality goods at flexible payment options, giving you the opportunity of more savings and extra cash
  • 4. Many Sierra Leoneans in the country need consumer goods that will enhance their lives but given their circumstances it is almost impossible to afford them in one fell swoop.
    CFL can take care of that problem, quickly!
  • 5. The Team
    Allow me to introduce the management team and current staff at CFL,
    you will hear from them soon, as this evening continues…
  • 7. Benefits to individuals
    • We reduce the stress of upfront payments
    • 8. Extra cash for other important payments
    • 9. Low interest rates
    • 10. Longer payment periods
    Raise the quality and standard of life
  • 11. Benefits to an organisation:
    • Increase morale of staff
    • 12. Improve productivity in organisation
    • 13. Remove burden and admin hassle of staff loans
    • 14. Increase efficiency by concentrating on core functions
    • 15. Increase positive cash flow
  • Value to Businesses
    • Opportunity for further development
    • 16. Removal of the burden of upfront
    payment for equipments
    • Higher efficiency, productivity and profitability by concentrating on core function
    • 17. Increased business performance
    • 18. Remove burdens and admin hassle of staff loans
    • 19. Increased cash flow
  • 20. Applicant Benefits
    • Application Process
    • 21. Interest Rate
    • 22. Lower Administrative Costs for Businesses
    • 23. Improvement in Standard of Living
    • 24. Improvement in Quality of life
    • Qualified Applicants
    • 26. Supervision
    • 27. Accountability
    • 28. Monitoring
    • 29. Portfolio management
    • 30. Security and status of goods
    • 31. Assurance of quality good and vendors
    Take control... Realize performance... Realize your potential...
    ... INVEST IN CFL!!
    • Viability of CFL
    • 33. Additional shareholders needed