Click2Cause Crowdfunding Overview


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All about click2cause and how its crowdfunding platform can help an individual or non-profit, or any organization raise money online in a secure environment with the bonus of social media involvement.

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Click2Cause Crowdfunding Overview

  1. 1. Post your cause & make a difference!
  2. 2. “Yes, we can!” Obama 2008With these words a new era of fundraising was ushered in
  3. 3. Click2cause is a Pro-Active Fundraising solution, not a passive ... button!
  4. 4. In 2004, George W. Bush and John Kerry, the Democratic party nominee, raised $696 millionbetween them.In the 2008 Presidential campaign, Obama was at nearly $650 million and counting in lateOctober, seemed likely to surpass that by himself and he did.He did it in the past, by getting money from millions of donors. More than 3 millionpeople have donated to his campaign, twice as many as any presidential candidate hasreceived in the past.Nearly half the money has come from people giving less than $200, he also attracted recorddonations from the high rollers.
  5. 5. The power of social networking is forever changing the fundraising landscape.
  6. 6. Safe, Simple, Secure and Proactive- set up your cause profile in less than 5 minutes- share information, photos and videos to promote your cause withour social media tools- the safe, simple and secure way to raise money online- no setup, administration or user fees- donate directly through Dewola, credit card or PayPal- keep your donors informed using our integrated social platform- proactive fundraising – not just a passive “donate now” button
  7. 7. Why click2cause?It’s pretty simple really. When we see someone in need, werecompelled to help and helping makes us feel better.Doing small things that make a big difference in someone’s life, helpsus live better lives. This is what is all is designed to helpChampions raise funds for schools,communities, charities, non profits orany ethical cause.
  8. 8. Click2cause makes it easyThe good news is that all you have to do is get the word out by usingour social media tools and click2cause will do the rest.Even better, people can donate whenever they like, 365 days ayear, thanks to being online. no making phone calls no knocking on peoples doors no mailing checks, handling cash or standing in the rain. Everything is managed directly from the click2cause site!
  9. 9. We understand effective fundraisingAs a social network, c2c extends the “like” button on Facebook andallows for direct interaction between the fundraiser and donor.Cause Champions update their information on social media;Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and Email Campaigns.C2C uses aggressive search engine optimization to help spread theword on our fundraisers.Our blog and comments section provides a forum topromote, discuss, develop and follow-up on cause initiatives andaccomplishments.
  10. 10. We grow when the cause succeeds Our Mission: Help not-for-profits and “cause champions” to “Proactively” reach their fundraising goals by providing an easy to manage, cost-effective, interactive and secure solution that maximizes the benefits of both Cause Champions and Cause Supporters. We are committed to integrity, transparency and security for our users. Use the power of to “Proactively” raise much-needed funds for your cause by connecting directly with donors who want to support you!
  11. 11. Traditional Fund RaisersThe pressure on traditional fundraisers is immense. “Do not call”lists, “Junk Mail” limitations, kids who do not want canvas and selland parents who do not want them out selling to strangers, are allpressures of the traditional fundraising market. We are not looking to replace ... But to augment your current efforts. A recent LinkedIn survey indicates that over 66% of donors do not want anything in return for their donation ... Click2cause serves this market.Passive “Donate Now” buttons are less effective than “Proactive”engagement with your donors.
  12. 12. Your partner proactive fundraising no cost to fundraisers and you promote your cause for free no need to design and build a dedicated website to accept donations expand your donor base using the power of the internet-no volunteerrequired through’s integrated social media network, Supporterinteract with Champions and can track the progress of the cause donating is safe, secure and simple all ethical causes, of any size, are supported peer to peer networking and fundraising proactive fundraising results in more funds raised
  13. 13. A Snapshot of our CausesCritically injured at An international A 4 year old girl Toronto schoolthe Sugarland fundraiser inviting passed away of a teacher is raisingconcert in citizens of the brain tumor in June money to travelIndiana, on August world to 2009. Taya’s parents to Kenya to teach13, 2011, when participate in a raise money to help children in thestage collapsed. huge dinner others in need of summer 2012. party, goal is to financial help during help stop poverty. care of their child.
  14. 14. THANK YOU!Thank you for your time and consideration. Every “cause” begins by sharinga story, share that story on is power in numbers and in the world wide web ... As the wave ofchange impacts the Fundraising world, click2cause allows anyone andeveryone to become a Cause Champion while giving donors a way to give. Philanthropy belongs to the people!