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Time Management
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Presentation I gave to students at ECSU.

Presentation I gave to students at ECSU.

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  • 1. Time Management
    • Presented by
    • Trece Hayslett, Assistant Director for Student-Athlete Development
  • 2. Why Should You Care
    • A Life Skill
    • Better academic performance
    • Less worry and stress from procrastination
  • 3. What is Time Management?
    • Time management includes tools or techniques for planning and scheduling time, usually with the aim to increase the effectiveness and/or efficiency of personal and corporate time use. The common strategies are a to-do-list, setting priorities and goal management.
  • 4. Procrastination
    • Rationalize, Justify, or Explain Away Why You’re Not Getting Your Work Done, Why Your not Going to Class…
  • 5. Why Do People Procrastinate
    • Don’t know What’s Important
    • Don’t Understand How Much It Affects Performance
    • Can’t See the Big Picture.
  • 6. Denial
    • Not a River in Egypt
    • The First Step in Solving the Problem. Admit you have a problem.
    • Next Step… do something about it.
  • 7. Make a Commitment
    • Make a Decision.
    • Decide to Take Control of Your Life
    • Decide to Get a Degree, Develop skills, or Become a success.
  • 8. Tools for Time Management
    • Planner/Calendar
    • PDA/Ipod
    • Software (Outlook)
    • Routine is your friend
  • 9. Writing it down
    • Schedule the time needed
    • Set up reminders
    • Evaluate your progress weekly/daily
  • 10. A To Do List
    • Check your syllabus
    • Work/sports
    • Important University Dates
    • Fun and personal obligations
  • 11. Priorities
    • Don’t lie to yourself
    • Schedule time for fun
    • Assume something may come up
    • Your Priorities Will Change
  • 12. Goal Management
    • What are goals?
    • Why they will change
  • 13. Time Management
    • Office of Student-Athlete Development
  • 14. http://ecsuathletics.com