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Webquest tornado powerpoint

  1. 1. Student Page [Teacher Page] WEATHER AND CLIMATE: TORNADOS Title For Educators Introduction Designed by: Courtney Hoffman Task clh121@azips.uakron.edu Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits
  2. 2. Student Page [Teacher Page] Title INTRODUCTION Introduction Task Process • Weather can be very dangerous and exciting. Evaluation • There are many types of weather; severe storms, hurricanes, Conclusion monsoons, tornados and etc. • In this web quest it will describe and give you information about all the forms of tornados, the damage they cause, the formation of them, the difference between a severe storm and a tornado and where they most likely are to strike the most. Credits
  3. 3. THE TASK PT.1• How does a storm occur? Show a diagram. Show a picture of a severe storm. What happens during a severe storm? Why do you think it is important to study severe weather? Team 1.• How does a tornado form? Where do they usually happen? What happens before, during, after a tornado touches down? (F1-F6). Show a diagram. Show pictures. Is there air pollution? How much cost wise was the damage? Teams 2-7• What is the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. Team 7 .
  4. 4. THE TASK• In this web quest you will, research all the different types of tornados from F1-F6 and describe how they form, ALL the damage they cause and where they hit the most.• You will also describe the difference between a severe storm and a tornado.• Team 1: you will be gathering information on severe storms and comparing it to a tornado.• Team 2: you will be gathering information on an F1• Team 3: you will be gathering information on an F2• Team 4: you will be gathering information on an F3• Team 5: you will be gathering information on an F4• Team 6: you will be gathering information on an F5• Team 7: you will be gathering information on an F6• Remember you are teaching the class about the types of tornados and the severe storm so be specific. Follow instructions and be creative! You will be quizzed after all the groups have presented!
  5. 5. Student Page [Teacher Page] Title THE PROCESS Introduction Task • You will be assigned into groups of 3-4 people. Process • Once everyone is in their groups you will begin to do research Evaluation on your assigned topics. Conclusion • You will have the internet available to use as well as articles and your book. • Once you have gathered all your research and data, you need to make a presentation on a power point. • Keep it simple and well organized! • Be creative add pictures. • Name you sources!!! Follow the rubric!!! Credits
  6. 6. Student Page [Teacher Page] EVALUATION Beginning 1 Developing 2 Accomplished Exemplary 4 Score Title 3 Introduction Research Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation Task shows no shows evidence shows research shows thorough evidence of of research from from more the research on all Process research and appears to be a single source two sources . aspects of assigned role the opinion of Evaluation the presenter only. Conclusion Power point PowerPoint is PowerPoint is PowerPoint is PowerPoint is incomplete or not well- clear and well- well-designed, unreadable; designed, designed but clear, and theory is not presentation of theory is not focused, and explained. theory is not entirely clear. theory is clearly clear. explained and evaluated Class Presentation in Presentation in Presentation in Presentation in presentation class is class is unclear class is clear class is clear, unfocused and or unfocused; and focused but focused and off-topic. group members there is no clear professional; the are silly or argument for case for why the uninvolved why the theory is theory is best for best for our our school is well school. argued. Group work One group Some group Some group All members member did members were members participated at most of the work off-task much of were off task at every level of the while others the time. times project. were off-task. Credits credits No sources were Cited sources
  7. 7. Student Page [Teacher Page] Title CONCLUSION Introduction Task • Congratulations! You finished your project! You also got a chance to learn Process about all the types of tornados and the difference between a severe storm Evaluation and a tornado. Along with how they form and the destruction they cause. Conclusion • I hope this topic pulled much interest to you and that you will maybe want to look further into detail about tornados and storms or you can watch a storm happen outside your window and know what is going on! Credits
  8. 8. Student Page [Teacher Page] Title CREDITS & REFERENCES Introduction Task • http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/photos/tornado-general/ Process tornado-05-clouds_21186_600x450.jpg Evaluation • http://www.fairfieldschools.org/rogerludlowe/crogerludlowe03/webques Conclusion ts/Weather/tornados.htm Credits