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The six traits ideas


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  • 1. Ideas in writing are like the engine that drives the train. Concept of Ideas
  • 2.  Ideas contain the point of any piece of writing. They are all about information.  In a good creative piece, ideas paint pictures in a reader’s mind.  In expository writing, ideas teach.  Two things make ideas work well: clarity and details.
  • 3. The teachable elements of ideas include: □ The topic is narrow and manageable □ The details go beyond the obvious □ There are reasonably accurate details □ The ideas are fresh and original; shown from a unique perspective □ The author is writing from knowledge or experience □ The readers’ questions are anticipated and answered
  • 4. WHAT DO STRONG IDEAS LOOK LIKE? Worth writing about – not a rehash of old ideas Enough ideas to entertain, not so many as to bore Facts mixed with interesting, but short, anecdotes Authentic; speaking from knowledge
  • 5. To successfully communicate the message, the ideas must:  Be clear  Support the controlling idea  Be focused are narrowed  Include sufficient information  Be insightful  Be original  Provide interesting details  Be complete
  • 6. LET’S TRY: Rambling Autobiography:  You are going to write about yourself. Anything you can think of. Don’t think about organization, don’t think about grammar, don’t think about spelling. Just write. The only parameter is to write about your life (as if you’re working on your autobiography). It may be easy to start with the day you were born? Or writing about your family? Or your favorite things? And just go from there!  Just remember, don’t stop writing until you hear the timer!!!
  • 7. NOW: Reread your rambling autobiography. What ideas are prevalent and most commonly found in your writing? Do any repeat? What ideas are interesting to your reader? Are there any weak ideas you would cut out?
  • 8.  A narrow, manageable topic that is unique  Striking detail, strong imagery  No unnecessary information (eliminate “filler”)  Pose and then answer beyond the obvious questions  Information that makes the reader say “wow-- InterestIng!” Important Aspects of the Trait of Ideas
  • 9. To Emphasize the Trait of Ideas:  Create an idea bank with your students; keep track of interesting and unique ideas.  Work to improve your students’ ability to craft interesting and vivid details.  Read good literature to your students often and point out the elements that make the author’s ideas strong.
  • 10. The clearer the target, the better the results. Source: