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Elie Casamitjana (RichCast) shared with us, in an interactive format, the great value of rich media. Through a practical example he showed us how to successfully create video content. Be sure to also read our blogpost:

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  • Idea:Based on Audience and Objective of the videoIdeas OPEN brainstorming  synopsis (2 sentences)
  • Synopsis example: “The mafia wedding”. John loves Mary since childhood, but she is now getting married with the mafia boss under false pretext. John knows this and tries to stop the wedding. He has to confront the mafia but in the end he wins and marries Mary.Scenario example: Scene 1 : at the church, the wedding is about to happenScene 2 : John is in the parking lot of the church and tries to get in the churchScene 3 : flashback to childhood of John and MaryScene 4 : John gets in the church and interrupts the weddingScene 5 : shoot out at the church
  • StoryboardThe storyboard is the translation of the scenes into concrete shots with the practicalities of the shooting added to it (e.g., shooting position, props, location,…). It is actually translating the scenario into images.  So to come back to the mafia wedding, the first scene is “at the church” and the different shots can be :Shot 1 : medium shot : the mafia boss and Mary entering the churchShot 2 : wide shot : of the audienceShot 3 : close up shot : priest saying “Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace”-------------------------Be detailed : try to be as detailed as possible. On a storyboard we make note of :(Show an example of Storyboard)Shooting location : where will this scene take place – for instance : swimming poolSetand props: for instance the mafia boss house, used props and accessoriesActorsAction : what the actors are doingDialogues : are generally improvisation, you can write down some basics indications but it is not necessary to write down the exact conversation.Sound / Music : what music you would like at this sceneCamera movement : close – medium – wide imageLength : the approximate length of the shotMake a Shooting plan : At the end of this phase you have to make a shooting plan. If scene 1 and scene 3 are at the pool, you can film them together. That is more logical. Afterwards we put them in the right order in the editing.
  • RolesDirector : coaches the actorsAssistant director : coaches the technical crew and follows the images on the screen of the cameraCameraman/woman : handles the cameraSound engineer : takes care of the sound with the “boom” (perche)Script : very important role (!). The Script is responsible to write down which shots have been filmed and if they are ok or not. It is important for the editing step and this has to be done very precisely.Props and Set : responsible for the props and accessories that are necessary for the scene.Location hunting : responsible for finding the best location for the next scene.Actors : principal and supporting
  • Don’t go over the axis : when filming a dialogue and showing close ups of the 2 speakers, it is important that the illusion is maintained that one person is on the left and the other person is on the right. To achieve this we draw an imaginary line between the 2 speakers. This is called the axis. And the camera should always stay on one side of the line.Avoid zooming : in order to make the editing possible it is important to shoot “clean shots”. This means that if you end a shot with zooming it will be difficult to paste another shot behind it. Continuity : you must always keep in mind what the different shots will look like after the editing. Also stay aware of details like actor A must be wearing the same t-short or props throughout the shots in a scene.Shots of 20 seconds : make it interesting. For instance do not film a conversation with a wide shot that doesn’t change for 4 minutes.Good image : the center of the screen is the weakest position. Try to avoid it. Try to place the subject on one of the 4 crosses you can see on this picture.Types of shots : close, medium, wideNever rewind : we do not want to lose our work
  • Explain also: How to put the camera on/offND1/ND2, How to take the camera off the tripod and put it backThe need to roll up the xlr cable (sound), How to perch (go fishing for the sound, boom not on screen, watch out for noises like the cable ticking against the boom, check the sound level on the camera)How to put camera straight (level), Going from one location to another (disconnect the camera from the tripod), roll up the cables,…
  • Nowthatwe have seen the differentvideo formats, let’sthink about the different areas itwouldbe use and which format fit best.
  • Cleverwood - Enriched (ways of using) Video

    1. 1. CleverwoodFRIDAY SESSIONS“ Enriched ” (ways of using) Video Elie CasamitjanaTwitter: Follow @Cleverwood#RichCast_ #FridaySession Use
    2. 2. Enriched (ways of using) Video Elie Casamitjana Cleverwood Friday Session 04/05/2012Twitter:Twitter:#RichCast_#RichCast_@eliecasa
    3. 3.
    4. 4. 1. Making a Video 2. Online Video - today Steps, tips and tricks New rules, new uses, new opportunities Innovative video formats Enriched (ways of using) video 4. Stepping into 3. Matching Corporate video commoditization needs and Online Video formats Innovative models available Practical examplesTwitter:#RichCast_
    5. 5. 1. Making a Video Steps, tips and tricks Enriched (ways of using) videoTwitter:#RichCast_
    6. 6. Making a Video  Before the shooting (what is the video about?)  Shooting Roles  Shooting Planning  Camera techniques  Post-production  DisseminationTwitter:#RichCast_
    7. 7. Making a Video  Before the shooting (what is the video about?)Twitter:#RichCast_
    8. 8. Making a Video  Before the shooting (what is the video about?)Twitter:#RichCast_
    9. 9. Making a Video  Before the shooting (what is the video about?)Twitter:#RichCast_
    10. 10. Making a Video  Shooting rolesTwitter:#RichCast_
    11. 11. Making a Video  Shooting planningTwitter:#RichCast_
    12. 12. Making a Video  Camera techniquesTwitter:#RichCast_
    13. 13. Making a Video  Camera techniquesTwitter:#RichCast_
    14. 14. Making a Video  Post-production  Content Selection  Editing & Mixing  Animations & special effects  IntegrationTwitter:#RichCast_
    15. 15. Making a Video  DisseminationTwitter:#RichCast_
    16. 16. 2. Online Video - today New rules, new uses Innovative video formats Enriched (ways of using) videoTwitter:#RichCast_
    17. 17. 42% yearly increase average daily unique viewers 44% yearly increase monthly number of video viewed *Comscore 01/2012 statisticsTwitter:#RichCast_
    18. 18. Online Video  New rules, New uses, New opportunities.  Instant availability  Rich Media (video + text, slides, etc)  Qualified audienceTwitter:#RichCast_
    19. 19. Online Video  Many rich media video opportunities : 1. THE CONTENT Information vs Emotion
    20. 20. Online Video  Many rich media video opportunities : 2. AROUND THE CONTENTConsumer vs ProfessionalTwitter:#RichCast_
    21. 21. Online Video  Many rich media video opportunities : 3. THE DISSEMINATION  Website  Blog  Social Networks  Live  Video platform (youtube, vimeo, etc) Reach vs TargettingTwitter:#RichCast_
    22. 22. Online Video  Many rich media video opportunities :  Video  Bluekey video  Animated video  Channel/playlist  Webcast (VOD or Live)  Webinar (VOD or Live)  Screencast  WebTVTwitter:#RichCast_
    23. 23. Online Video  Targeted content  Better audience experience  More interactive formats  Call 2 Action opportunitiesTwitter:#RichCast_
    24. 24. Enriched (ways of using) video 3. Matching Corporate needs and Online Video formats Practical examplesTwitter:#RichCast_
    25. 25. Matching corporate needs and video Video customers testimonials - Video success Customer Reference stories - Man-in-street interviews- Video case study Product presentations - Live product launch – Product and Service Promotions Commercials - Viral videos - Product reviews - Email video Corporate Communications Executive presentations - Staff presentations - Corporate overview Internal communications video - Company Internal Communications results webinars - Health/Legal/Safety video - Event/conference communications - PR Support and Community Relations Employee orientation Video press releases - Community relations videos - Expert webinars Training and Support Lecture capture webcasting - Expert videos - Post sale support and maintenance videos Event Follow up Event presentation video - Live event webcasting - Round table sessions - Q&A expert sessions Content Marketing Video white papers - Tips & tricks’ videos - Sectorial review - How to’ videosTwitter:#RichCast_
    26. 26. Enriched (ways of using) video 4. Stepping into video commoditization Innovative models availableTwitter:#RichCast_
    27. 27. Stepping into video commoditization Consumer oriented Video Publishing Professional Video Production &Publishing Easy Video productionTwitter:#RichCast_
    28. 28. Thanks for your attention. Questions?Twitter:Twitter:#RichCast_#RichCast_#eliecasa