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Cleverwood friday session - Company culture and consultant work
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Cleverwood friday session - Company culture and consultant work


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Whether on a short term mission to provide expert advice or on a longer term engagement, as a consultant you're confronted with the challenge of company culture. Company culture will affect every …

Whether on a short term mission to provide expert advice or on a longer term engagement, as a consultant you're confronted with the challenge of company culture. Company culture will affect every single aspect of your mission from information collection, to exploring possible solutions, to issuing recommendations, to facilitating decisions and coaching for their implementation. Culture is of particularly strong influence when you're dealing with change, evolution of core business assumptions and innovative practices, e.g. the integration of social media in the toolbox of marketers.

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  • 1. Community animation Twitter opportunities Case Study mobile app Monitoring Social media Geo-localization Innovative mash-ups Scrum : tips & tricks Career mgt 2.0 Basecamp Webwriting DYNAMIC INSOURCING FRIDAY SESSIONS Today’s session Alex Papanastassiou Presenting “ Client Culture & Consulting Work ”
  • 2. Client Culture & Consulting Work Identifying (and addressing) company culture challenges that affect your consulting work for clients Friday Session
  • 3. YOU in this session? why are
  • 5. what’s inside an apple? oh… by the way
  • 6.  
  • 7. Take aways
    • Reflecting on the impact of (client) company culture on your work
    • Consciously managing the balance between achieving results and nurturing relationships
    • Decoding work situations
      • Taking into account company culture
      • “ at the right logical level”
    • Identifying tactics & goals that best suit the job’s goals
  • 8. a little game for later? how about
  • 9. company culture? what is
  • 10. >culture
    • From Latin cultūra (“cultivation; culture”), from cultus, perfect passive participle of colō (“till, cultivate, worship”) (related to colōnus and colōnia), from earlier *quelō, from Proto-Indo-European *kʷel- (“to move; to turn (around)”).
    • The arts , customs , and habits that characterize a particular society or nation.
    • The beliefs , values , behaviour and material objects that constitute a people's way of life.
    • The process of growing a bacterial or other biological entity in an artificial medium. (microbiology)
    • Any knowledge passed from one generation to the next, not necessarily with respect to human beings. (anthropology)
    • The collective noun for a group of bacteria.
    • Cultivation (botany).
  • 11. company culture? why consider
  • 12. Task Relationship (competent) jerk inefficient socializer Tao of engagement
  • 13. some stuff from real life? how about
  • 14. Company cultures are like country cultures. Never try to change one. Try, instead, to work with what you've got. — Peter Drucker
  • 15. even if it may be difficult sometimes…
  • 16. company culture? how to decode
  • 17.  
  • 18. It’s about people & systems Logical levels Spiral Dynamics Individual focus (me) Collective focus (we) ? Environment / context Behaviours Capabilities / skills Values Beliefs ID TP
  • 19. scientifically true? are these tools
  • 20. Insanity is rooted in the confusion between a model of a reality and that reality itself. — Anonymous
  • 21. Logical levels Logical levels Where? When? With whom? What? What action? How? What processes & strategies? Why? Why does it matter? What world-view, self-view, mental C-E constructs? Who? As part of what that is larger than self? Environment / context Behaviours Capabilities / skills Values Beliefs ID TP
  • 22. SD’s memes Individual focus (me) Collective focus (we) ? TURQUOISE YELLOW GREEN TIER 1 TIER 2 ORANGE BLUE RED PURPLE BEIGE All is linked, work must be meaningful People do things fitting who they are, free access to information & materials Sharing and participating Competing and performing Norming, law & order, duties Domination, strength & violence People belong to their clan, nepotism is normal Basic, physiological survival
  • 24. Conditions for change
    • Existence of potential for change
    • Unresolved problems from lower order
    • Dissonance felt within dominant meme system
    • Insights into causes of dissonance and existence of aternatives
    • Barriers to change identified, bypassed or transformed
    • Nurturing support while in transition to deal with false starts, confusion, consolidation…
  • 25. Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect . – Mark Twain
  • 26. thank you
  • 27. Reading for further exploration
    • Spiral Dynamics
      • Don Beck & Christopher Cowan
    • Integral Vision
      • Ken Wilber
    • From Coach to Awakener
      • Robert Dilts
    • Sleight of Mouth
      • Robert Dilts
  • 28. Be the next one to organize a FAS! +32 (0) 2 888 79 34 Cleverwood is a trademark of Fair Wood Ventures sprl/bvba Cleverwood is your New Media Consulting partner, providing expertise, knowledge and consulting services for Web, Mobile, Interactive Television and emerging channels. Slides will up be there Pic’s will be here Summary over here And tweets down here
  • 29.