Assess Your Online Brand Strategy


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7 minutes presentation by Olga Slavkina for Cleverwood's participation at the Devcom conference.


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Assess Your Online Brand Strategy

  1. 1. N° 7 minutes to assess your online brand strategy O lga Slavkina Brand and marketing strategy consultant
  2. 2. Assess your business strategy  What role does brand building play in your strategy? – Make your business strategy brand-focused and customer-focused to achieve profitability – Connect other all elements of your business strategy (financial performance, logistics, customer acquisition, etc) to your brand vision Overall strategy Brand vision
  3. 3. Assess your marketing strategy  Make sure that your marketing strategy is customer-focused • All elements of your consumer touch points (places and situations in which your customers come in touch with your product) have to correspond to and support your brand vision • Check if your current marketing mix is well-suited to build your brand online Flickr photos by jamiefreaky and Pink Moose
  4. 4. Assess your customer segment(s)  Understanding your consumer segments is the most crucial element in your online and traditional brand strategy – Do you serve a profitable niche? – Are you good at spotting opportunities in additional segments to explore? Those who discover your brand on the web – How do you describe your are not only “online customers”. customers? Make sure you know their habits, likes and dislikes both on- and off- line!
  5. 5. Assess your brand values • Your brand values are not formed in your corporate HQ, but in the hearts and minds of your consumers = real people • Consumers also have the power to change your brand values overnight! • You don't own your brand, but you can make sure you do everything so that brand values conceived by you are well taken by your consumers! Photo by kevindooley on Flickr
  6. 6. Assess your brand's online channels • A Facebook fan page? A Twitter account? A Flickr photostream? A YouTube channel? And yes, a blog! Avoid being in social media just for the sake of it. Your online presence should fit with the rest of your strategy...
  7. 7. Assess the link between online branding and “traditional” marketing • Your online brand should connect to real life customers • Your real life customers should find enough interest and motivation to check out your brand's presence online • Remember: online is just one piece of the puzzle! WWW
  8. 8. About Olga Slavkina A multilingual brand and marketing strategy consultant Expertise: brand and marketing strategy, building brands online, customer-focused marketing, consumer Internet, new luxury goods and services MBA from a top-ranked IE Business School Executive marketing education at ESSEC & LBS business schools Site: Twitter: @FunkyBizBabe LinkedIn: olgaslavkina Phone: +32 488 282 155
  9. 9. If you want to get in touch… Cleverwood is your New Media Consulting partner, providing expertise, knowledge and consulting services for Web, Mobile, Interactive Television and emerging channels. Call Olivier Beaujean at +32 (0) 475 75 85 90 Cleverwood is a trademark of Fair Wood Ventures sprl/bvba