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  • 1. Google Map Maker by:Ahmed
  • 2. Google&Maps Lets organize world’sgeographic informationand make it universally accessible and useful.
  • 3. backpacker hostel in Kathmanducomputer repair shopin Cupertino university in Bostonplace of worship inCalcutta 30%yoga class in Paris all Google searches are looking for places
  • 4. Google Maps in 2005 :15%when we started...
  • 5. Ever-changing World1 Up-to-date in our rapidly changing world.2 local for roads, places, businesses.
  • 6. The Missing Link
  • 7. Result Map MakerLaunched in 2009!Map Maker is a tool linked to from Google Maps, thatlets you add or change the map using your own localknowledge!!
  • 8. Availability200+ countries & regions, 60+ languages
  • 9. Google Maps in 2012 90 %
  • 10. Global Improvements
  • 11. Wait, ANYONE can edit Google Maps???Yes. Anyone signed in with a Google Account can changethe map!However, everything goes through review by a team ofGooglers and mappers with local knowledge.The latter is YOU! Yes, anyone can also review edits byother users as well.
  • 12. What if someone makes a wrong change?Who reviews those edits?!Anyone can review. We rely on local users knowledge totell us if this is a correct edit.Whether a change gets published depends on how trustedthe mapper and reviewer(s) are and how sensitive themap data being changed is.Reviewing others changes will get your changes reviewedmore quickly, too.
  • 13. I made some changes, when will they appear? Your changes need to be reviewed and approved first! Other users review your edits. Depending on your and their rapport and trust with Google, the approval process takes from a few hours to a few days. Once approved, it takes minutes to appear on the map :)
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  • 18. competition time
  • 19. How to get profile link ?from gear button(‫)ﻣن ﻋﻼﻣﮫ اﻟﺗرس‬
  • 20. link of profile