Architectures for Adaptive Content


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To make content intelligent so that it can be readily adapted requires greater upstream thinking and wider involvement from those responsible for planning, creating and managing content. In short, a unified content strategy. However, adaptive content also requires flexibility from the content architecture(s) delivering those unified content strategies. In this session, Cleve will present a couple of content architectures for delivering adaptive content.

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  • Thanks for this presentation.

    I'm the managing director of a non-prof Center that has a lecture series turned into printed book. The publisher has asked us to remove all the recorded lectures because of a perceived conflict with the forthcoming book. I see collaboration, not conflict ... but I cannot yet articulate why. Am I right that this is what your 'Structured Content' is getting at? And what recommendations might you offer for advancing my own thinking on the integration of face-to-face, digital and printed media?
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Architectures for Adaptive Content

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  4. 4. Architecturesfor Adaptable Content
  5. 5. We see:Print brands struggling to adapt their content todigital platforms.‘Digital’ brands fighting the new battle to getmobile.
  6. 6. We’ve Learnt:“Unstructured content is stupid and old-fashioned.It’s costly, complex, and does not generate acompetitive advantage.”Ann Mulcahy,Former CEO of Xerox
  7. 7. It’s Blobs vs. Chunks Karen McGrane
  8. 8. Structure First Mobile First This not a Content Firstchronology -> Customer First Context First … It really doesn’t matter!
  9. 9. Don’t do this!Print Web Mobile Web Mobile EpubMobile Web Other…
  10. 10. Do This Print WebStructured Content Mobile Other…
  11. 11. Crap UserExperience Publishing Public Site (Web) CMSCrap Author EditorialExperience
  12. 12. Publishing Collects DeliversServices Content Support Create Editorial
  13. 13. UX Information Interaction Visual Usability Architecture Design Design EngineeringContent Strategy Content Architecture Content Author Workflow Modeling Experience Platform Development Build Test Release Support
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