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A brief presentation of Dailymotion I made for a lecture at Wuhan University in April 2010.

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About Dailymotion

  1. 1. Dailymotion.com First online video sharing platform in France
  2. 2. Dailymotion • Dailymotion is a video sharing service website, based in Paris, France. • 91st most used website in the world, 13rd in France (source:Alexa)
  3. 3. Short history • Created in 2005 by Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey to share videos of their travel to NYC • September 2006, they raised 7Me and become the biggest 2.0 French website • October 2009, the French government entered in the capital and has now one representative in the directors board • Until now, Dailymotion didn’t exist on the stock exchange market
  4. 4. User definition Some users are knowed as ‘MotionMaker’. They have to register with a specific process and have no upload limit. The content they add is labeled as ‘Creative content’.
  5. 5. Code & Development • Dailymotion has his own video player (Flash engine ) • Since 2009, a open-source PHP Framework (Symphony) is used
  6. 6. Dailymotion on TV • Since 2009, Dailymotion videos are broadcasted on a specific TV channel available with a Neufbox suscribtion
  7. 7. Dailymotion and Cinema • Once a week, Dailymotion videos are broadcasted in a few cinema in Paris.
  8. 8. Mobile platform • Since 2007, a mobile version of Dailymotion is available
  9. 9. Dailymotion and Fench politics • For the presidential election in 2007, Dailymotion was used as the main support for candidates’ campain propaganda • Every candidate opened their own channel to broadcast campain meetings and promotionnal movie clips
  10. 10. Politics tag war • Some campain content was tagged with famous french actor names in order to increase view rates • On the other hand, some candidate videos was tagged with words as ‘porn’, ‘nazi’ in order to make the content censored by Dailymotion
  11. 11. Dailymotion and Censorship • Dailymotion is blocked : – In China since June 2008 – In Tunisia since April 11, 2007 – In Turkey since August 2008 – In Lybia since March 2010
  12. 12. Dailymotion and justice • Dailymotion was sued by several TV channels and private enterprises for use of copyrighted content • In April 2008, the French Department of Justice stated about the ‘hosting service’ nature of the website – opposed to ‘content provider service’. • Dailymotion won the courtcase.
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