Latest Mxit Platform Features for Third Parties (15 Nov 2012)


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Mxit has published a significant set of new features for third parties to use for integration with their platform and for the hosting of third party apps and games on Mxit. This presentation aims to summarize these technical features in a language that business and marketing managers can understand. The presentation also includes a brief summary of Kazazoom's latest platform features as well as their mxPress open-source plugin for WordPress/Mxit integration.

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Latest Mxit Platform Features for Third Parties (15 Nov 2012)

  1. 1. Latest Mxit Platform Featuresfor Third Partiesby @eric_clements15 November 2012
  2. 2. >> Authorization and Authentication API To get access to the lates Mxit REST services you first need permission from the Mxit user. Mxit has exposed an Oauth 2.0 token based authentication mechanism for this purposes. Before you can lookup “protected” information or act on behalf of a user you first need to request his permission. Authorization (OAUth 2.0)  When called, a Mxit platform controlled page asks the user to “Allow” or “Decline” your app access when your app requests Authorization. (see screen grab) Authentication (OpenID Connect)  “Mxits Authentication API provides a standard mechanism to authenticate a Mxit user, thereby allowing 3rd-party developers to allow Mxit users to sign-in to web-sites and applications using their Mxit credentials. This can be used as part of a single sign-on solution.” – Example: MxPix requesting authorization.© Copyright 2011-2012 Kazazoom (Pty) Ltd.
  3. 3. >> User API The REST User API allows you to not only lookup information from the User’s profile, but also allows you to update aspects of his profile, such as his status message. Other features within the Social Graph also allows you to invite, recommend apps to the user or his friends. You can also send messages to the user, or even to other user’s on a user’s behalf. The current User API features include: Profile  Upload, Delete or Get the users Avatar image  Get or Update Users Mxit Profile  Get or Set the users Mxit Status Message Social Graph  Get the user’s contact (friend) list  Subscribe the user to a Mxit service  Send an invite to user B from user A (to become friends)  Send a recommendation of your app, to the user’s friends© Copyright 2011-2012 Kazazoom (Pty) Ltd.
  4. 4. >> User API (…continued) Media  Get list of media folders for the user  Create/Delete Gallery media folders  Get list of items in Gallery folder  Download file from users Gallery  Upload file to users Gallery folder© Copyright 2011-2012 Kazazoom (Pty) Ltd.
  5. 5. >> Messaging API The REST Messaging API allows you to send a message to the user. This is useful when you need to deliver an ayncronous message to the user (i.o.w not a reply to a page request). For example when the user is playing a game that sends updates every 10 seconds, or at the end of a round. Another useful feature of this API is the ability to send a message to a user’s friend, on his behalf. The current Messaging API features include: Messaging API  Send a broadcast message to a Mxit User  Send a message from user A to user B, on user A’s behalf© Copyright 2011-2012 Kazazoom (Pty) Ltd.
  6. 6. >> Mxit Platform Future Features… Mxit doesn’t publish a fixed roadmap, similar to Facebook and other platforms. The reason for this seems to be so that they can stay agile and change priorities based on changing market needs. Based on 3rd Party Developer requests on the forum we speculate that Mxit might be working on some of the following features in the near future: Requested new features developers are asking for:  Mxit notification callback when user deletes your app/contact  Would be useful to accurately track how many users currently have your app as a contact.  3rd Party created/managed chat rooms  From Mxit on the forum: “We are building an entirely new chat engine that exposes a provisioning api and socket api to the internet to allow anyone to create a chat room. Essentially, all developers will be able to provision their own chat room and have full control over it.”  More accurate location (far future)  We have heard Mxit mention at previous conferences that they might include more accurate location information in a future Mxit client. We suspect that this might be quite far in the future as this would need to be packaged along with a new and improved Mxit Smartphone client.© Copyright 2011-2012 Kazazoom (Pty) Ltd.
  7. 7. >> New Kazazoom Platform Features Kazazoom is continuously channelling new developments it makes into its own applications (1WinaWena, Ask.Kim, Career.Talk, LoveDoc, etc) into it’s Mxit Platform Framework, and Open Source tools. Some of the new features available from Kazazoom includes: MX mxPress  Kazazoom’s has re-written it’s WordPress/Mxit integration technology into an open-source plugin, called mxPress, the PRESS first open-source technology released for Mxit. (  The latest version of mxPress includes or supports:  Mxit users can now comment on posts via Mxit (Discussions)  Integrate your RSS feed into your Mxit App  Setup your Mxit App in 6 minutes  Easily create and edit page content via WordPress Pages  Submit your latest news or info via WordPress Posts© Copyright 2011-2012 Kazazoom (Pty) Ltd.
  8. 8. Existing Kazazoom Platform Features Premium In-App Features  Daily Tips  Voting Polls  Interactive Quizzes  Competitions Surveys  Kazazoom’s platform includes a Survey engine which allows them to run survey’s either in your branded app, or to the Kazazoom user community.  Leveraging the Kazazoom user community means you need to pay for media to direct user’s to your survey, Kazazoom has enough active users who are willing to complete your survey. Kazazoom can also reward user’s with their in game currency for completing your survey.  Our survey’s support:  Multiple Select Questions  Free text answers  Targeted demographics© Copyright 2011-2012 Kazazoom (Pty) Ltd.
  9. 9. Existing Kazazoom Platform Features (continued) Focus or Insight Groups  Kazazoom provides the following “out of box” Mxit App features for clients who which to perform Research using focus groups on Mxit:  Notification Board  Discussion Forum  Surveys (Questionnaires)  Polls  About Page  Terms and Conditions Page Case Study: Insight App operated for established research form.© Copyright 2011-2012 Kazazoom (Pty) Ltd.
  10. 10. Thank you. Interested to chat about how we can help we can help you utilise the new Mxit platform or Kazazoom platform features, please contact us. Contact Details: Eric Clements (Managing Director):© Copyright 2011-2012 Kazazoom (Pty) Ltd.