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AHS heart.women risk ss final



Know your risks as a woman for heart disease and how to prevent it.

Know your risks as a woman for heart disease and how to prevent it.



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AHS heart.women risk ss final Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Heart Disease has longbeen known as a man’sdisease, but it’s also theleading cause of deathfor women. Adena Health Systems 1
  • 2. Heart Disease isresponsible for thedeath of 1 in 3 womeneach year! And studiesshow that most heartattacks in women occurwithin the first 10 yearsfollowing the onset ofmenopause. Adena Health Systems 2
  • 3. The good news is thatno matter your age, youcan still do things to keepyour heart healthy. Adena Health Systems 3
  • 4. Learn your numbers:Make an appointmentwith your healthcareprovider and find out yournumbers. These simpletests can help detectconditions that lead toheart disease. If caughtearly, simple lifestylechanges or medicationscan prevent heartdisease. Adena Health Systems 4
  • 5. Know your risk – Even ifyour numbers are good,find out about your familyhistory. If your father,brother or grandfatherhad a heart attack beforethe age of 55, or if yourmother, sister orgrandmother had onebefore the age of 65, youmay be at risk. Adena Health Systems 5
  • 6. Don’t smoke – Smokingputs you at risk for heartdisease and stroke, inaddition to cancer andother diseases. Infact, smokers are 2-4times more likely to havea stroke or develop heartdisease than non-smokers. This is the mostpreventable cause ofdeath in the United Statestoday. Adena Health Systems 6
  • 7. Limit AlcoholConsumption – Not onlydoes alcohol add caloriesto your diet, it can causeyour blood pressure to riseand lead to heart failureand stroke. For women, itis recommended to drinkno more than onealcoholic beverage a day. Adena Health Systems 7
  • 8. Get Healthy – Around thetime that menopause setsin, it becomes moredifficult for many women tomaintain a healthy weight.Eat less simplecarbohydrates, limitalcohol and sugar and eatmore lean protein, fruitsand vegetables. Exerciseat least 150 minutes eachweek. Ideally you shouldkeep your Body MassIndex below 25 and yourwaist under 35 inches. Adena Health Systems 8
  • 9. See your doctorregularly – Aftermenopause, our bodieslose some of our naturalability to fight off heartdisease and diabetes.Your best course of actionis to schedule regularvisits with your doctor andtalk about what you cando to reduce your risk ofdeveloping heart disease. Adena Health Systems 9
  • 10. Don’t Wait! To learnmore about your risk forheart disease, see yourdoctor or schedule a heartrisk assessment with anAdena cardiologist.To find an Adenacardiologist, call1-877-779-7585or visit www.adena.org Adena Health Systems 10