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Special Olympics Project UNIFY® is excited to share that we are on Twitter (@SOProjectUNIFY)! We value the way social media can help promote education, ignite motivation and generate activation, as we co-create socially inclusive communities. Check out our newest resource, with tips and ideas on how to utilize Twitter!

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Special Olympics Project UNIFY® - Social Media

  1. 1. Special Olympics Project UNIFY® – Social Media Introduction Special Olympics Project UNIFY® is excited to share that we are on Twitter (www.twitter.com/SOProjectUNIFY)! We value the way Social Media can help promote education, ignite motivation and generate activation, as we co-create socially inclusive communities. We recently hosted a youth-created and youth-led Twitter Chat, focused on Inclusive Youth Leadership (http://storify.com/clementc27/iyl-chat). We hope you consider joining the Twitter Community and engage with us! This is a resource on how to effectively use Twitter. An Overview of Twitter What is Twitter? • Twitter is a social media platform, where one can share thoughts and ask questions, utilizing the same Hashtag, which is no longer than 140-characters in length. Who can Join? • Anyone can join! Youth Leaders, Educators, Parents, Project UNIFY State Programs and many organizations are active on Twitter. When can I Share? • You can tweet at any time. Where do I Join? • You need to sign-up for a Twitter Account and ensure that your account is marked as Public. Why should I Engage? • Twitter provides you the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share your newest resources and engage in discussions. 1 | Special Olympics
  2. 2. Twitter 101 Before you start, create an account (www.twitter.com). The Benefits of Twitter ! You can share your thoughts, ask questions, find resources and read news that interests you. ! Because of limits on how long “Tweets” can be, you begin to formulate your ideas into a concise manner. ! You can connect with people from throughout the world and stay updated on your favorite organizations. The Basics – Terminology ! A Tweet is either a phrase or sentence that is no longer then 140-characters in length. ! Your username is called your Twitter Handle. o Example: the Twitter Handle for Special Olympics is @SpecialOlympics ! A Hashtag can be a phrase or word prefixed with the # Symbol. There are no spaces between words and phrases. You can create your own hashtag, or search for one already in use. o Example: #ProjectUNIFY, #SchoolClimate Twitter Handle A Tweet Hashtag Actions C R E AT I N G A “ T W E E T ” 1. Click the Compose Tweet Icon; then write either a sentence or phrase that is no longer then 140-characters. Compose Tweet Write your Tweet 2 | Special Olympics
  3. 3. FAVO R I T I N G , R E T W E E T I N G A N D R E P LY I N G TO A T W E E T 1. If you want to reply to a Tweet, click Reply. You can respond to any tweet this way, but remember the 140character count limit still applies. 2. If you like a Tweet and want to share on your profile, click Retweet. 3. If you like a Tweet, you can click Favorite. This allows the person who tweeted the tweet to know you like his or her tweet. Want to reply to the Like this Tweet? Favorite a tweet if you question? Click this Retweet to your want the person to know button! followers! you like their Tweet! S E A RC H I N G FO R P EO P L E A N D H A S H TAG S ! If there is a specific person you want to find, type his or her name in the search bar. If you know their Twitter Handle, type the @ symbol in front of their handle. o Example: if you want to follow Tim Shriver, type @TimShriver ! If you want to search for a Hashtag, go to the search bar and type the # symbol followed by the hashtag. o Example: want to learn about Project UNIFY? Type #ProjectUNIFY to find tweets that use that Hashtag 3 | Special Olympics
  4. 4. FO L LOW I N G A N D FO L LOW E R S ! With Facebook, one can submit a Friend Request to follow ones’ updates. For Twitter, one can follow another Twitter user to follow ones’ updates. o Note: you have the option to make your profile public or private. Most profiles are public so you can engage in Twitter Chats and connect with more people. ! Your followers are those who follow you! E N G AG I N G O N T W I T T E R Prepare Set-up a Twitter Account Follow @SpecialOlympics & @SOProjectUNIFY Engage Log-on Twitter and type #ProjectUNIFY in the search bar To add to the conversation, create a tweet and include the #ProjectUNIFY hashtag so others’ can view your tweet. Favorite, Retweet and Reply to others' contributions. Lead-Forth Like Project UNIFY on Facebook www.facebook.com/ProjectUNIFY Continue to Tweet your thoughts, experiences & questions using the #ProjectUNIFY Hashtag Reflect on how you can include blogging, tweeting and other social media websites to educate, motivate and activate more people Social Media Fb.com/ProjectUNIFY @SOProjectUNIFY youtube.com/specialolympicshq projectunifyblog.wordpress.com 4 | Special Olympics