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06 operations and feedback


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Testing with Visual Studio 2012 Agile TMap

Testing with Visual Studio 2012 Agile TMap

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  • 1. Module 06Feedback andOperations
  • 2. Topics
  • 3. Continuous FeedbackAgile techniques are effective, because they embrace continuous feedback.Continuous feedback helps minimize the snowball effect of a fault.
  • 4. Feedback loops are part ofevery phase of the lifecycle.Feedback can be internal (team)or external (stakeholders).Feedback Loops
  • 5. Storyboarding and PrototypingSupportingthe teamValidatesBusiness NeedsPrototypesSimulationsClarifies IntentDone at thebeginning of a sprint
  • 6. Create custom shapes tore-use throughout yourapplication.Create realistic mock-ups of your UI forearly approval, and attach them to workitems so developers know what to buildHundreds of pre-built shapes,from iOS to Windows Phoneto navigation animations
  • 7. Code ReviewsSupportingthe teamValidatesBusiness NeedsCode ReviewCode AnalysisDone ad-hocduring a sprint
  • 8. Continuous User FeedbackValidatesBusiness NeedsSupporting theProductAlpha/Beta TestsSprint ReviewAt the End of a sprintor when PBI is finished.
  • 9. Free Feedback client appguides stakeholders throughthe feedback processProvide rich feedback, includingaudio/video recordings,screenshots and additional files
  • 10. Automatically sendfeedback requests tostakeholders via emailElicit actionable feedback byfocusing feedback on specificareas of your application
  • 11. Free client utility guidesstakeholders through thefeedback processEnable detailed, rich textfeedback and a star rating systemCapture voice, video, screenshots,attach files, or any combination
  • 12. Stakeholder feedback iscaptured as a work item in TFSCreate new work items based onstakeholder feedback
  • 13. DemoFeedback ManagementPowerPoint Storyboarding
  • 14. DevOps
  • 15. In Production, nobody hears you scream!
  • 16. Development vs. Operations
  • 17. Integrated Incident ManagementOperationsDevelopment andTesting
  • 18. Production incident alertin operations systemAssign code related incidents to developmentDevelopment system incidentreference in operations toolIncident in development system
  • 19. Request additional diagnostics from operationsRequest for additional diagnostics in operations system
  • 20. Generate IntelliTrace logs from within SCOMIntelliTrace logscollected by operationsin development systemActionable debuggingusing IntelliTrace logs
  • 21. IntelliTrace in ProductionPreemptive AnalyticsGathering Actionable Data in ProductionMonitor
  • 22. With production errors, root causes are difficult toidentify, debug and resolveIntelliTrace in Production is easy to run, and collects critical IntelliTrace logs with minimal impact to server performance.Developers, who are already familiar with using this data in test environments, now have the data to speed root causeanalysis of production bugs, and rapidly identify the needed code fix.Actionable diagnosticsIntelliTrace in Production speeds up debugging and shortens code fix times.IntelliTrace in Production
  • 23. Instrumentation in minutes with Dotfuscator injectionExtensible rules detect and prioritize productionincidents reflecting organizational prioritiesWork Items are created and updated in near real-timeensuring efficient, feedback driven response across.NET, JavaScript, C++, Java and mobile surfaces
  • 24. Monitor applications across enterprise domains andonto external networks and consumer devices.Enforce opt-in policy, manage dropped networksand secure data on the wire.Collect custom data and monitor unhandled,caught and thrown exceptions.
  • 25. Work Items are automatically created or updated when patterns aredetected in production.Rules are easily mapped to instrumented applicationsand can be reused, extended and developed to capturebusiness priorities and integrate with other systemsincluding CRM, ERP and other mission-critical platforms.
  • 26. DemoIntelliTracePreEmptive Analytics
  • 27. To learn from experiencegained during this test and to preservetestware for reuse in a future test. The point here isthat with changes and associated maintenance tests, the testware only requires adjustment, so that it is not necessaryto design a completely new test. During the test process, efforts are made to keep the test cases corresponding withthe test basis and the developedsystem. If necessary, the selected test cases should be updated. Completion Phase