05 test infrastructure


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Testing with Visual Studio 2012 Agile TMap

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05 test infrastructure

  1. 1. Module 05Test Infrastructure
  2. 2. Topics
  3. 3. The setup and maintenance infrastructure phase aims to provide the required test infrastructure and resources. Adistinction is made between test environments, test tools and workplaces. Setting up and maintaining theinfrastructure requires very specific expertise. Testers generally have limited knowledge in this area, but are dependenton it. No test can be executed without an infrastructure.http://www.tmap.net/en/tmap/4-essentials/structured-test-process/acceptance-and-system/infrastructure-phaseThe Infrastructure Phase
  4. 4. Test TypesPerformance &Load TestsSecurity Tests‘ility’ TestsAutomatedand ManualManualAutomatedToolsAutomated
  5. 5. Build & Deploy InfrastructureFunctional Test EnvironmentLoad Test RigAcceptance Test EnvironmentPossible Test Environments
  6. 6. Continuous Acceptance Testing
  7. 7. Continuous integrationautomatically creates abuild after check-inCreate multiple build definitionsto support various build scenarios
  8. 8. Use build check-in policies toensure broken code is fixedbefore being checked inUse either continuous integration buildsor rolling builds with build check-inpolicies to ensure quality builds
  9. 9. Configure the gated check-inbuild to fail if a test fails, ensuringthe code won’t be checked inIdentify specific test to be runduring the gated check-in build
  10. 10. Configuringfor Unit Testing
  11. 11. Unit Tests, Component TestsBuild Controller andBuild Agent InfrastructureIs used often and needsto be flexible and fastDevelopment Test Infrastructure
  12. 12. Use it to retrieve the necessary source code for a build, compile the solution and (if required) execute unit tests and static code analysistools as part of the build process.Build Controllers1-1 with Team Project Collection OR 1-* with build agentsPerform lightweight tasks.Can easily be virtualized.Build Agents1-1 with build controller.Performs heavyweight build tasks.Manage files in source control.Run testsCompile code.Allow load-balanced and/or parallel builds.Can be tagged to spread workload.Build Infrastructure
  13. 13. Lists builds and provides information about test results, test coverage, code churn and quality notes for each build.Build Summary Report
  14. 14. DemoConfiguring the BuildInfrastructure for Unit Testing
  15. 15. Configuringfor Functional Testing
  16. 16. “Working Systems”Manual and automatedtest executionPlanning and Managementof test cases and test plansFunctional Test Infrastructure
  17. 17. Virtual EnvironmentsLab ManagementWorking Systems
  18. 18. Use it to retrieve necessary source code for a build, compile the solution and (if required) execute unit tests and static code analysis toolsas part of the build process.Test Controllers1-1 with Team Project Collection | 1-* with test agents.Perform lightweight tasks.Can easily be virtualized.Test Agents1-1 with test controller.Performs heavyweight test tasks.Run tests Interactive.Collect Data Diagnostic Information.Build Infrastructure
  19. 19. Configuringfor Acceptance Testing
  20. 20. Real Life Scenarios“Working systems”Not always connected tothe rest of the teamAcceptance Tests
  21. 21. Feedback ManagerExploratory TestingAlpha/Beta TestingLab ManagementTesting Working Systems
  22. 22. Test Virtualization
  23. 23. Execute tests in Virtual MachinesLink 1-* VMs with Test Agents to execute tests in different environments.Low Effort – easy to set upInstall Test Agent on VM.Sync to TFS.Set Up Build Configuration to deploy tests to VM automatically.Virtualized Test Environments
  24. 24. Execute tests in Virtual Test EnvironmentsA virtual environment is a collection of virtual machines (VMs). Each Virtual Machine in a virtual environment represents a role required forthe application that is to be tested, developed or run. Lab Management can be used to start all the virtual machines in a virtualenvironment to run an application, or test an application.Automated environment set upLab Management uses System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) toallow access to virtual machines or templates in a library as “golden masters”.These golden masters are created by using either Hyper-V or SCVMM.SCVMM is used to deploy the virtual machines and templates tothe environments on the specified host group.Lab Management
  25. 25. Lab Management AutomationOn-premise | Cloud
  26. 26. Create a new environmentusing virtual machinetemplates in SCVMMCreate an environmentusing machines runningon SCVMMCreate newenvironments on existingmachines
  27. 27. Quickly choose multipletest suites to run afterdeploymentChoose your environment, andbuild, deploy and test in thatenvironment from a single dialog
  28. 28. Snapshot environmentsduring manual testing toincrease reproducibilitySpin up virtual test environments fromwithin Test Manager, or attach a virtualenvironment to a manual testing session
  29. 29. Test run results are attached tospecific builds and environmentsCollect all the data requiredto recreate bugs from virtualenvironments
  30. 30. DemoEnd-to-End Test WorkflowEnvironment Virtualization
  31. 31. Configuringfor Load Testing
  32. 32. Load Test Clients createvariable load on the targetLoad Tests produce lotsof data and information!Load testing expertise isrequired to interpret resultsLoad Test Infrastructure
  33. 33. Visual Studio Ultimate can use a computer or a group of computers to generate simulated load for testing, and to run tests remotely andconcurrently on several computers. This group of computers consists of a single test controller and one or more test agents. You can usethe test controller and test agent to generate more load than a single computer can generate alone or just test remotely.Load Test Agents
  34. 34. The Cloud can be used for Load Testing – unlimited Load can be generated this way without associated hardware investments.Agents on Windows Azure
  35. 35. DemoLoad Testing usingWindows Azure