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01   the value of quality

01 the value of quality



Testing with Visual Studio 2012 Agile TMap

Testing with Visual Studio 2012 Agile TMap



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    01   the value of quality 01 the value of quality Presentation Transcript

    • The Valueof Quality
    • Topics
    • The Real Valueof Software Development
    • Complex Software is Everywhere!Product Lines of CodeTypical Order Entry System 1,2 MillionF-22 Raptor 1,2 MillionSpace Shuttle 2 MillionMicrosoft Word 2 MillionF-35 Joint Strike Fighter 5,7 MillionTypical Airline Reservation System 6 MillionMercedes Benz S Class 29 Million
    • The ability to use, develop, integrate and delivercustom software is strategic for most organizationsHowever, unlike other strategic business processes,there are often large gaps – which creates risk:No consistent processes are being applied to the development and management of custom software.Reporting on developer productivity, software quality and business value is missing.Development processes and activities are not predictable and repeatable.Complexity of software (and value opportunities) growwithout associated maturity and team capabilitiesBusiness Runs On Software
    • How wella firm executes itsbusiness strategies is tied to howgoodit is at creating and managingcustom applications!DavidChappell
    • BUT
    • Software development is difficult,takes a long time, costs a lot of money andoften fails!TheVoiceofExperience
    • At First, It‘s Easy
    • Over Time, Things Get Complicated ...
    • So, Management Is Added …
    • … And Process …
    • … Which Leads To Specialization …
    • … And Adding Of Indirect Labor …
    • But Wait – There’s More!
    • Business demand outpaces the abilityof developers to deliver applications6040200-20-40Market ConditionsBusiness RequirementsApplication Delivery6040200-20-406040200-20-40
    • Remote Access
    • Value Delivery ImpedimentsNo Progress MonitoringUnmanageable ComplexityLack of KPIs and InsightLoss of FocusNon-Repeatable WorkBusiness Requirements Grow ExponentiallyInconsistent (or no) ProcessesPoor Communication Across Functional SilosUnpredictable ResultsHidden RisksWasted Time and EffortScope Creep
    • ALMis the marriage ofBusiness Management andSoftware Engineering!
    • MonitorOperateWorking softwarein productionValue realizedThe Value Delivery Cycle
    • “Conventional” QAQATesting postimplementation. Mostlymanual with limitedautomation.UATUAT postimplementationand systemstestingOperationsreadinessverificationPre-deploymentverificationDocument requirementsas BRDs andfunctional specsWrite code toimplementrequirements
    • Business Value of Quality Enablement
    • From “Testing“ to “Quality Enablement“
    • Measuring Quality
    • Common Quality Issues and Blockers
    • Blocker: Misunderstood Requirements
    • Requirements don’t reflect customer intentRework, long delivery cycles and frustration.Storyboarding ToolGraphical mockups and visual prototypes in new PowerPoint add-on reducemisunderstandings and clarify intent.Feedback ManagerStand-alone feedback tool allows stakeholders to provide comprehensive feedbackon any artifact, including storyboards, directly to development teams.ProblemSolutionSolutionMisunderstood Requirements
    • Session 06Operations and Feedback
    • Blocker: Quality is an AfterthoughtQuality not built in from the startFailure to meet user needs, rework, long delivery cycles and customer dissatisfaction.Unit TestingExtensible unit test framework targets specific needs or technologies to ensure code correctness.Fakes and stubs frameworkPowerful mocking framework to simplify unit testing and isolate logic.ProblemSolutionSolution
    • Session 03Test Specification and Execution
    • Blocker: Unmet User ExpectationsDelivered functionality fails to satisfy usersFailure to meet user needs, rework, long delivery cycles and customer dissatisfaction.ProblemSolutionExploratory TestingAd-hoc exploratory tests help uncover usability and consistency issues, and resultin actionable bugs and reusable test cases.
    • Session 03Test Specification and Execution
    • Blocker: Unmet Operations ReadinessDelivered code fails to perform as plannedFailure to meet IT maintenance needs, rework, long delivery cycles and customer dissatisfaction.Web TestingLightweight web tests validate correct functionality and behavior, both in testing and production.Load TestingPowerful load test frameworks simulates thousands of simultaneous usersto ensure performance, stability and uptime.ProblemSolutionSolution
    • Blocker: Can’t Get Actionable FeedbackDelayed feedback on code changesFixing critical bugs takes a long time, increases in context switching,rework and long delivery cycles.Continuous IntegrationBuild, deploy and test complex applications on every check-in toquickly identify problematic code changes.Lab ManagementSelf-service test lab provisioning speeds manual and automated build-deploy-test feedback cycles.ProblemSolutionSolution
    • Sessions 03 and 06Operations and FeedbackTest Specification and Execution
    • Limited Visibility into Quality StatesLack of visibility into overall qualitySlows fixes of bugs, increases context switching, rework and long delivery cycles.ReportingOut-of-the-box and ad-hoc reports track quality against requirements,builds, releases and other artifacts.ProblemSolution
    • Session 04Test Controlling and Tracking
    • Blocker: Operational Requirements Not MetProduction errors not caught quickly enoughLonger bug fix cycle times, customer dissatisfaction, and costly remediation.Monitor in-production applicationsManagement pack templates make real time monitoring of production applications easy.ProblemSolution
    • Session 05Test Infrastructure
    • Disparate Management ToolsIsolated tools and workflowsPoor communication, longer production bug fix cycle times, and customer dissatisfaction.Integrated Incident management toolsCommon view of incidents to both Operations and Development.Shared artifactsReuse development artifacts, such as tests, inside System Center to reducerework and discover production issues early.ProblemSolutionSolution
    • Production Incidents Hard to Debug and ResolveProduction errorsDifficult to identify root cause, debug code and resolve defects.Actionable diagnosticsIntelliTrace in production to speed debugging and code fix.Translatable artifactsSystem Center logs can be converted to IntelliTrace logs for developer use.ProblemSolutionSolution
    • Slow Feedback Creates WasteSlow feedbackTime lags between work and feedback result in wasted time, increased context switching, and rework.Lab ManagementSelf service test lab provisioning speed build-deploy-test feedback cycle.ProblemSolution
    • Session 06Operations and Feedback
    • Software Testing with Visual Studio
    • Save time and reduce risksIntegrated test toolsAdvanced test toolsintegratedsolutionContinuously deliver valuestoryboard and user feedbacktoolsVisual Studio 2012 Quality Enablement
    • Analysts praise Visual Studio 2012