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BFC Slide Show

  1. 1. Hello, welcome to Bloomington Family Chiropractic. We're so glad you're here!
  2. 2. Pain Limits Our Enjoyment of Life
  3. 3. Chiropractic Can Eliminate Pain And Restore Function
  4. 4. Chronic Ear Infections? Chiropractic is a Safe & Effective Alternative to Antibiotics & Surgery
  5. 5. The long-term effects of abnormal posture can have DEVASTATING effects. We Can Help!
  6. 6. Exercise keeps you strong & flexible, decreasing the chance of re-injury.
  7. 7. Schedule a spinal check-up for your child today!
  8. 8. I can stay active thanks to Dr. Cory!
  9. 9. WALKING is the best exercise you can do for your body!
  10. 10. Reach your health goals with chiropractic!
  11. 11. affects all human functions from POSTURE Breathing to Thinking!
  12. 12. Ask how we can help you improve your posture.
  13. 13. Joints don't break down due to age... ...They break down due to poor alignment and mechanical stress.
  14. 14. Scoliosis Begins In Childhood Let Us Check Your Child
  15. 15. and decreases muscle soreness! improves posture maintains flexibility, STRETCHING
  16. 16. Lack of energy, fatigue and poor concentration can be an indication of spinal subluxation.
  17. 17. Chiropractors help assure proper nervous system function.
  18. 18. Chiropractic Can Help! Ask us how. A H D ? D
  19. 19. Spinal Arthritis & loss of function is primarily the result of long term spinal subluxations that destroy joint motion. Chiropractic Can Help!
  20. 20. Tell Others How Chiropractic Helped You!
  21. 21. Sports and school activities can cause spinal misalignment. Have your children been checked?
  22. 22. School problems may be related to nervous system health. Have your child checked by a chiropractor for spinal misalignment today.
  23. 23. Manipulation has been used safely and effectively for over 3000 years!
  24. 24. Chiropractors are the ONLY health practitioners specifically trained to evaluate & correct spinal subluxation.
  25. 25. Stress Can Cause In Over Your Head? SUBLUXATION
  26. 26. Loss of the normal curve in your spine will result in rapid spinal degeneration.
  27. 27. Ask Dr. Cory to check your child! Backpacks may cause hidden spinal problems to become worse.
  28. 28. A healthy spine & nervous system requires optimal spinal alignment, curvature and function!
  29. 30. Schedule your family for a check-up today! Health Care For The Entire Family!
  30. 31. Insurance Doesn't Cover Chiropractic? We have cash plans anyone can afford!
  31. 32. Not sure if your insurance covers care in our office? We'll be happy to check for you!
  32. 33. Chiropractic Adjustments Tap Into Your Bodies Natural Ability To Heal... Chiropractic Helps With Headaches PMS Ask Us Today How We May Help You. and many other problems. Sciatica Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  33. 34. Headaches? Ask Us How We Can Help You Or Your Loved Ones.
  34. 35. Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments Restore Normal Mobility To Spinal Joints And Stimulate Optimal Nervous System Function.
  35. 36. PMS? Infertility? Hot Flashes? Menstral Pain? We Can Help! Ask Us How.
  36. 37. Our Office Takes Special Pride In The Treatment Of Infants & Small Children.
  37. 38. Pregnancy Is One Of The Most Important Times To Be Under Chiropractic Care For You & The New Baby. Tell Your Friends About Bloomington Family Chiropractic! Dr. Cory has Advanced Training in Pregnancy Care.
  38. 39. For You! Ask Us Today Proper Exercise Program About The
  39. 40. Dr. Cory has Advanced Training in non-surgical treatment of disc problems. ***AVOID THIS***
  40. 41. Optimize Your Sports Performance With Regular Chiropractic Care!
  41. 42. Not sure of the proper posture to sleep in. We can teach you how to sleep!
  42. 43. Talk To Us Today About Correction. Left Uncorrected, A Minor Problem Can Develop Into A Serious Condition!
  43. 44. Trying to adjust yourself? Even chiropractors see other chiropractors for adjustments!
  44. 45. Dr. Cory has advanced training to care for those injured in auto accidents.
  45. 46. There is typically no out of pocket expense for those injured in auto accidents or at work.
  46. 47. If you or someone you know has been injured, we'll be glad to help!
  47. 48. We Can Help Customise An Exercise Program For You. Just Ask!
  48. 49. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? We Can Help! has shown to be 73% to 92% effective in treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! Cold Laser Therapy
  49. 50. Workers Compensation Covers Chiropractic. Injured at Work? We Can Help!
  50. 51. Don't Let Pain Stop You From Doing The Things You Love!
  51. 52. Whiplash Can Be Serious Auto Insurance Covers Chiropractic! If You, Or Someone You Know Has Been In An Accident, Tell Them About Us.
  52. 53. RESEARCH Many Medical Studies Report Chiropractic Is The Best Treatment For Neck Injuries Related To Whiplash
  53. 54. POSTURE is vital to good health. Have we checked your child's posture?
  54. 55. Are You Living The Life You Want To Live? Or The One Your Body Allows?
  55. 56. We Appreciate Your Referrals Of Those Injured In Automobile Accidents
  56. 57. Relax Our care is effective and gentle to help you overcome your ailments
  57. 58. Reasons To See Your Chiropractor Chiropractors Are Specially Trained To Deal With Problems Of The Back, Arms, Legs And Neck
  58. 59. Your Chiropractor Stays Current With The Latest Advances In Care Reasons To See Your Chiropractor
  59. 60. Regular Care Can Prevent Progressive Arthritic Change Reasons To See Your Chiropractor
  60. 61. Chiropractic Is Covered By Most Insurance Plans Reasons To See Your Chiropractor
  61. 62. Hi, welcome to Bloomington Family Chiropractic. We're so glad you're here!
  62. 63. Not sure what type of pillow is best for you? Ask Dr. Cory!
  63. 64. Jaw Pain? We have had great success treating TMJ and Jaw Pain.
  64. 65. Foot Pain? We can help! Let's talk about it today.
  65. 66. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome A painful condition producing pressure on the nerves in the wrist producing pain, numbness and tingling.
  66. 67. Ask Us About... Colic Bed Wetting ADHD Asthma
  67. 68. Headaches & Migraines? We Can Help!
  68. 69. Feeling Sick? Don't cancel your appointment! This is when your body needs an adjustment the most! Chiropractic increases Immune System function!
  69. 70. The 5 Most Dangerous Words... ..."Maybe It Will Go Away"
  70. 71. We would appreciate 24 hours notice if your appointment must be changed or canceled.
  71. 72. Ask Dr. Cory about a free phone consultation for your family and friends.
  72. 73. Chiropractic can help people overcome chronic pain.
  73. 74. Ask Us About... Nutritional Supplements to keep you in Optimal Performance!
  74. 75. Dr. Cory specializes in the care of infants and small children.
  75. 76. Our Office Takes Special Pride In The Treatment Of Infants & Small Children.
  76. 77. Children should be checked at a very young age for spinal problems. Proper spinal care is essential for your child's health.
  77. 78. Improve your golf game and all your leisure activities with regular corrective chiropractic care!
  78. 79. Do You Know What A Subluxation Is? Normal Abnormal
  79. 80. Want To Be Tested For Subluxations? With The Latest In Chiropractic Technology..The MyoVision SEMG
  80. 81. It Only Takes A Minute, And Doesn’t Hurt A Bit!
  81. 82. Results Shown Right Away! Normal Abnormal
  82. 83. Consultation With The Doctor Is Absolutely Free!
  83. 98. The chiropractic doctor’s uncomplicated approach to pain and disease is winning over new patients, literally by the millions. Often one satisfied chiropractic patient tells another person how chiropractic works. Thanks for your referrals!