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Trialling ipads in geography 2013
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Trialling ipads in geography 2013



Published in Education , Technology
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  • Thanks Charlotte - appreciated :)

    I like the idea of the corridor acting as a stretch of coastline... May need to borrow that :)

    Thanks for sharing the link to the presentation too...

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  • 1. Barefoot world atlas app TRIALLING IPADS IN GEOGRAPHY
  • 2. Engagement Reading photos effectively • The students used Popplet to annotate photos and create links between the photos. • Photos where placed in adropbox folder and then students could download them onto the Ipad. • You can also create flow diagrams using Popplet.
  • 3. Saving time! Creating a video in one lesson • The students created a video on the Great Barrier Reef using imovie. They incorporated key facts, covered the issues it faces and how it is managed. • They saved images from the web and they then added a voice over or added text to the images.
  • 4. Using imovie to create animations • The students made play-do models and created small animations using imovie. • They simply took loads of photos of their models and then uploaded them on to imovie, then added text or a voice over. • We used a free online polling site to grade each others work and see the results instantly.
  • 5. Record creations step by step – drawings and audio • Educreations
  • 6. Year 9 Fair Trade Project Creating everything on one device. • Imovie used to make TV adverts – one to raise the awareness of fair trade & one to advertise their chocolate bar. • Ipads used to video and take photos. • Strip designer app for adverts. • Tumblr used to create a blog. • Safari used to access the web and to use free logo design sites, research current fair trade products and also to set up their blog. • Their group work can be stored on drop box and accessed from home.
  • 7. Useful tool in the field Woodland Reserve Investigation • • • • • Photos taken of different biotic and abiotic components with the camera. Notes on docs to go. Leaf snap app used to take photos of leaves & find out the type of leaf. Possible to record their notes using audiboo. Folders for each group created on drop box and once back in the classroom, they could upload their notes and photos to the drop box account so they could access and work on it at home.
  • 8. Year 8, 10 & 12 Fieldwork • All student surveys filled out on the Ipad. • Made collating a lot easier. • All results added to the drop box folder so students could access at home. • Photos taken & 360° panoramas with photosynth app. • Video of high street transect, which could be later or annotated on youtube. • Audio summary of the site with audioboo.
  • 9. Creating a web site of our field trip • Students recorded videos and took photos at the main sites each day. • They also took notes on the ipads at the sites and then wrote diary entries in the evening. • Everything was uploaded from the ipads to the website each evening and parents could see what their children were up to on a daily basis.
  • 10. Year 13 • Independent research using Safari, Hitpad app and OECD factbook. • Create revision sheets and upload them into Google docs or upload to dropbox.
  • 11. CloudOn • CloudOnbrings Microsoft Office® to youriPhone&iPad and links it to your Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDriveaccounts.
  • 12. Digital textbook
  • 13. Ibooks
  • 14. Excellent Geography apps Spotizy Iseismograph Igeology Disaster Alert
  • 15. More excellent apps Jurassic coast Earth Buzz Living Earth
  • 16. Hurricane HD • Track current hurricanes, receive up dates, view current satellite images.