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Faritrade leaflet2

  1. 1. What is Fairtrade? The Fairtrade Foundation was set up to help producers in poorer countries get a fair price for their work. This allows farmers a chance out of poverty by guaranteeing fair prices and sustainability. It allows producers to invest in their farms and communities abroad and lets farmers compete in the global marketplace. This extra money is usually put into things that can help the local community – like bicycles to help workers travel to work or new wells to provide water. When you buy something with a Fairtrade logo on it, you know that a fair amount of the money is going towards helping the community where it came from. BSB For the planet. For the people. e half th t nearly n less ha know t orld live o id you D the w eople in at £2 a day? p th this! change n help We ca BSB Why Should WE become a Fairtrade School?
  2. 2. So, Why Should we, BSB, become a Fairtrade School? A Fairtrade school is committed to Fairtrade, sells and uses Fairtrade products as much as it can, and raises awareness of Fairtrade in the school and local community. It is a great way of promoting the ethical and social awareness of our school. We believe that BSB should take these steps to becoming a fairtrade school, to not only increase the schools reputation, but like our current charity, the Best of Both, make a real difference to this world.  Besides, wouldn’t it be great to say... What have we achieved so far in working towards a Fairtrade status? We have set up a Fair Trade Steering Group. What do we aim to do in the New Year? We aim to... Get out fair trade policy signed by the Board of Governors and our Principle. Fair Trade now features in the school development plan. Contact Nike and other companies to see if they can provide Fair Trade cotton PE kits. The cafeteria and the tuck shop are now stocking more fair trade produce. Investigate companies who can provide Fair Trade sports balls. Staff tea and coffee is currently becoming fair trade. Develop our link further with the commune of Tervuren and together organize a local scavenger hunt, where younger students learn more about Fair Trade. We are learning about Fair Trade in various subjects, such as Geography & Textiles. We have launched our project and raised the awareness of fair trade at Upper primary & Upper school assemblies. We have set up our stall at the Christmas bazaar.   Develop a Fair Trade group in Upper Primary. Organize a Fair Trade Easter egg hunt. Take an active part in Fair Trade fortnight.