List Segment Made Easy


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  • List Segment Made Easy

    1. 1. WOULD YOU LIKE... To Segment Your Email List Easily?
    2. 2. TODAY• Your Email List Is “Built” From Many Places: • Purchases • Opt-In Form on Blog (subscribe to updates) • Opt-In Form on Landing Pages (subscribe to get specific content) • Blog Comments • etc
    3. 3. BUT IT GETS HARD TO TRACK• Duplicate Subscribes, Duplicate Emails - They are annoyed to receive multiple emails with the same message.• Which List to Unsubscribe From or Subscribe To When They Opt-In to This or That• You need to separately keep track of your campaigns in order to filter your lists with the Email Segmentation Tools. • What was the content of the email that was sent? • Where does the email link lead to? • How was the Call-To-Action “sold” to them that made them click (or not click)? • When did you run Campaign X or Y or Z?• Even so, it takes a long time to get to a optimally-filtered or “segmented” list
    4. 4. YOU ARE LIMITED BY THE TOOLS YOU USE• Segmentation is restricted to “email opened” or “link clicked” or “join date” rather than based off their interest areas (which is where the gold is)• “Moving Parade” : What they signed up for last year may not be their interest this year. But if you knew what is their interest this year, they may still be subscribed to you• You are forced to write content that is “general” or “all-encompassing” in order not to leave out certain subscribers• Not because they work, but because the available tools made it this way• How would you like to be set free from these shackles?
    5. 5. WHAT YOU REALLY WANT• Send the email to only interested subscribers, that means: • Specific content types to specific interest groups • Higher open rates • Higher response rates (CTR) • Lower attrition• You wished there was a way to send tailored email messages to interested sub-segments of your list
    6. 6. ALL IN ONE PLACE• Track your subscribers’ interest areas• Segment your list like never before• Get honest feedback - through their actions / behaviors• Set it up once. Track forever.
    7. 7. BENEFITS• Get direction on what content to cover next• Or what product/service to create• Sub-segment your list• They will only receive content that they have shown interest in• Understand your subscribers’ interests (and not just demographics or “last action” taken on the previous autoresponder or broadcast email)• Finally! A way to truly gauge if an interest segment is large enough to start on that new project you were wondering about
    8. 8. GET NOTIFIED WHEN WE LAUNCH• If you find yourself dragging your feet trying to segment your mailing lists, get notified when we launch