Dynamic Log Analysis Product Guide


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Dynamic Log Analysis Product Guide

  1. 1. Product Guide Dynamic Log Analysis TM Are you ready to Lock Down your Security Solution? Systems are at Risk of Infiltration. In order to protect these systems, save money, be in compliance with many regulations and standards, and to protect brand value, organizations of all sizes must monitor and analyze their systems on a regular basis. With the sheer number of computers, routers, Feel Secure with servers and devices used in an organization, the number, volume, and variety of computer security logs have increased greatly. This has created the Clear Technologies need for computer security log management— the process for generating, Your Trusted IT Advisor transmitting, storing, analyzing, and disposing of computer security log data. In its publication, “Guide to Computer Security Log Management”, The National Institute of Standards and Technology identified two major problems with log management. The first problem is that of “balancing a limited quantity of log management resources with a continuous supply of log data.” The second is that of “ensuring that security, system and network administrators regularly perform efficient and effective analysis of log data.” Thoroughly addressingBenefits these two issues with new and innovative solutions is imperative to solving this crisis.• Decreases Vulnerabilities• Reduces Risks• Decreases Financial Impacts It is not enough to efficiently and effectively analyze log data and follow the current status of collecting, aggregating, normalizing, correlating and reporting the information. What is needed is a solution that effectively and efficiently detects malicious behavior before the damage is incurred, rather than letting the administrator know when the organizational assets have been compromised. Clear Solution Through an exclusive partnership with HAWK Network Defense, Clear Teachnologies has solved the error-prone, time-consuming management of logs to prevent infiltration events. HAWK Network Defense has a patent-pending Naïve-Bayesian Sec urity Histogram Analysis technology that transforms the tedious and De s si time consuming tasks of event es ion gn Co For more information on logging into a dynamic, powerful s V irtu aliz at As Clear Technologies and our experience that proactively n tin uit y Security Solutions visit mitigates risk. Not only will www.ClearTechnologies.net/ the analyst be able to rely on DynamicLogAnalysis or call 972.906.7500 experience of the tool to prevent t en threats, but also be able to utilize Ma his own experience by writing, ag em pl n through regular expression, rules e an Im e Fin ct ur that will place a score on specific cin TM g stru inter-organizational nuances Infra MT which are not a threat. www.ClearTechnologies.net/DynamicLogAnalysis