Make a career in software testing: AutomatePro - Test Automation Professional Program


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CleanSoft Academy offers career programs for graduates in Engineering, MCA, MSc, BSc, BCA.

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Make a career in software testing: AutomatePro - Test Automation Professional Program

  1. 1. What do you need for the BIG jump?AutomateProTest Automation Professional ProgramA Career Program for Graduates
  2. 2. Industry ExpectationsReady to deploy on projects from Day #1Software companies want to “onboard” fresh engineers Industry Reportvery quickly, as the industry is growing at a fast pace. “The market for software testing is growing at over 50 perTherefore, they expect you to be skilled, possess good cent per annum. The global testing services market isanalytical skills and be independent requiring minimal estimated to be US$ 50 Billion by India’s share is expected to be 55%. The estimated size of testing market in India by 2020 is US$ 13-15 Billion.Knowing testing concepts is just not enough anymore Testing workforce in India in 2010 was 63,000.Organizations expect you to have exposure to According to current estimate, India will require aroundtechnologies, be familiar with programming concepts, 22,000 testing professionals every year over the next 3databases etc. They also expect you to be conversant years to meet the demand of the software testing market.with tools and be capable of supporting the Indian market will require approximately 1,65,000development team in test specification, execution and testers by the year 2013.”reporting needs. “Talent remains to be the major challenge for testing companies due to lack of availability of industry-readyOrganizations value soft skills today graduates from colleges.”Communication, teamwork is seen as more importantthan mere academic knowledge. In addition to good Source: Gartner, IDC and NASSCOMtechnical skills, companies expect you to communicateclearly, work well in a team and be less dependent onothers. In short, the industry expects YOU to be CONFIDENT. Copyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “AutomatePro : Test Automation Professional Program”
  3. 3. Software Testing as aPreferred Career Option Importance of software testing You can make a career in testing. Companies are investing in testing Today every IT company has a specialized full time heavily, as customers are demanding high test organization. Starting as a test engineer, you can quality. grow all the way to becoming a Director/VP. Over the years, software has become Companies treat test professionals on par with integral part of any system and runs into developers, in fact a good tester can command a millions lines of code. better salary than a developer! It is no more a job, you can make a successful Testing is a seen as a critical activity in career out of it. the SW development cycle to delivering high quality software. “The testing services market has grown exponentially over the past few years. This signifies a shift in the customer mindset regarding the importance of testing.” Sumithra Gomatam, Vice President, Testing Practice, Cognizant Source:, 26 Apr 2011Copyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “AutomatePro : Test Automation Professional Program”
  4. 4. AutomateProTest Automation Professional Program “Good automation is beyond knowing tool features. It requires test engineering, automation design & coding skills to deliver value.” This program prepares you become a skillful automation testing practitioner with good understanding of functional & load testing tools, automation frameworks to do automated testing effectively. You will have a solid grounding in testing engineering concepts enabling you to understanding end-user needs, application context, plan, design, document, and execute tests. The objective is to impart skills, not merely theoretical knowledge. To transform you into a smart automation testing professional brimming with confidence to face the real world. Unique! Highlight! This program is based on HBT (Hypothesis Based Besides building the relevant technical skills Testing) a scientific test methodology that builds needed to perform as a tester, the program also in you solid fundamentals in testing. grooms you to seamlessly integrate into the professional world from day one. In addition to technical skills, HBT equips you with strong analytical & critical questioning skills This program includes a course on Industry making you confident and independent giving Orientation to know how organizations work you an edge over others from other training and what they expect. institutes. At the end of this program you will be HBT based program is offered only by CleanSoft supremely confident to face interview and Academy. succeed. And raring to go at your first job!Copyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “AutomatePro : Test Automation Professional Program”
  5. 5. AutomatePro : Program Curriculum Course #1: SW Engineering & Quality Course #2: Testing Fundamentals Course #3: Understanding Expectations & SystemUnique! 12 Courses Unique! Course #4: HBT Overview 53 Modules Course #5: Defect Hypothesis Unique! 191 Topics 305 Capsules Course #6: Strategy, Planning & Management Course #7: Test Design Course #8: Execution & Reporting Course #9: Automation Fundamentals Course #10: Selenium Course #11: JMeter Course #12: Industry Orientation Highlight! ‣Innovative structure - Courses, modules, topics & capsules. ‣Delivered via Instructor-led and Technology enabled modes. ‣Exhaustive and aligned to the industry needs. ‣Application oriented with industry examples and hands-on. ‣Created & delivered by practitioners.Copyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “AutomatePro : Test Automation Professional Program”
  6. 6. Detailed Program ContentsCourse #1 : Software EngineeringSDLC Various SDLC models, Key characteristics, Application scenariosSpecification Category of specification, Contents of specification, Attributes of good specificationDesign Contents of HLD/LLD, Aspects of architecture, Logic / data designCode Code structure, Aspects of good coding, Code metricsQuality What is Quality?, Aspects of good quality, Quality systemsCourse #2 : Testing FundamentalsOverview of testing Objective of testing , Who does Testing?, Psychology needed, When to commence ,Test lifecycle, Test artifactsMethods of detection Reviews/Inspection, Audits, TestingKey concepts Test levels, Quality levels, Test types, Test techniquesUnderstanding defects What is a Defect? ,Impact, Type of defect, Fix urgency, Repeatability, Pesticide paradox, Learning from defectsResult of poor quality testing Delay, Rework, Loss of credibility, Financial lossCourse #3 : Understanding Expectations and SystemCustomers & End users Needs and expectations, Customer profiles, Business valueUnderstanding context Requirements/features, End user types ,Architecture, Environment, Stage, InteractionsEnd users Live vs.System, Usage profile, PrioritizationRequirements/ Features Functional baseline, Attribute baseline ,Prioritization, Cleanliness criteriaCourse #4 : HBT OverviewPersonal methodology Deductive approach, Fishing analogy , 6 Stages of DOINGSTEM 8 Disciplines of Thinking, Core ConceptsKey Benefits Rapid Understanding,Higher Test Coverage,Optimal Regression,Better Strategy,Sensible AutomationCourse #5 : Defect HypothesisIntroduction What is Hypothesize?,What is PD/PDT?Information needed, PDTs Aspects,Views, Attributes, Past history, Generic issues, Classes of issues, Documentation syntaxRelationships By levels, Test types,To cleanliness criteria ,To Features, To scenarios/casesCopyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “AutomatePro : Test Automation Professional Program”
  7. 7. Detailed Program Contents (contd.)Course #6 : Execution and ReportingBuild & Change management Version control, Builds, Test environment, Sanity /smoke testTest execution Environment preparation, Execution planning, RegressionDefect reporting Contents of defect reporting, Defect attributes, Defect lifecycleTest reporting Execution results, Test summary report, Quality status report, Daily/weekly reportCourse #7 : Strategy, Planning and ManagementTest strategy Contents of strategy, Quality levels, Test types & techniques, Analyzing tooling needsTest planning Contents of plan, Test scoping, Cycle planning, Effort estimation, Schedule, Risk planningTest management Resource management , Progress management , Delivery risk Management , Release readiness assessmentDefect analysis Defect metrics, Analyzing defectsCourse #8 : Test DesignDesign Process Level based test design, What is Scenario/case ?Information needed for design Behavior information, Data information, What to do when information is missing?Test techniques Black box techniques,White box techniques, When to apply What? Scenario/case design techniquesTest adequacy Requirements traceability, Fault traceabilityDocumentation Contents of test design, Syntax of documentation, Post test updatesReview What to review? , How to review,Design metrics Fault coverage, Code coverageCourse #9 : Automation FundamentalsIntroduction Why Automation?, What can be Automated?, Benefits and Limitation, Myths of AutomationAids for automation Skill Set Needed, Tool Landscape, What are scripting Languages, How are scripting languages usefulHow do tools work How do FT tools work?, How do LT tools work?,Process and approaches Test automation process, Principles of test automation, Approaches of test automation, Automation frameworksAutomating an application Identifying scenarios, Scripting scenarios, Running /Debugging scripts , Test execution reportingTest management tools Use of Management tools, Integrating FT with Management toolsCopyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “AutomatePro : Test Automation Professional Program”
  8. 8. Detailed Program Contents (contd.)Course #10 : SeleniumUnderstanding Selenium Selenium Overview, Components of Selenium and IDE, Limitations of Selenium Recording test cases, Executing test cases, Creating test suite, Inserting verification points, Editing test scripts, EditingWorking with Selenium Verification pointsSelenium Add-Ons Selenium RC architecture, Data driving with database/excel, Test execution with RC, Selenium GridCourse #11 : JMeterWorking with JMeter Introduction to JMeter, Parametrization with JMeter, Limitations of JMeterLoad testing with JMeter Scripting Scenarios, Running load test, Analyzing load test resultsCourse #12 : Industry OrientationSoftware industry overview IT Industry landscape, SW Development Organization, Roles people playWork ethics & Global work culture Appearance & behavior, Team interactions, Work area maintenance, Attention to details, Email etiquettePresentation skills Preparation for presentation, Practicing for a presentation, Delivering a presentation Understanding value of time, Challenges in time management, Prime time robbers, Goal setting & breakdown,Time management PrioritizationQuestioning skills Why question? , Types of questions, Questioning techniques, Formulating good questions,Succeeding in interview Preparing for interviews, Appearance for interviews, Dos & Don’ts for interviews, Beginning & closing interviewsCopyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “AutomatePro : Test Automation Professional Program”
  9. 9. Innovative Learning Model Course/Module Structure Topic Structure Pre-requisites Theory/Concepts Objective Application of concept Terminology/Definitions Inputs/Outputs Slides/Video2 Example/Case study Self study material Template/Structure Points to Ponder Tips & Anecdotes Exercises Self Assessment Questions Assessment questions Exercises Our approach to teaching is experiential; we The learning model together with a meticulously have devised a unique learning model that is planned structure facilitates deep understanding, cogent, result-oriented and fosters evolution. fosters analytic thinking enabling you to confidently apply in the real world. Our Learning Model is made up of FOUR phases - Listen, Explore, Think & Expand that Each participant is a given a personal copy of enables you to learn, experience and digest, AutomatePro BOK1, a comprehensive and very finally transforming you into a confident handy reference material. professional. 1BOK - Book of Knowledge 2 Videos are for meant for classroom viewing only.Copyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “AutomatePro : Test Automation Professional Program”
  10. 10. After completing this programyou will be able to : Develop good automation scripts using frameworks. Perform Load/Performance testing using JMeter. Analyze load test results. Be confident and ready to work as an effective tester. Understand the product /user needs rapidly. Acquire disciplined personal thinking process for testing. Plan, design and execute effective test cases. Prepare & communicate right defect reports and test results. Be a thorough professional, who can easily fit into the groove of the demanding work environment from Day #1.Copyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “AutomatePro : Test Automation Professional Program”
  11. 11. WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO THIS PROGRAM? Any engineering graduate (BE/BTech) from the disciplines of Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics and Communications, Information Technology, Instrumentation, Telecom. Any graduate/postgraduate (BSc/MSc) with a background on Information Technology, Electronics or BCA/MCA. Knowledge of a programming/scripting language will be an advantage. DURATION OF PROGRAM SIX weeks, FIVE days a week, FOUR hours/dayCopyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “AutomatePro : Test Automation Professional Program”
  12. 12. …”The best part of the course is the method of teaching For registration/enquiry please call us at:especially AV session to explain the concepts. The interactivesessions helped to refine my thought process”… Bengaluru (080) 2535 7161/62Rahul Thulasidharan, Subex Azure Limited Chennai   (044) 4214 3469 or email to All the classes for this program are held at“..We are pleased with the performance of the test engineers.These candidates have clear understanding of testing process, the CleanSoft Academy premises in :techniques, methodologies, and test life cycle and they are ableto put their learning’s into the projects assigned to them. They Bengaluru : 192 Old Airport Road,bring in the right attitude towards testing which is highly Domlur, Bengaluru – 560071.needed in a good tester…” Chennai : New #35 (Old #17), I Floor,Sujatha A, Asst. Manager – HR, I Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar,Captronic Systems Chennai – 600020.CleanSoft Academy is a division of STAG Software Pvt. Ltd.Copyright 2011, CleanSoft Academy. All rights reserved. “AutomatePro : Test Automation Professional Program”