My Parents are the best!


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The beautiful Stories of our Parents, Şcoala “Mircea Eliade” Satu Mare, România

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My Parents are the best!

  1. 1. Şcoala “Mircea Eliade” Satu Mare România The beautiful Stories of our Parents My parents are the best!
  2. 2. One cloudy day, some friends of my mom have planed a date between my mom and dad at the Dacia restaurant. They saw each other and it  was love at first site. Mom is always telling me that she was a special gift  for my father because the date was on my father’s  birthday. Marc Paul Emanuel cl. a V-a B
  3. 3. One hot summer day my mom and dad were getting ready to go to a wedding. Because they had a common friend. They met at the wedding and after two yers they decided to get married. The same year the got married  they decided to have a baby. On the 19-th of November 1995 I got here. Since then I was there most precious jewel. Thanks to them I am what I am and have  everything what I want. I owe them every thing they have done for me. Dumitre Bogdan clasa a VI-a D 
  4. 4. It was a beautiful summer day when my father met my mother.  The mother's brother connecting their. For my dad was first site love. On 5 July, my mom accept his friendship and after 3 years and 9 months their married. On 6 Jully 1995 I was born. For my mom and dad I was a great gift of their life. Juhasz Norbi clasa a-VI-a C
  5. 5. In a sunny day in May, which was to be forgotten, a “little princess” appeared in mother’s arms. My mother is a good fairy, who dedicated a great part of her life to create the most special and beautiful picture of her life. Later, when princess grew, the fairy offered her the magic pencil, which marked the future of the princess. For me, the picture’s line was the life’s line, the passion’s line that I am to fulfill. The pencil of creation with its wings of imagination took me to explore the world of poems. The quality and virtue were given to me in change of my angel’s and my mother’s – my grandparents. When my grandfather reached to the world of God, he prayed to give my mom and my grandmother a princess and this is how I came to the earth. Stunned by the loss of my grandfather, grandmother went to God and left us with many good friends who give us their love. When clouds appear on the sky of our peace and comprehension, from up there grandpa and grandma vanish them with their love for us. Our friends, comprehension and love, chase all shadows of sorrow, that try to enter our perfect peaceful world. Mom’s help is constant: at school, for she is a teacher and at home, too. The little princess is an exhibition born when I was born. With this I grow, because my mother continues to organize this for me, too. When the little prince was invited in, he sent me as messenger for my mom. The special story of my parents is sprinkled with flowers of love, tears and sorrow, but a ray of sun always brings back love. Iana-Frezia Elena Oprisa clasa a V-a A
  6. 6.   The mother, here at the my sister birthday, is beautiful like wonderful roses on this picture. For me is the mother, lovely woman and good friend. She is an example! I love her very much! She is everything for me. A wonderful beauty women. My father, Mircea, is the most honest man in the world! His family is the most important for him. Irimia Eleonora cl. a VII-a A 
  7. 7.   My parents met an spring day. They lived on same village.  Soon, they liked each other and become friends. After 4 and half months they married. I come on this world after 3 years. They was very happy for this gift. Donka Ionut clasa a-VII-B   My parents have known each other since their childhood because they lived in the same village. They have been together for 4 years, they got engaged. They told me it was a very beautiful wedding with many guests. The honeymoon was in an spa town in Oradea. After 3 years, I came on this world. For them, that 26st January 1996, was the happiest winther day. Tatar Ionut clasa a-V-a B
  8. 8. My parents meet at Satu Mare spa. My dad came for accommodation and my mom offer his reservation and accept the invitation for a cup of coffee. The meetings go on. After two months, they married. In 1997, after one year, I was born. Ulici Razvan clasa a-V-a B
  9. 9.   One day, two friends of my parents arranged one meeting for they at restaurant. It was love at first sight . A magical day for they. Their meeting was on the mom birthdays. Cuha Csaba Robert clasa a 5-a B
  10. 10. On a windy day, my mother was to a family friends. Here my mom meet my father. It was love at the first side... They decided to marry and after 1 year i was borne! All our family was very happy. I am the greatest joy of my parents. Now, I grow up and my parents are proud about me. Ever since 15 year ... my mother its together whit my father and love each other like on the first day!!! !!!MY PARENTS ARE THE BEST!!!! I love you! Pop Andreea clasa a VI-a A mom + dad = 2 lovers
  11. 11. My parents meet at Olăneşti spa. Ana, my mom, was at post and here meet George, my father. The first conversation was: “Where is the canteen?” After that, my mom accept meet and drink a coke with him. My father inhabit in Prahova and my mother in Satu Mare, above 700 km. They write letters each other and after six months, they confess their love and my dad came at Satu Mare, on New Year's Eve propose marry her and my mom accept with great pleasure. Neagu Narcisa, clasa a V-a B
  12. 12. In December 1991, my mom meets my dad at a wedding. Two years they were friends and after, married. In 1996 I borne and all family was very happy, I was first boy. Now, I grow up and my parents are proud about me because I am good and I learn very well. My mom is an angel for me. My parents love me very much. Gaspar Dominique clasa a V-a B
  13. 13.   They meet at a birthday, at disco. It was love at the first side... After 3 month, my dad proposes my mom and she accept very happy. Now, they are separated, but love me very much and are interested about me and my education. I love them very much. Ardelean Gianina clasa a V-a B
  14. 14.   In a autumn day, a girl, Claudia (my mom) goes at shore and saw a handsome man with blue eyes and blonde hair (my dad) and fair in love. After two years they married and now are very happy!!! Călimanu Mihaela clasa a V-a B  
  15. 15. On a windy day, my mom meet my father in Carei. It was not love at the first side, but they meet several times and a beautiful love has borne in their hearts. After 1 year, they decided to marry, and after 3 years i was borne!                                             Bianca Alina Marchis clasa a 5-a A
  16. 16. In a spring day my mom was at her job when my dad employ in same firm and in same office. They work together and love each other. After two weeks, they eng aged and married. My brother was first borne and after 8 years I borne too. We are a very happy family. I love they very much. This is our lovely story. Anca Ghiurcan clasa a V-a A
  17. 17. My mom is Georgeta. She has 33 years old; it’s very good, hard-working, protecting and lovely women, helps every one and excellent cook. Her hair is short and blonde, her eyes is brown and his nose is beautiful. Now, she is student. My dad is Florin. He has 38 years old; it’s very good, hard-working, disciplined, ordained and brave. His hair and eyes are brown. They first met at a party of their friends. After few time they married and are very happy. Now they have two children, me and my little sis, Daria. She have 7 months. We are very loved. I learn very good and Daria are very small and pretty, like me. My parents are the best! Bumb Bianca clasa a IV-a B
  18. 18. My mom is Monica. She has 34 years old and I’m very proud with her. She is a very good dressmaker. My dad is Ioan. He has 39 years old and I’m very proud with him. He is a very good lather. When I came on this world, I was most precious for they. I grow up and I have a brother too. Our parents are very interested about us. Me and my brother, Flaviu, consider our parents the best in the world!    Boldan Cristina clasa a IV-a B
  19. 19. My parents met in Satu Mare, at their job. My mom lived in Călineşti-Oaş, and her name is Irina. My father is Radu. They married in 1996. One year later I have borne. We are very happy together. Vălean Giorgio clasa a V-a B