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English 1102 Spring 2014 Taylor digest
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English 1102 Spring 2014 Taylor digest


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Review this digest presentation from the class session!

Review this digest presentation from the class session!

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Using Library Resources Joan Taylor Reference Librarian English 1102 Spring, 2014
  • 2. Engl 1102 • Today’s Outcome : Appropriately use information to fulfill the identified need. • • • • • • LibGuides for You! Types of Resources Successful Search Strategies Evaluate Resources Avoiding Plagiarism Citation Tools
  • 3. LibGuides - Tools to help you! LibGuides INCLUDE: • • • • • • Tutorials-- “how to” guides Suggested resources Books and e-books Research databases Quality websites Quick help boxes Featured LibGuides
  • 4. Start your research with a LibGuide! Browse by topic: Browse by Subject or Major
  • 5. Keywords are ….. Easy to use Flexible terms Everyday language Less accurate KEYWORDS
  • 6. Building a search strategy Topic: What are the financial benefits of solar panels? Break down the topic into keywords. Keywords: financial, benefits, solar panels Can you think of some other keywords or synonyms that we could use for this topic?
  • 7. Find Alternative Keywords Brainstorm for alternative words. Keywords: financial, benefits, solar panels Alternative Keywords: cost, money, savings, advantages, solar energy, sun power
  • 8. BOOLEAN Operators are connectors:  AND = narrows “women” and “hypertension”  OR = expands “hypertension” or “high blood pressure” blues jazz Did you know that AND is automatically used by Google and other search engines to combine terms? Did you know that ‘”Boolean” is named after George Boole, a 19th century mathematician?
  • 9. Special Indexing Tools to Target Your Searching Types of Indexes  Subject Terms  Medical & Allied Health Headings  Thesaurus (Education, Psychology, Medicine)
  • 10. Subject Thesaurus
  • 11. All About Books! Circulating Books Reference books • Authoritative coverage • Usually read “cover to cover” • In depth coverage of events, people, subjects • May be e-book format • Background information • Usually not read “cover to cover” • Quick facts, Encyclopedic • • • • Historical data Topical overview Timelines May be e-book format
  • 12. Journals, Magazines, and Trade Publications Journals Magazines Trade Publications American Sociological Review, Journal of Physical Chemistry Newsweek, Ebony Aviation Today, Chronicle of Higher Education Scholarly information- Popular information Limited industry/business information- (i.e. airlines, construction, etc.) Primary Source-Unique research Secondary Source-historical review of literature For For casual readers researchers/professors to seeking general stay current on a topic. information. For practitioners, includes technical terms for that career field. Illustrations include charts, graphics to support article May include bright covers and advertising. Glossy covers and pages Longer articles, footnotes. Bibliographies. Short articles. Advertising geared for the industry or business
  • 13. Web Sources • Includes current news and trending topics! • Some access to open source (freely available) scholarly publications • Government publications may include:       Reports Statistical data Maps Papers Interviews Links to other government agencies  Critically Evaluate All Information!
  • 14. Clayton State University Library
  • 15. What is GALILEO? • • • • • • • • • • GeorgiA Library LEarning Online (GALILEO) A shared resource for libraries in the State of Georgia Includes library catalogs Includes library research databases Includes other core resources and free information for everyone Academic libraries (Public and private) Technical college libraries Public libraries K-12 school libraries/media centers Atlanta History Center
  • 16. Off Campus access to GALILEO URL:
  • 17. Discover GALILEO –Searches everything. Limit your search. Refine Search for CSU catalog
  • 18. Just Searching in the CSU Catalog
  • 19. Search in Gil-Find@ Clayton State University
  • 20. Streaming video, eBooks, physical books in the CSU Library
  • 21. Book- The citation Title of Book Author(s) Place, publisher, date, (edition)
  • 22. eBook Collections @ Clayton State Library
  • 23. Search for Articles Academic Search Complete GALILEO choices
  • 24. Search in Academic Search Complete (GALILEO resource)
  • 25. Journal article –The citation Title of article Author(s) Journal, date, vol. pages
  • 26. Resources for position papers Issues & Controversies (GALILEO) CQResearcher (GALILEO)
  • 27. Journal article
  • 28. Quality of Selected Resources • Evaluating Information is Essential! • Establish validity, reliability, credibility, authorship, and integrity. • Authority • Who is the author, curator, publisher? • Accuracy • How reliable is the information provided? • Objectivity • What is the purpose of the resource? • Currency • How up-to-date is the resource? • Coverage • Does the resource contain information relevant to your topic?
  • 29. Plagiarism
  • 30. More Resources for You Plagiarism Page – ENGL 1102 Citing Information (LibGuide-Legal Research)Library Library Research LibGuide-How to begin ENGL 1102 English Composition II - Writing, selecting topics, grammar, and other resources.
  • 31. Ways to Contact a Librarian for Help!