Classic Ford Nov 2005 (Mkii Escort)


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Classic Ford Nov 2005 (Mkii Escort)

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  2. 2. Ra11y legend ColinMcRae goesbackto his rootsl'ith the fastest, most advanced raily Escortevermade. IMAGINE YOU'REAWANNAEE NAILYDRIVEB oBSESSED CLASSIC WITH toRDS. watched Yo! yo!rfamousdadthrowEscorts thro!9hforesl tracks the'70s yo! ovetheir in and shape,their i ndestf!cti bl l i l andl hel rspectacu si d eways y ar al i i tudeY oustarlral l yng andl urn o!i to be pr et t y good,excepl l ona even.Onceyo! sl artto cont r o yourfearl essness,you become bestl n t he the b!s ness, andeventuayyoutew or d cham pon l and a househol d name.B !l now thatyou'r e armedw th the sonol l n.omethatw oul dm akea pfootbal €r env ous,yo! j ust havet o t P fedi ersh havea raly E scort yo!r veryow n. E xcepr oi o.e thi ngi s stoppi ng you A fteryear s dr vl ns l he besrW R Ccarsaro!nd,a Mkl l Escor lust of l doesn' t i tforyou-eve. i n l op specl h ey'r e do -nderpo* e ow dndrqei .| edl em ecner hEr l hey spi . !p andgo s dew ays henyou l ! sl wantt o w Thesol ulon78ui d onefor youreel fC o l n lVcRae has,andl he.esul ti s the mosti echni cally advanced Mkl l ever o venturento thetoresl . l The specof McFae' s scortE readsI kea wish list ofrhe sexi est ra l yi .g parts. l h i ndeFendeit of W rearsuspens a si t-speed on, paddl echanse gearbox, 330bhp M l l ngtonE ngne and enoush a carbon-l brei o makean F1car,l hi sE sco r lwas al w ays n9 to be i mpressi ve !1i t i snl lhe ist ot 9o B expensi ve brands thal makeshi s carso specia r t 's l j the w aythatthe carhasbee. p!t l ogel her h wit erqu si teengi neeri ng atl enti ono dela L and l R al y god [,4cR aecomm]ssi oned avi dand D Ju l e P l anlandrhe r D JM Motorsport concer .t o bui l dthi sMk l orhi m, In l al ythe i deawasiust to l mprove handi ng w i th an i ndependent r ear suspensi on up,but soonhi senth!sl asm sel got rhebetterof hi m andw hat w asgoi ngl o becom e a l i ghdyrw eaked Gro!p4ral ycarl urned inlo lhe B ! l d 9!ru D avl d takesup l he story " Co in had bee. ooki ng i mprove he traci on ofa l, 4klllof to l qui tesometi me and hadtal ked o rheguysf r om l P rofl exs!spensi on aboulmak ng an i ndependent rearsuspens set.up a Mkl l .Theywer e up f or on for doi ng t but di d.' t havei he engi neenng capac ly. got That s w henP rol fex' sGordon i rtw hl st le Coln B ntol ch w i th usaboui makng l i orh m. " S ooi C o l n w as on the phoneabo!l so r t ingout rherearsuspe.s on l hecar ni ti al y w e wer €only on dow nto do about10per.enl of the car.Thenwe arangedfor C ol n to comedow n so he couldhavea properl ookat o!r operati on.t I I I .*rn @fu
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  4. 4. Soyou'rcinto lhen, Colin? -r'vo nol had i tri ghl on rrre n:!tl el her.Y o!can goso.l eep o r.rn!6 braki nspo n!,rhen rsroP s 3nd t!. ra rshron Li ne know rl rarth6re 5 s : d a.( soundodthe mon rrrer 1,,ao-as! 'Y ou can r cdmparei tro a w Fc rrr JnLl .orrfrrr,fl saremak ns3bI r s 300ks r'!hter,w hrchmak es . ll doss los€ oui -rss re difterence sth:he r.k or4w d, burl rac ton i s qe3s r r.a ! sra(s ro seryouf arenr oi rhe tdsre' yo! !o, the !s.omes h! v,asme d b uz z "
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