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Welcome to CMP 394


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Introduction to CMP394: Games and Interactive Media

Introduction to CMP394: Games and Interactive Media

Published in: Education

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  • 1. WELCOME TO THE MAGICCIRCLEGames and Interactive Media
  • 2. A Different Kind of Course Create your own path to the grade you want Failure is an option
  • 3. Quests Game Prototypes Debates Post Mortems Research Papers Research Presentations Show & Tell Game Journals Good Reads
  • 4. Game Prototypes Created in groups of 3-5 people Non-digital We test and play them in class
  • 5. Post Mortems Written after the final playtest of your game prototype Each member is responsible for their own post mortem Details the design process of the game Analyzes the good, bad and ugly of the process Muses about potential future options
  • 6. Debates Against a fellow classmate Winner gets bonus insight points Topics vary, but are always game related
  • 7. Research Papers Persuasive essays written on a given prompt Structure  Intro paragraph  Argument  Conclusion 3 possible outcomes  Try again  Average  Awesome Don’t wait until the last minute
  • 8. Research Presentations Once you have received an average or awesome point level for a research paper, you can present it to the class Be creative You can’t re-present the same topic, so make it count
  • 9. Show & Tell Talking points They don’t require a lot of effort
  • 10. Game Journals You should play games that you haven’t played before Write about your experience If you play it and make some general comments, you’ll get some points If you write something more in depth, you’ll get more points Don’t play games by Hasbro, Parker Brothers, etc.
  • 11. Good Reads & Reading It’s a relatively new field and we’re in the digital age Buy Rules of Play if you’re serious about game design I’ll post articles You can share articles too, and I’ll give you points Don’t post press releases, trivial reviews, etc.
  • 12. So about this “Magic Circle” It’s a term we use to describe our willingness to play within the constraints put on ourselves by a system Why do we do it?
  • 13. This course is about meaningful play What makes play meaningful?
  • 14. Mafia Don’t show your card to anyone, even if you die If your card is blank, you are a law abiding citizen of this town If your card has a red dot, you are a member of the mafia Each round, the mafia kills someone at night During the day, the towns people kill a suspect Last side standing wins
  • 15. Let’s Create Play Groups
  • 16. Questions? Office Hours officially 10-12:30 on Monday I am in my office more often, feel free to stop by anytime
  • 17. Up for a debate?