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Martin luther king jr
Martin luther king jr
Martin luther king jr
Martin luther king jr
Martin luther king jr
Martin luther king jr
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Martin luther king jr


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  • 1. Who do you admire?Personally I admire Martin Luther King Jr. because of his fight against the racism in the U.S.A. He was agreat leader. He definetely influenced to modify the laws in that country and in tne rest of the world. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King Jr.Martin Luther king Jr. was treated unfairly when he was a boy because he was anAfrican American. In those days, there were laws that said that if you were AfricanAmerican, and you had brown skin, you couldn’t sit at the same restaurants as whitepeople, share with them or anything!When Dr. King grew up, he worked hard to change peoples ideas about race. Hewanted people to understand that everyone should be treated equally, regardless ofwhat they looked like. Dr. King wrote one of the most famous speeches in history, called“I Have a Dream,” that talked about his dream that one day in the near future, allpeople would respect and care for one another and that “children will one day live in anation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content oftheir character.”Each January is celebrated Martin Luther Kings Birthday to remember his dream.
  • 2. Martin Luther King Jr. never used the violence to fight for the human rights!Here it is an acrostic poem and a simple poem I want to share with you. Maybe they held you in too low esteem; All the while you were fashioning your dream. Religion and spirituality was your shield, Though, it was God who protected you on the battlefield. Incensed that you would dare ask for equal rights, None of your enemies could identify with your plight. D. Wayne Moore Free, equal people Strong brotherhood No matter color skin Breathing, Sharing, and Loving Claudia Karina Lopez. Claudia Karina Lopez.Look into my eyes video sings Out landishOutlandish - Look Into My Eyes Lyrics
  • 3. Your projectWho do you admire? 1. Write the title of your project. “Who do you admire?” 2. As an introduction you will answer the question as in the example of Martin Luther King. 3. Do research on line into the famous person you admire (who has passed away) and write your own version of his or her biography. 150 -180 words. Insert his/her picture. Use 1.5 lined space, justified text, and Calibri 14. Check down the rubric for more details. 4. - Write an acrostic poem about the famous person you have chosen. Begin each line with a word or phrase that starts with the letter on that line. - Or you can design a little poem using the next form. Adjective- adjective-noun Adjective-noun Adjective-noun Verb- verb- verb Do not forget to illustrate it. Look at Martin Luther King Examples. 5. Share with us a story, a video or a song about the famous person you admire. 6. Report all the websites you use in order to get your project. 7. Share your project on the English class blog 8. Read the rubrics carefully. 9. Send your conclusion to: claukalon@gmail.comHere are some websites you can use for your
  • 4. are the rubrics for your project Biography CATEGORY 4 3 2 1Focus on Assigned Topic The entire composition is Most of the composition Some of the composition No attempt has been related to the assigned is related to the assigned is related to the assigned made to relate the topic and allows the topic. The story wanders topic, but a reader does composition to the reader to understand off at one point, but the not learn much about the assigned topic. much more about the reader can still learn topic. topic. something about the topic.Organization The composition is very The composition is pretty The composition is a little Ideas and scenes seem well organized. One idea well organized. One idea hard to follow. The to be randomly or scene follows another or scene may seem out of transitions are arranged. in a logical sequence with place. Clear transitions sometimes not clear. clear transitions. are used.Spelling and Punctuation There are no spelling or There is one spelling or There are 2-3 spelling The final draft has more punctuation errors in the punctuation error in the and punctuation errors in than 3 spelling and final draft. Character and final draft. the final draft. punctuation errors. place names that the author invented are spelled consistently throughout.Accuracy of Facts All facts presented in the Almost all facts Most facts presented in There are several factual story are accurate. presented in the story the story are accurate (at errors in the story. are accurate. least 70%).Requirements All of the written Almost all (about 90%) Most (about 75%) of the Many requirements requirements (150 -180 the written requirements written requirements were not met. words. Insert his/her were met. were met, but several picture. Use 1.5 lined were not. space, justify the text, and Calibri 14.) were met.
  • 5. Illustrations Original illustration is Original illustration is Original illustration relate Illustration is not detailed, attractive, somewhat detailed, to the text on the page. present OR they are not creative and relate to the attractive, and relate to original. text on the page. the text on the page.Title Page Title page has a graphic Title page has the title, Title page has the 3 of Title page has fewer or fancy lettering, has the authors name, the 4 required elements. than 3 of the required title, authors name, illustrators name, and elements. illustrators name, and the year. the year.Date Created: Oct 28, 2012 09:24 pm (CDT)Claudia Karina Lopez Nava Poem CATEGORY 4 3 2 1Meaning and Poem is creative and Poem is thoughtful Most of the poem is Poem appears to be meaningful. It is and creative. A creative, but appears thoughtless andOriginality evident that the poet couple of phrases or to rushed. rushed. Work is very put thought into their ideas may be repetitive and ideas words and uniquely revisited, but the are unoriginal. conveyed their ideas overall product is and emotions. carefully written.Sensory Vivid, detailed Clear sensory Some use of Difficult to visualize images and intensily images are used to imagery or emotion. images or emotion.Details felt emotions make portray ideas and the poem come emotions. alive.Form The poem is alive The poem is written The poem is The poem is not and follows its in its proper form somewhat written in written in its proper intended form. with a few mistakes. its proper form. form.Word usage It is evident that the The poets use of Some use of The poets use of poets use of vocabulary is routine vocabulary. vocabulary is very vocabulary is and workable. basic. precise, vivid, and paints a strong and complete picture in the readers mind.Taken from
  • 6. GENERAL PROJECT ASPECT YES NO COMMENTSEvidence of research on line into the famous personwho is admired (who has passed away)Own version of the biographyAcrostic or poemStory, a video or a songWebsitesShare the project on the blogColor DesignReal IllustrationsConclusionConclusionFinally You will answer the next questions in order to evaluate yourself 1. Things we liked about this Project: 2. Things we didn’t like about this project: 3. Things we found easy: 4. Things we found difficult: 5. Can we talk about past actions? 6. Can we use the simple past tense? 7. Can we use expressions with the passive?Send your conclusion to : claukalon@gmail.comWELL DONE!YOU HAVE FINISHED YOUR PROJECT!