Functional Dependency Grammar

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Intro to Functional Dependency Grammars.

Intro to Functional Dependency Grammars.

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  • 1. Functional Dependency Grammars Claudiu Mih ăilă Faculty of Computer Science “ Al.I. Cuza” University of Ia şi
  • 2. History
    • Lucien Tesnière (1959). Éléments de syntaxe structurale . Éditions Klincksieck, Paris.
    • Igor Mel‘čuk (1987). Dependency Syntax: Theory and Practice. State University of New York Press, Albany.
    • Hans Jiirgen Heringer (1993). Dependency syntax - basic ideas and the classical model. In Syntax - An International Handbook of Contemporary Research, volume 1, chapter 12, Walter de Gruyter, Berlin - New York.
  • 3. Dependency vs. constituency
    • Constituency = Phrase Structure
      • Insists on classification and distribution (taxonomy)
    • Dependency
      • Emphasises the relations between syntactic units, thus adding meaningful links (semantics)
  • 4. Example N Joan V said Pr whatever N John V likes V decide V suits Pr her Inf to S VP VP VP VP S S S
  • 5. Example to InfMark John N Sg Joan N Sg her Pr Acc Sg3 decide Inf likes V Fin Sg3 suits V Fin Sg3 said V Fin whatever Pr WH obj obj obj obj subj subj subj infmark
  • 6. Example
    • Joan said whatever John likes to decide suits her.
  • 7. Examples
    • Ambiguous:
      • Astronomers saw stars with ears.
      • I saw a man in the garden with a telescope.
      • Time flies like an arrow.
  • 8. FDG parsers
    • Connexor’s Machinese
      • Syntax: English, Finnish, French, German, Spanish, Swedish
      • Demo
    • Link Grammar
      • Demo
  • 9. FDG parsers
    • For Romanian
      • Mihaela C ă l ă cean and Joakim Nivre (2009). A Data-Driven Dependency Parser for Romanian . In Proceedings the Seventh International Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories, 65-76.
      • Violeta Seretan, Eric Wehrli, Luka Nerima, Gabriela Soare (2010). FipsRomanian: Towards a Romanian Version of the Fips Syntactic Parser . LREC 2010.
  • 10. Questions?
  • 11. Thank you!