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Talk given by Nikolai Piskunov and Kevin Benson at the VAMDC Annual Meeting, University of Vienna, Austria, 24 February

Talk given by Nikolai Piskunov and Kevin Benson at the VAMDC Annual Meeting, University of Vienna, Austria, 24 February

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  • 1. VAMDC demo by Nikolai Piskunov and Kevin Benson2/24/2012 Vienna
  • 2. VAMDC infrastructure Applications capable of combining,extracting and processing data from all VOSI Node VAMDC member databases Registry DB ... software Client Applications Node Applications XSAMS DB software Legacy Format NodeApplications Format Format converters ... software DB converters Monitoring converters Database Node VAMDC Core Infrastructure
  • 3. VAMDC demo1. Portal functionality2. Test queries3. XSAMS manipulation4. Use case for stellar astrophysics (Gaia)5. Automating workflow2/24/2012 Vienna
  • 4. Demos 1-32/24/2012 Vienna
  • 5. 1.1 Portal functionality Status and description of VAMDC databases2/24/2012 Vienna
  • 6. 1.2 Portal functionality Preview of VAMDC databases capable of responding to a query on specific ions2/24/2012 Vienna
  • 7. 2.1 Collision query Finding data of collisional cross-sections for CO and H2/24/2012 Vienna
  • 8. 2.2 Spectral line query Finding radiative transitions of CO in the 4.5-5 μ region2/24/2012 Vienna
  • 9. 3.1 XSAMS content preview Selecting ”consumer” converter (BibTeX) for XSAMS received from HITRAN2/24/2012 Vienna
  • 10. 3.2 XSAMS content preview A fragment of ”consumer” converter presentation of radiative transitions and states as cross-linked tables2/24/2012 Vienna
  • 11. 4.1 Stellar astrophysics • Goal: Deriving stellar parameters from Not quite … observations • Data and tools involved:Stellar parameters RT solver Atomic and SMESpectral synthesis molecular data EOS Stellar models Opacities2/24/2012 Vienna
  • 12. 4.2 What happens • Querying VAMDC • Converting XSAMS to SME line list format • Starting SME • Importing observations • Importing line list • Running SME • Visualizing the results2/24/2012 Vienna
  • 13. 4.3 Querying VAMDC Getting a list of atomic transitions in a given spectral region for low excitation atomic energy levels2/24/2012 Vienna
  • 14. 4.4 Converting XSAMS to SME input Using “consumer” converter to create in input for “Spectroscopy Made Easy” (SME) tool2/24/2012 Vienna
  • 15. 4.5 Running SME on real observations SME derives stellar parameters based on VAMDC data2/24/2012 Vienna
  • 16. 4.6 Results of SME fit Resulting SME spectral synthesis compared with the2/24/2012 observations Vienna
  • 17. 5. Automating workflow The end Demo 4 was repeated in automatic mode using Taverna workflow system2/24/2012 Vienna