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Digital Horizons delivers Technology and Marketing Services for businesses and governments to enable business transformation, digital media engagement and competitiveness.

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Digital Horizons UK Limited

  1. 1. In a competitive and fluid global business environment where market dynamics, competition and customer needs change constantly, we help enterprises innovate, scale, optimise and maximise. We design, build and improve processes, systems and collaborative environments for that critical edge.
  2. 2. In today's dynamic marketplace, success is determined by your ability to read trends, respond to needs quickly and manage your operations cost-effectively. We help you assess your business, markets and processes, design information systems and interfaces, structure and integrate your data and support your team to process and deliver efficiently and quickly. We help you get miles ahead of your competition with innovation, service excellence and exceptional customer contact. We see ourselves as an extension of your organisation, your challenges as our problems, your success as ours. We help you transform your business and stay ahead. Digital Horizons was outstanding to work with. The team at Digital Horizons were the most talented, informative and helpful team we have worked with. - Grady Hawley, CEO Soleran LLC Overland Park, Kansas United States of America BUSINESS T R A N S F O R M A T I O N
  3. 3. The internet and mobile have changed our world forever. The digital cloud blurs the borders of our business and envelops our customers and partners as well. Businesses that exploit this cloud are better positioned to succeed. Digital interfaces are replacing traditional points of customer contact and transaction. New paradigms for efficiencies and speed are being established. Your digital venture will help identify new customers and build stronger relationships. Enhanced efficiencies will make you more competitive and profitable. Your online stores and front-offices will attract tech-savvy customers. We blend technology, digital media and communications to put your business online and integrate it with your systems, seamlessly and securely connecting you to the global digital cloud. We power your digital venture so that you are in tune with your markets and ahead of competition. It was a blessing to be working with a web designer who was flexible and pro-active in building the site to meet our unique demands. - Matthew Amey, Director TheJudge Limited Worthing, West Sussex United Kingdom DIGITAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT
  4. 4. Innovation . Excellence . Performance Digital Horizons UK Limited 1 Lyric Square, London W6 0NB Tel: 020 7608 5086 Fax: 020 7608 5086 Email: Albany House, Market Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 8BE Tel: 01628 421836 Fax: 01628 421837 Email: We work with multiple technologies and systems and integrate them with our proprietary frameworks and tools. Our design and quality processes bring out the best in each system with rapid implementation cycles, high expandability and flexibility. Our frameworks allow us to innovate and develop uniquely designed advantages for our customers. Tools Our holistic approach to the unified world of business, automation, information and digital media and our experience in strategy, business processes, technology and design give us our unique position to create transformational systems and processes, enabling you to get ahead in your markets and address customer needs better. We work closely with our customers, constantly drawing feedback to hone and improve systems, data and information reporting capabilities. We research and conceptualise ideas and initiatives that help our customers create new capabilities and advantages, placing them ahead of their competition at all times. All our work is specially tailored for the unique requirements and market dynamics of our customers. We believe that bespoke solutions that are formulated for specific market and product environments deliver better results than standard products that do not create powerful differentiators. Approach and Methodology Our people and expertise give us our edge and we help you improve yours. Our operations in the United States, United Kingdom and India give us global perspectives and local knowledge and help us work closely with our customers to understand their business and competitive requirements. We use our knowledge and experience to research and implement global best practices and enhance our frameworks and methodologies that help us deliver winning solutions for you quickly and surely. People and Capabilities Company Number: 6544772 digitalh rizons