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  1. 1. Remarkable. Claudine Cheever March 5, 2013
  2. 2. Re mark a ble1.  Notably or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary.2.  Worthy of notice or attention.(Antonyms: common, ordinary, the usual.) Remarkable work is noticeably different.
  3. 3. Doing something different requires great faith, comfort with volatilityand uncertainty, and great tenacity.
  4. 4. “We could never do this, but what if we made. . . “
  5. 5. A record-breaking soap opera based on. . .
  6. 6. Juice packaging where the front is the back.
  7. 7. A new vision brand that has no stores andno Optomitrists and sells designer glasses (and monocles) for $95. Oh and donates apair to someone in need for every pair sold. Yes, still for $95.
  8. 8. A hip-hop Spaghetti Westernabout a slave and a German dentist.
  9. 9. It’s really hard to be remarkable.
  10. 10. Lessons from someremarkable work we love.
  11. 11. Super Bowl: the usual.
  12. 12. Tide Super Bowl. We Could Never Do This But:What if we made a Super Bowl spot to air in the4th Quarter without having any way of knowing if there is even going to still be a game in the 4th Quarter, using both teams who are actually playing, oh and still make sure we have great insights about our category and consumer. v=YoOfBVraMNw
  13. 13. Remarkable results break records.During game Tide becomes #1 organic trending topic onTwitter, a brand first. Close to 15,000 tweets during thegame. Placed 2nd out of 55 on USA Today Ad Meter, 9th out of55 on YouTube AdBlitz.  86% positive mentions across all micromedia. 1.5B earned impressions to date (deVries).
  14. 14. Car ads: the usual.
  15. 15. Chrysler Made of Fire. We could never do this but: What if we tried to sell cars by not talking about thesheet metal at all, just the desolate city where the cars are made, the city synonomous with Bailout and Failure?
  16. 16. Remarkable results break records.Drove shopping consideration for the sedan by 1,619%Chrysler brand received a consideration lift of 267%Chrysler sales rose 26% in 2011, while the autoindustry overall was up 12%Chrysler Group U.S. market share grew 1.3 percentagepoints in 2011 – the largest of any automaker“Imported from Detroit” line stolen by dozens ofsmall biz owners in Motor City.
  17. 17. Air conditioner ads: the usual.
  18. 18. BGH. We could never do this but: What if we made a campaign for the BGH silent air conditioner, but never mentioned the same competitive specs the other brands all comparethemselves with in fact let’s not even mention our main feature of quiet tecnology at all. And let’s celebrate a cultural character no one, I mean no one, wants to see.
  19. 19. Remarkable results break records.113,269 units were sold after the launch of the “Dads inBriefs” campaign.  During this period, BGH broke its company sales recordfor air conditioners.  After the campaign’s launch, top-of-mind grew to 18points, achieving almost double that of their maincompetitors, LG and Samsung.  The campaign was one of the most commented abouton social networks and reached 317,000 views onYouTube during its first month.
  20. 20. The challenges of an “always on” world.
  21. 21. Aw-kward.
  22. 22. Um, yeah, aw-kward.
  23. 23. Sure. Why not. +9000 followers on Twitter +29000 friends on Facebook +32% additional lift
  24. 24. Let’s make it harder.Remarkable work:•  Creates culture. •  Changes how you think about the brand and the category. •  Is generous.•  Is hard to predict. •  Is not socially awkward.•  Goes big or goes home.