Reasearch into 3 genres of Magazine
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Reasearch into 3 genres of Magazine






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Reasearch into 3 genres of Magazine Reasearch into 3 genres of Magazine Presentation Transcript

  • Uneven ratio images-Main image- text, more images Banner – extra storiesLarge central image. within magazine apartWearing bright colours from music/ musicians.Yellow- Happiness & JoyWearingheadband, necklace-shows target audience &goes with its story. Bright coloured textNatural make up. eg. Blues, yellows. Eye catchy toInformal audience.languageused, short Pull quote from mainquick to read. story. Floating like text, symbolises clouds goes with the word used. Smaller images – mid shots Banner – whats inside Layout- route of eye used the magazine, attracting Other magazine through name, main image & it’s target audience stories. bottom banner = important things for audience to recognise.
  • Mast Head- Large font – like diary Language- Informal (girly font) Speaking to the audience Bright (pink) using a similar language to background- attractive it’s target audience Young to audience, colour girls. Words used/ main signifying the audience stories used eg. Boys & is young girls shopping. Font- ‘swirl’ font usedImages- associated with girls. Colour:Top Image: cover shot with Pinkpage references, showing the Highlighted text of mainaudience the which pages stories makes them standthe main stories are on. out to audience(more-easy to understand, suitable appealing) .for target audience.Images of accessories- Image-accompanying story – Fashion (Mid shot)associated with tween/teen Boy band, attracting targetgirls. audience of magazine shows genre of magazineAction shot image- eg. Music.(Mid shot)Showing what a certain Colours: Bright colourscelebrity does, shows an Blue- standsaspect of the magazine eg. out, mescaline.Music Red- stands out, strong.
  • Mast Head – Mis-en-scene- Biggest font on front cover Background: Blank, grey (Bold) shinny Colour- Black : elegance, style. Costume: Letters filled in with colour – White, Silver light colours Yellow: Joy, Happiness Simple, natural look. – main Blue: Calm focus on eyes stands out from lightHeadlines down one side ofthe page. Give the main Light:attention of the magazine elegance, clear shown on thecover on the central image. most important thing.Fonts-White: Headline –Purity, simplicity, peace, eleg Large font attracting theant. audience attention showsYellow: Joy, happiness. that it is one of the mainLayout- route of eye: focuses of the magazine.First : Masthead – first aspect ofwhat the audience will see on the One sentence description ofcover. article – Informal language quick and easy to readSecond: Looks over central image. , short so that the audience has to read the magazine toEnd: Barcode, Date & price the last find out more.thing so see as people would havedecided if they wanted to buy italready by looking at the contents. View slide
  • Images-Charts- (Mid Shots)Music Charts list Colours: Black &shows genre of white clothing-magazine (Music) smart, Rock:Attracts the target dressed asaudience : teens+ modern artists.font- Page referencesLarge, block showing maincontinuous style. features ofColour: magazine showBlack& White – target audience.opposites, Strongpure colours. Language-Colours- Informal:Grey: Maturity Short sentencedBlue: headings, quick, easyConfidence, youth to readBlack: Makes the audienceAuthority, Formal, eleg want to readant on, having to buy theWhite: magazine.Perfection, Purity, light View slide
  • Banner- showing Title- top of page in different bands within route of eye first thing magazine (at route of to see. eye) Effect- smashed glass, showing the music genre of magazine. Central image- Red shirt- symbolises danger, loud (rock) Pose- swearing associated with rockInformal language – short music.sentences for headings Costume: Basic t-shirtquick to read. Colour: Red used withExclamation points used the show ‘Shouting’ Large text to gain(loud, rock) audiences attention. Bold Font- symbolises strong and bold characteristics.Plus: showing that there ismore to the magazinethan what has already Even ration ofbeen shown. images to text.
  • Images- Pull Quote-Images are all relevant to Attracts the audiencethe magazine. (Music) to read the magazine(Mid Shot) – to get more to find this certainpeople in shot & close quote.enough to see their faces sopeople can recognise them(Close Up) Showing the main Ideology-focus of that image eg. Artist Navigates the audience(Mid Shot, Low angle) around the magazine showing what storiesLarge Image- /articles are on certainShowing a main focus of the pages. By making themagazine. Most likely to contents page interesting itcatch the audiences eye if it makes the audience keepis bigger. reading.Small Image- Layout-Showing the other Images all together with thestories/articles within the page references so therest of the magazine. audience know which pagesLanguage- to look.Informal language Text down the side of theconstant from cover page showing pagepage. Gives the article a references so the audiencebasic look so that the knows where to read.audience has to read onto find out more. Everything is close together Colours- Red: loud, danger strong . Yellow: happy, joyful and squeezed to fit in. Black: mystery, negative.
  • Language-Images- Informal & formal : Formal language during the interview(Long Shot) text showing quotations of artist/bands. Informal languageAction shot used to attract people to the interview. Pull Quote-Showing the genre Fromof magazine (Music- interview, showingRock) Props in image what is expected ineg. Microphone the interview. Makes the audience want to(Mid Shot) read the interviewAction shot from the pull quoteWith guitar showing in doing so will readgenre of magazine. the whole of the interview.(Close Up)Action shot singingshowing magazinegenre.-Microphone &Head phones.-All images in blackand white, makesthe text stand out. Colour- Font- Layout- Black, Red & white : Continuous Large, bold font – Large Image on one page & colours within magazine (Cover & scuffed(dirty/broken) effect smaller image – spaced out. Contents page) , associated with ‘Rock’ On second page heading, text Red: genres. and images all close together. Anger, danger, passion, anger. Colours: Red & White Black: power, mysterious.
  • Masthead - Fairly large, hidden by central image, Central image- showing it is a well complete main focus known magazine for of this issue of people not to see magazine covering the name. title. -continuous layout for audience to Clothing- Blue and recognise it. white match the colours used in the title and other textInformal language- colour. -Shorts and vest topLarge text of heading- support the time ofshort explanation of when the magazinearticle. was produced-Barrier to split the (summer)headings showing that -simple maketheir different. up, classy trade mark-Fonts all very similar to magazine (Womenon headings, same central image)size.-Title unique toeverything. Smaller text at bottom of--Main article font route of eye- not main Un-even ration to images and textbigger than other article but still important to More text than image (1 centralheadings. image) continuous layout. be on the front page.
  • Mast head-In the beginning of the Above mastroute of eye. head, Headline – Important storyRed- within the magazine.Loud, Strong, intensecolour Headings and main(associated with Rock) stories down one sideBorderline white and –black shading Keeps them allcontinuous within together gives mainmagazine. focus of magazine on the main image.Mis-en-sceneHair & Make-up- Font-Simple/ natural look Bigger the font of thepale colours (classy) headline the more interesting to audience/ appealing.Main headline –Font to match the font Informal languageof artists album. used quick and easy toFont colour: White read for audience.colour –Pure, Simplicity, youth.
  • Text on the side of thepage put together. Large image- theBarriers between each man focus to getarticle splits it up peoples attention.making it separate. (Mid shot) Short sentence Smaller one person headlines. image well known celebrity to attract audience (Mid Shot)Red-Colour represents loud(rock).Yellow on red Larger image –background makes it An average shot notstand out set up, close up. With article. Informal language Extras in the magazine, used like on front not just stories eg. Poll’s cover, continuous. Easy and quick to read
  • Colours- Mode of Address- Red: Anger, Danger, Rage, Formal language used, shows the target Layout-willpower. audience because of it, informal language All Images on secondBlack : Power, elegancy, mystery. used on cover and contents page to build pageNegative connotation up for main interview. Full text on first pageWhite: light, safe, positive equal ratio of imagesconnotation to text. Text& images Ordered on page, have their own space on page. Shows the target audience of the magazine to be 17+ because of the organisation.Images: Typography: Bold red font onLong, Wide shot- Shows both the artist and the image shows it’s important. kicker shows it’s importanceLong shot – shows all of band in the shot and the scene of image shows it’s important. at the beginning of the article.One page images merged into one, two different scenarios. Similar font style as kicker inPlace 1: Concert stage, Guitar & amp. beginning of the text &Place2: Aeroplane, guitar & News paper with appropriate heading of image. smaller similar font in theBlack & white image- Classy, modern, shows the age of the target audience 16+ darker main of the text.colours.
  • Language- Masthead- Informal Font: Quick, easy to read short Bold, large – stands out sentences. on page. Not showing the audience Colour: White stands out the whole of the story from background(Red) making them want to read the rest of the magazine.Layout-Top of route of eye: Name ofmagazine and speciality of Pull Quote-magazine making them the first Showing what main focusthings to read, making the first artist/band has said toattraction to the magazine. attract audience fromMiddle: Goes through the what they have said tocentral image being the main read the while ofpurpose of the magazine to interview of theirattract audience with favourite artists.(Artist/Band)End- Name of the artist/Band inthe magazine & Barcode/Price. Colours: Fonts- White – Headings: Continuous (bold- Purity, light, simplicity, Perfe stands out, gains attention of ction. audience) shows importance. Red: Other- Confidence, Courage, Energ Small, thin font - less y, determination, passion. importance. Dark Blue: Show perspective, Inspiration.
  • Images: Masthead- (Long shots) Bold, block, large font. Shows whole of artist in Beginning of ‘Route of eye’ Gives action shot, the first impression of the page Microphones & guitar – ‘This Week’ shows that the page is shows the genre of the about the week. Black – magazine main, continuous colour of Guitars associated with magazine- bold noticeable colour. ‘Rock’. NME- title of the magazine continuous from cover to contents Clothing – leather jacket & page. Red- main, continuous t-shirt (black) Skinny Jeans colour of magazine stands out. (dark blue). – clothing White- main continuous colour of associated with ‘Rock’ magazine, makes other two Long sleeved shirt (white) colours stand out on page. Jeans(dark blue) Colours- Red:Layout- Anger, Danger, courage, deMore text compared to termination passionate –images on page and uneven characteristics of musicratio, not continuous of front genre ‘Rock’cover. Ordered layout, easy to Black:read & understand. Aggressive, prestigious, myText & images put tightly sterious.together. Text surrounding White: opposite ofimages. Typography- black, allows other colours Continuous font used throughout the page, Bold easy to stand out. to read text font: Black & white. Bold- characteristic of ‘Rock’ genre music.
  • Layout-Image- Less text to image ratio Long shot More image- takes up most of the attention onOne large image takes over one page page.of double spread. Large makes it the Text pushed to the side- Spaced out not cluttered.centre of attention on the pageColours:Red, White, Black Typography- Large fonts: different (opposite) fonts Serif Font & Sans serif font, shows both sided magazine. Smaller fonts: very similar, continuous Highlighted words (blue) make the artist name stand out. Kicker Serif Font Colours- same as other Red: Danger, Anger, courage, determination Serif font. & passion Mode of address- Formal : Slang not used White: Positivity, clear throughout interview text, full sentences. Shows that Black: Negative, aggressive, prestigious & informal was used to attract audience to actual mysterious. interview.