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  1. 1. in focus 150 E.Manning St., Providence, RI 02906 THE NEWSLETTER OF THE RHODE ISLAND EYE INSTITUTE VOLUME I SUMMER 2004 in focus will be published twice a year Welcome to the premiere issue of in focus, the newsletter of The Rhode so look for our next issue in the fall. In Island Eye Institute. This publication the meantime, we hope you find this first is designed to provide you with the issue insightful. Once again, welcome. ROBERT L. BAHR, M.D. latest news in the world of ophthalmology, Sincerely, as well as updates on what’s happening Robert L. Bahr, M.D. here at The Rhode Island Eye Institute. THE RHODE ISLAND EYE INSTITUTE www.rieyeinstitute.com With more specialists in eye care than WaveScan technology 150 East Manning Street, Providence, RI 02906 401.272.2020 ® anyone else in New England, we are proud revolutionizes LASIK 386 High Street, Fall River, MA 02720 508.679.0150 to offer you the highest level of comprehen- Over the past several years, millions of Robert L. Bahr, M.D. sive care and service in the region. And in people have reduced their dependence on Elliot M. Perlman, M.D. focus is just one more way we are keeping eyeglasses and contact lenses with the laser Thomas P. Lang, M.D. you in touch. Lory Snady-McCoy, M.D. vision correction procedure known as LASIK. We begin this issue with a report on Timothy T. You, M.D. Now there’s CustomVue™ or “wavefront,” R. Jeffrey Hofmann, M.D. CustomVue LASIK featuring WaveScan ™ ® an enhanced version of LASIK, which is John P. Donohue, M.D., Ph.D. technology, the newest advance in refractive setting a new standard in the field of refrac- Joseph L. Dowling, Jr., M.D. surgery. Next is an update on Restylane®, ©2004 The Rhode Island Eye Institute. All rights reserved. tive surgery. And just recently the U.S. Food Robert S. Kinder, M.D. the cosmetic dermal filler that is helping Martin P. Newman, O.D. & Drug Administration (FDA) approved this people all over the world enjoy younger Lori Boivin, O.D. new procedure as safe and effective for Joseph Boivin, O.D. looking skin. There’s also news about treating nearsightedness and astigmatism. Teresa Tenney, Administrator AcrySof® Natural Intraocular Lens, a new SPACE- AGE TECHNOLOGY breakthrough in cataract surgery that OUR SPECIALTIES Our vision is as unique and personal as promises better results. Cataracts and Lens Implantation Pediatric Ophthalmology our fingerprint or DNA. Based on this fact, Glaucoma Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery IN THIS ISSUE: CustomVue uses WaveScan-based digital Retinal and Vitreous Disease Cosmetic Surgery and Services, including: WaveScan technology revolutionizes LASIK ® Diabetic Retinopathy Laser skin resurfacing, small incision forehead technology – originally developed to fix the Macular Degeneration and cheek lifts, upper and lower eyelid surgery, FDA approves Restylane for treating facial wrinkles ® distorted images from the Hubble Space Corneal Disease Botox, Collagen, and Restylane Big breakthrough in cataract surgery Telescope – to create a precise, customized Corneal Transplantation Complete Contact Lens Service 3-D map of the eye called a WavePrint®. Refractive Surgery/LASIK Full-Service Optical Shop
  2. 2. HOW DOES IT WORK ? HOW WAVESCAN WORKS About Elliot Perlman, M.D. Big breakthrough Restylane is a clear gel that is injected into The WaveScan consists of a sensor and a laser, in cataract surgery An expert in the field of the skin to restore volume and fill in lines which sends a wave of light through the eye to refractive surgery, Dr. Perlman Following recent and wrinkles. The results are practically the retina. This light is reflected back through has been performing LASIK approval by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, ELLIOT PERLMAN, M.D instantaneous and can last six months or the eye allowing the sensor to identify and for over 10 years. His educational background the doctors at The Rhode Island Eye Institute are even longer. measure the unique “fingerprint” of the eye. includes a Master of Medical Science degree now using the AcrySof® Natural Intraocular Lens For more information on Restylane, Botox®, The resulting WavePrint is then translated from Brown University and his M.D. from (IOL) for cataract surgery patients. This revolutionary and a wide array of other cosmetic enhancements into a mathematical formula that the doctor Harvard University. new advance is the world’s first foldable IOL that and procedures available at The Rhode Island uses to perform the LASIK procedure. is specifically designed to filter UV and high-energy Dr. Perlman is certified to use several types Eye Institute, call 401.272.2020 to schedule a wavelengths of the blue light spectrum. of laser, including the CustomVue WaveScan. consultation with Jeffrey Hofmann, M.D. THE NEXT LEVEL OF PRECISION When a cataract is removed, the natural lens “This is a major advance in LASIK technology,” Because WaveScan is so exact at measuring is replaced with an artificial intraocular lens. he said. “Now we can deal with the intricacies imperfections in the eye – at least 25 times What makes the AcrySof Natural IOL so important About Jeffrey Hofmann, M.D. that make up vision with more predictable results.” more precise than standard methods used for is its ability to approximate the blue light filtration glasses and contact lenses – it can produce even Dr. Hofmann specializes in system of the natural human lens. better vision than corrective lenses. The clinical cosmetic and reconstructive FDA approves Restylane results of the FDA study found that one year ® surgery at The Rhode Island JEFFREY HOFMANN, M.D. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO FILTER BLUE LIGHT ? for treating facial wrinkles after the procedure 100% of patients could see Eye Institute. He received his M.D. from Tulane Although long-term effects of filtering blue light well enough to pass a driving test; 98% could University School of Medicine and is a board With the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s are not yet known, research suggests that damage see 20/20 or better; and 70% could see better certified fellow of the American Academy of (FDA) recent approval of Restylane, the arsenal from blue light may be a factor in Age-Related than 20/20. Many participants also reported a Ophthalmology and the American Society of of cosmetic plastic surgery treatments to attack Macular Degeneration (AMD), one of the leading dramatic improvement in their night vision. Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. wrinkles, furrows, and folds continues to grow. causes of blindness in the world. Since its recent FDA approval, Dr. Hofmann “We are very excited about the AcrySof® Natural ARE YOU A CANDIDATE ? WHAT IS RESTYLANE ? is pleased to offer restylane to patients at To determine whether you are a candidate Restylane is a clinically proven safe and natural IOL because it provides increased safety and The Rhode Island Eye Institute. “Restylane is for refractive surgery, please call our office for cosmetic dermal filler made of a natural non- enhances our ability to provide the best possible revolutionizing the industry in the same way a free evaluation. At that time, Dr. Perlman animal based substance known as NASHA™ care for our patients,” says Robert L. Bahr, M.D. Botox did,” he says. “Best of all, it’s a natural will determine if you are a candidate for Cataract surgery is performed by Robert L. (Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid). product, so you don’t need pretesting, and the Bahr, M.D., Thomas Lang, M.D., and Elliot Perlman, CustomVue, conventional LASIK, or both. Because NASHA is completely biocompatible results have been quite impressive.” M.D. Please call The Rhode Island Eye Institute at For more information, call The Rhode Island Eye with the hyaluronic acid that occurs naturally 401.272.2020 to schedule an appointment or learn more. Institute at 401.272.2020 to set up an appointment in the human body, there is virtually no risk of with Elliot Perlman, M.D., our LASIK expert. animal-based disease or allergic reaction. THE NEWSLETTER OF THE RHODE ISLAND EYE INSTITUTE