1984 book review


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1984 book review

  1. 1. Moreno 1Claudia K. MorenoMs. CastellanoEnglish II Period 827 September, 2010 WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell is a dystopia novel, the state of human misery.In this novel the society is ruled by superior minds. Basically the theme is to show what happenswhen power is abused. George Orwell’s purpose of the book was to write about a setting that demonstrated agovernment gone wrong. Where totalitarianism had dominant power in an imaginary world.When this novel was first published in 1949, it was seen as a future event that could possiblyhappen. The author reveals his government beliefs in this make-believe story by applyingridiculous ideas in the novel. Many of the ideas have actually happened; it is often comparedwith the Hitler period. The story is written in a third person point of view limited by theprotagonist Winston Smith where the he reader only gets what the protagonist sees and feels.This particular novel attracts readers by its twisted plot and unexpected ending. It is a classicstory that has been banned in many places due to its many critical themes but still used in manyschools today. The author uses foreshadowing through the story that lets the reader predict what mighthappened next in the story. “We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness”, was a quoteat the beginning of the story that Winston heard from O’Brien, implying that they will in fact
  2. 2. Moreno 2meet in a place where there is no darkness. The character doesn’t remember where he heardO’Brien say that to him but he knew that he had told him that at some point. That actuallyhappened by the end of the novel when they encountered in jail, where O’Brien explained thatthe lights were never out due to obvious reasons. Their encounter had been planned all along.The author even rephrases the quote and explains the meaning of it during the novel byO’Brien’s words. Also through the novel, the St. Clement’s song lyrics are repeated where thelast line foreshadows the upcoming events. “Here comes the chopper to chop off your head off”.It also involves O’Brien, who played a major part in the plot, because of his plan all along. Atone point during the story, Winston even asked O’Brien if he knew what the last part of the songwas because he had forgotten. Later, the characters are found isolated from the world where theyare being troubled by their ways of thinking. The story was about a controlled society where the habitants were watched twenty-fourhours a day. Winston Smith is the protagonist, a citizen who is against the government, called theParty. Along with Julia, his secret lover, both go against the Party by doing prohibited things.Their plans are very well thought but they know that they will sooner or later be found. Thereaders discover that the Party has known what they had been doing through the story. A InnerParty member, O’Brien makes a seven year plan to make them “sane”, where they are thought tolove Big Brother, who is a God to Party. The Party is what controls the people’s mind, makingthem believe in things that might have never happened. The end is somehow predicted butunexpected because it shows how the Party brainwashed them without even knowing it. Thesociety in this book is trying to change their citizens to speak Newspeak. It is actually a languagederived from English but in simpler words so that their citizens won’t have ways of expressingthemselves. Making the habitants impossible to overturn the organization with the lack of words.
  3. 3. Moreno 3The novel is actually written in Old English explaining all of his feelings and how he is againstthe Newspeak language. Frustration is one of the character’s experiences. The way they are forced to dosomething that they don’t want to and can’t do anything about it. This might relate to manypeople today who are being controlled by a superior. Winston was a character that believed inwhat he thought even when others were against it but was a hypocrite in order to survive.O’Brien was one character that had the power to brainwash other’s mind just like he did withWinston making him superior. Never would a human have so much power to control otherpeople without at the end fail. It happened with Hitler, where he tried to make a perfect societybut it failed. In the story, it is implied that the want to overturn the society was at the endimpossible. The details in this book were very capturing .The way the Party controls everything andeveryone is astonishing. Not only does the organization achieves their goal but doesn’t fall in theway. It is very frustrating to read about other’s suffering in silence. The worst part is knowingthat things don’t change at all in the end. Personally, I liked the book even if it was creepy. The best part was its unexpectedending where the reader is accustomed to “happy” endings. This novel is for those readers wholike imaginary worlds that might happen at one point in history. It describes a “future”, in itstime, and some people might find that attractive. But overall, this novel would be a good read forpossible outcomes.
  4. 4. Moreno 4 Society today wouldn’t have been the same if this had actually happened. Of course,power is what rules people today, and it is often abused, but never with such extremity. There arestill possibilities that this might happened someday.