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Presentation Casa Ciudad de Mexico


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A description of who we are, what we do, our mission statement and our accomplishments

A description of who we are, what we do, our mission statement and our accomplishments

Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO A Point for the Gathering of Mexico City Expats in North Texas
  • 2. WHO WE ARE • We are an association comprised of Mexico City expats living in the North Texas area. Our members are people who were born in the Mexico City Metroplex or who feel attached to the City by virtue of having lived, worked or studied there, or due to family ties. • We formed this association in August of 2004, and we formally registered the entity and obtained our Tax ID in September of 2006 with the City of Dallas and the IRS. We also registered as non-profit with the Office of the Secretary of State in 2007. Currently, we have close to 1,000 registered members. • Our objectives are the following: CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO
  • 3. OUR PURPOSE • To enroll expatriates born in Mexico City and its Metroplex or with ties to Mexico City to become members of our group • To do business with each other and with other ethnic and local businesspeople of North Texas • To have a forum to express the richness of our cultural heritage • To get to know each other and provide support to our members as part of a community CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO
  • 4. OUR MISSION • To promote the links among Mexico City natives or residents who currently reside in North Texas as an ethnic group and as respectable members of our community CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO
  • 5. OUR MISSION, cont’d. • To WORK to improve our community through business, cultural and community activities • To PROMOTE business and the creation of jobs for our community • To TEACH our traditions and culture in North Texas and promote cultural exchange with the North Texas communities • To OBTAIN funds for the betterment of our businesses, culture and our community CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO
  • 6. OUR MISSION, cont’d. • To OBTAIN funds for entrepreneurial, educational, community, cultural and sport projects • To ENCOURAGE friendship among its members and with people from other communities CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO
  • 7. BOARD OF DIRECTORS • President: Claudia S. Herrmann • Vicepresidency / Treasurer: Carmina Rodríguez, Evelyn Espinoza • Vicepresident / Secretary: Virginia Arteaga-Haid • Vicepresidency / Programs: Yoshi Kambayashi • Vicepresidency / Membership: Sayra Alcazar • Honorary Chairman: Consul General of Mexico to Dallas Enrique Hubbard-Urrea CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO
  • 8. COMITTEES, cont’d. • Business Committee: Gustavo Bujanda, Isaac Lasky, Tino Urbina and Estella Prettelin • Community Action and Sports: Desiree Silva, Jaime Corcega • Cultural Committee: Alejandrina Drew, Fernando Romano CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO
  • 9. AREAS CULTURAL AND SPORTS: • To carry out activities that promote cultural ties between Texas and Mexico • To obtain funds for the purchase of sports apparel for sports leagues and encourage sports activities among our youth CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO
  • 10. AREAS, cont’d. • To obtain funds and gifts to support the education of Hispanics and to provide scholarships to students in Mexico and the US • To distribute information that encourages knowledge about the Mexican and Texan cultures CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO
  • 11. AREAS, cont’d. BUSINESS AREA • Promoting networkers among Casa Ciudad de México members and members of other ethnic groups • Obtaining financing for small businesses CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO
  • 12. AREAS, cont’d. • Promoting the sale of Mexican products and services in North Texas • Organizing job fairs and a virtual job search place • Providing information, support, orientation, training and access to financing for new and established business owned by Mexicans in North Texas CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO
  • 13. AREAS, cont’d. COMMUNITY AREA • Organizing seminars and events of interest to Casa Ciudad de México, including topics such as immigration, employment, etc. • Obtaining funds for services required by economically vulnerable individuals of Mexican origin in North Texas • Carrying out and supporting activities to allow Mexican immigrants having access to institutions and educational programs CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO
  • 14. ACCOMPLISHMENTS • CULTURAL AND COMMUNITY WORK – Casa Ciudad de México regularly forwards to its members information of cultural events of entities such as the Latino Cultural Center, the Dallas Public Library and The Mexico Institute, among others – In October of 2005, Casa Ciudad de México, together with the Latino Cultural Center organized the reading of poetry in the indigenous Zapotec language, by Natalia Toledo, daughter of the famous Mexican painter Francisco Toledo – In May of 2005, Casa Ciudad de México actively participated with the Dallas Public Library in the commemoration of the 500 anniversary of the Quijote de la Mancha and the complete reading of this book in the course of one week – In July of 2006, Casa Ciudad de México organized the Mexican Traditional Toy Fair within the First International Book Fair of the Dallas Public Library – Casa Ciudad de México organizes social gatherings in order for its members to establish useful connections and friendships – Casa Ciudad de México publishes an e-newsletter with information on events, business opportunities and other topics and distributes same among its members – Casa Ciudad de México supported and sponsored the exhibition of the “World’s Largest Alebrije”, mythical and magical figures, at the Dallas City Hall. The exhibition will be open to the public until December 1st, 2006 – Since 2007 Casa Ciudad de México organizes monthly networkers “Chilangos Night” for its members and people from other ethnic communities in the DFW Metroplex, held every first Wednesday of each month at various locations. – In March 2008, Casa Ciudad de México organized the reading of poetry in the indigenous Náhuatl language from the series of books: Words of the True Peoples, featuring Prof. Natalio Hernández, at the Latino Cultural Center.
  • 15. ACCOMPLISHMENTS, cont’d. • As of May 2009, Casa Ciudad de México proudly operates a Plaza Comunitaria at the Bachman Lake, Public Library, where adults receive literacy classes, as well as grade school and middle school education, so that they can initiate, continue and conclude their studies with a certification issued by the Mexican Education Ministry. CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO
  • 16. ACCOMPLISHMENTS, cont’d. • EMPLOYMENT – Casa Ciudad de México promotes employment opportunities offered by companies, and matches job opportunities for its members seeking employment through a job bank operated by Casa Ciudad de México CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO
  • 17. ACCOMPLISHMENTS, cont’d. • BUSINESS – In June of 2006 Casa Ciudad de México organized the I. Latino Business Summit at the Eastfield College of Texas, with the attendance of over 200 businesspersons from the North Texas area – Casa Ciudad de México promotes the business of its members by forwarding advertisements and promos of its members to potential customers, suppliers or business partners within the North Texas area – As of 2005, Casa Ciudad de México organizes periodic business networkers for the benefit of its members and the North Texas business community – Casa Ciudad de México has executed partnership agreements and works with other business associations, chambers of commerce and organizations to promote business and professional exchange among the members of all these entities, associations and chambers (e.g. the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Collin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce) – Casa Ciudad de México assists businesses and individuals with locating employment opportunities through an e-job posting service – Through our partnership agreement with Mexicana de Aviación, our members enjoy special benefits when travelling to Mexico
  • 18. Our popular monthly gathering has celebrated its second anniversary! CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO
  • 19. E-MAIL AND WEBSITE • E-mail: • Tel: 214 739 4500 214 663 5059 Fax: 214 739 4501 Address: 6211 W. NW Highway, Ste. 251 Dallas, TX 75225 • Website: • TAX ID: 36-459-3003 CASA CIUDAD DE MEXICO