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Iti Vittorio Emauele III, Palermo, Italy, our school

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A ppt presentation made by the school students on the occasion of the participation in the Top Scent Comenius Project.

A ppt presentation made by the school students on the occasion of the participation in the Top Scent Comenius Project.

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  • 1. Our school… “ITIS Vittorio Emanuele III”
  • 2. A bit of history of school
    • Our school was founded in 1887 in Palermo and was called Vittorio Emanuele III because, in those years, the king of Italy was Vittorio Emanuele III.
    • Originally this school was in another place and after the Second World War they started to build the school where we are now.
  • 3. Preview
    • Our school is a technical high school that trains students to become experts of computer-based control systems, computer networks, electrotechnics and automation, and applied mechanics.
    • There are currently about 2.000 students, most of them are boys because girls don’t like these types of studies very much.
  • 4. School hours
    • The school curriculum is 36 hours a week, from Monday to Saturday, 6 hours a day.
    • Lessons start at 8 o’clock and finish at 13.50. At 10.50, there is a break that lasts about 15 minutes; students can leave school momentarily to have something to eat.
  • 5. Specializations
    • The educational process lasts five years, at end of which you have to a final State exam to obtain the school diploma.
    • The first two years (biennio) are common for all students and then you can choose the specialization for the other three years.
    First two years Information technology Electrotechnics Mechanics
  • 6. Subjects
    • In the first two years the most important subjects are: maths, chemistry, physics, technology and drawing.
    • In the I.T. specialization the most important subjects are: I.T., maths, computer systems, electronics.
    • In the electrotechnics specialization the most important subjects are: electrotechnics, electronics, maths, electrical plants.
    • In the mechanics specialization the most important subjects are: mechanic applications, mechanics, project design, industrial automation.
  • 7. Common subjec ts
    • In the three specializations there are some common subjects for all; these subjects are: Italian literature, History, English, Physical Education and Religion (optional).
  • 8. School projects
    • Every year our school organizes a lot of extracurricular projects, some of them are: Italian and English theatre, Maths and I.T. contests, courses of different subjects like philosophy, science, new technologies and many others.
    • Near the end of school, in May, some teachers organize very successful theatrical presentations in Italian and in English language.
  • 9. Chemistry and Physics labs
  • 10. Language lab
  • 11. I.T. lab
  • 12. Electronics lab
  • 13. Electrotechnics lab
  • 14. Mechanics lab
  • 15. Library
  • 16. Gyms
  • 17. Teachers’ room