Why Study Dictators: Research Project

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  • 1. Recap!What is authoritarianism? What is a dictator?What are some examples of dictators? Video: 10 dictators
  • 2. Why study dictators? What is a current example of authoritarianism/dictatorship?What questions can we ask about authoritarian regimes?
  • 3. Why Study Dictators?The Big Picture• Find out about dictators and authoritarian regimes in our world today• Create a question that we can ask in our lessons when we study dictators• Reflect on WHY WE SHOULD STUDY DICTATORS.
  • 4. The Details• Each group is to research 1 dictator and create a profile of this dictator to share with the rest of the class• Presentations to be created together on Google Docs – Lots of resources available there!
  • 5. The Details• Work on the slides labelled with your names and find the answers to those questions• Each group will present their dictator’s profile to the class• Assessment rubric on the back of C2
  • 6. The Details• After presentations: – Group discussion: What questions can we ask about authoritarian regimes? – Create a question to study authoritarian regimes – Reflect on why we should study authoritarian regimes
  • 7. SAMPLE!
  • 8. Ms Chang: Adolf HitlerName of dictator: Adolf HitlerCountry: GermanyYears of rule: 1933 - 1945
  • 9. Ms Chang: Adolf HitlerHow did this dictator come to power?Election: he was elected by the peopleHe was the leader of the Nazi party, whichbecame more and more popular throughthe 1930s. Eventually, in the 1932elections, the Nazi party became thebiggest party in the German governmentand Hitler became the Chancellor ofGermany. He signed a document calledthe Enabling Act which gave himauthoritarian powers to control Germany.
  • 10. Ms Chang: Adolf HitlerWhat happened to the people of his country underhis rule? 1. He persecuted Jews in what is called the Holocaust. 6 million Jews and other minority groups were killed in concentration camps. 2. He led Germany into World War 2 as a result of invading Poland.
  • 11. Ms Chang: Adolf HitlerWhat sources did you use for your research?1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/people/adolf_hitler2. http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_hitler3. http://remember.org/Facts.root.hitler.htmlDo you think these sources are all reliable andtrustworthy sources of information?YES:NO:
  • 12. Your1. Researcher: read and research2. Scribe: take notes and type/beautify the slides3. Timekeeper: keep track of time and keep group members on task4. Presenter: present research to class
  • 13. Step by step1. Appoint roles2. Decide on what dictator you want to research - every group must be different!3. Research on that dictator using the suggested resources and your own internet searches4. Work on the powerpoint slides at http://tinyurl.com/3d-dictators to create your dictator’s profile
  • 14. Next lesson Presentations Creation of inquiry question