CLAUDIA BERGSDORF                                Design and Illustration         ABOUT ME                                 ...
CORPORATE                                                      Over the last four years I have worked on numerous corpo...
1                                                                                                             THE METSERVI...
IDEAS INTO ACTION   Identity and Layout                                          Moxie Design Group in partnership with th...
NZBIO   brochures                                                                                                    NZ BI...
80 YEARS OF GREATNESS   Invitation                                     My grandmother in Germany commissioned me to       ...
IDENTITIES                                                 Logo Design                                                    ...
ILLUSTRATION                                                              This section displays a variety of illustrati...
MASTER OF DESIGN THESIS 2011   Illustration                                              This one-year research project wa...
PRETTY SWEET THINGS   Website Headers                                        Pretty Sweet Things is a new blog, that publi...
CAREER SERVICES CHRISTMAS CARD   Illustration and Collage                                               Career Services is...
BIOPAINTS   Illustration for Advertising                                           ‘Biopaints’ is a New Zealand-based comp...
PERSONAL                                                  The work featured in this section is a combination of persona...
AGIDEAS PRESENTATION   Art Direction and Editing                                                   The Massey University I...
READING CONGRESS   Awareness Poster                                      The brief asked for a promotional foldout poster ...
THE KIWI DIARY   Annual Calendar                                   The Kiwi Diary is an annual calendar, which can be     ...
CONVERSATION WEEK               Major Project“WHY          LK T O “WHYTA                                                  ...
Claudia Bergsdorf Portfolio April11  Small
Claudia Bergsdorf Portfolio April11  Small
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Claudia Bergsdorf Portfolio April11 Small


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Portfolio 2011

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Claudia Bergsdorf Portfolio April11 Small

  1. 1. CLAUDIA BERGSDORF Design and Illustration ABOUT ME EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Over the last four years of professional experience I have gained 2009/11 Freelancer at ‘HelloClaudia’ a good understanding of the complex world that is graphic design. 2010/11 Contractor at ‘Homegrown Creative’ I have learned to manage accounts and work directly with clients 2010 Tutor at Massey University Wellington, teaching Graphic and suppliers. Working as a member of large teams has allowed Design 1, a second year paper with a focus on concept me to enjoy great brainstorming sessions and to benefit from the development and the graphic visualisation of ideas creative insight my co-workers had to offer. 2009 Designer at ‘Malarky Brand and Media’: I have a very good understanding of graphic computer programmes such as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. In addition I have 2007/9 Junior designer at ‘Moxie Design Group’: gained a lot of experience in offset printing processes, file 2008 Illustration work for Te Papa’s ‘The Colossal Squid preparation and print management. Exhibition’ Due to my illustration skills and a good understanding of digitalHELLO. 2007 Freelance work for ‘The Church Design’ media, I am experienced in creating strong analogue imagery and 2007 Comprehensive promotional design campaign for the using it in a digital context. ‘Young and Hungry’ theatre trust Creative processes and research are integral to my work, which 2007 Speaker at the ‘AGIdeas’ conference in Melbourne is why I have recently completed a masters degree in visual representing Massey University Wellington communication design. 2006 Layout work for the magazine ‘Off the Menu’ Through my tutoring work and various client briefings and presentations I have developed excellent public speaking skills. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Finally I am a passionate dancer and cyclist. It is my strong belief Date of birth: 20/05/1984 that only a happy and balanced lifestyle can ensure excellence German and English: fluent at work and a positive outlook when stress builds up and French: intermediate level deadlines loom. Spanish: beginner EDUCATION PERSONAL REFEREES 2011 Master of Design (with distinction) at Massey University Jess Molloy (Moxie Design Group senior designer) Wellington, 04 802 4033, 021 121 7585 2004/7 Bachelor of Design at Massey University Wellington Caroll Simcox (Malarky Brand and Media partner) completed with first class honours, graduated as a, 04 385 0166 Massey scholar CONTACT DETAILS 2003 University Entrance Qualification at Louise Henriette Gymnasium; Oranienburg, Germany 0064 (0)21 1429 631
  2. 2. CORPORATE  Over the last four years I have worked on numerous corporate identities and annual reports for clients including Athletics New Zealand,WORK. The Kotare Trust, The New Zealand Metservice, NZBIO and NZQA. 
  3. 3. 1 THE METSERVICE Annual Report 2007/08 During my time at ‘Moxie Design Group’ in Wellington, NZ, I had major involvement in the concept development and design of the Metservice Annual Report for the year 2007/08. The brief required that the focus of the design concept was the weather and its impact on people and their 2 environments. Our solution was the use of photography in combination with line-drawings to illustrate certain weather scenarios and peoples reactions to the according weather forecast. The scenarios were based on stories and case studies that had been provided to us by the Metservice team. ANNUAL REPORT 07/08 The result was a beautiful and intimate 2 document, using matt paper stock and metallic ink for the line art, which powerfully illustrated As a country strongly tied to its when not tracking weather balloons. agricultural heritage, the impact of weather on New Zealand’s primary A similar dual-purpose radar is now in operation at New Plymouth, providing the importance of weather forecasting to our life. industries holds repercussions for us all. much-needed coverage for the central For farmers on low–lying land, flash floods may mean the difference between North Island. Two dedicated Doppler weather radars will come on stream over The report got excellent feedback from stake- viability and a bank account in the red. the next two years – the first on Hawke’s And any hardship on the farm soon filters to all parts of the economy. But with Bay’s Mahia Peninsula in 2009 and the second in the Bay of Plenty in 2010. holders and the printers, who asked to enter it accurate warning of severe weather events, stock can be moved and potential losses minimised, ensuring a healthier Following a successful bid for Government funds in Budget 2008, we are now planning the installation of two additional into competitions. balance sheet – for the farming industry radars, in Northland and the West Coast. KURT VONNEGUT, and for the nation. When fully operational, the enhanced radar NOVELIST AND ESSAYIST, network will deliver seamless coverage Providing essential data for MetService 1922–2007 to most of the country and increase our weather forecasts are four weather radars capability to provide highly specific, stationed at Mt Tamahunga (Warkworth), localised forecasts. Outlook Hill (Makara, Wellington), New Plymouth Airport and Rakaia (North Improving the quality of our aviation Canterbury). Using Doppler technology observation network is the objective these radars scan the Earth’s atmosphere of another MetService investment to a range of 250 kilometres, locating programme. At a cost of $1.5 million, precipitation and calculating its intensity we are upgrading observation equipment and motion. From this data our at 24 airports and installing automated forecasters estimate the form of the weather stations at six aerodromes. precipitation – whether rain, snow or hail The automated stations measure – and how it is evolving over time. It is temperature, wind speed and direction, this key information that helps us predict rainfall, humidity, solar radiation and the likelihood of hazardous weather pressure, and will eliminate the need for events such as thunderstorms. costly manual observation. In particular, the upgrade will increase the robustness In a programme aimed at further of data collected at key sites overnight improving the accuracy of our weather and in the early morning, periods most warnings, MetService is investing critical to aviation forecasting. $12 million to enhance radar coverage7857_MET_AR0708_v16.indd 1 18/9/08 9:07:59 AM around the country. As of this year, the wind-finding radar at Invercargill has been adapted to switch into Doppler mode 7857_MET_AR0708_v16.indd 2 18/9/08 9:08:20 AM 7857_MET_AR0708_v16.indd 2 18/9/08 9:11:01 AM
  4. 4. IDEAS INTO ACTION Identity and Layout Moxie Design Group in partnership with the Ministry for the Environment was planning to host a workshop for the World Environment Day 2008. The brief was to design an identity for the event as well as a document to be sent out to city councils. In partnership with another illustrator/designer we created a complex coat of arms for the project, which was aimed to inform city councils about sustainable leadership. The secondary light bulb appearance of the image related to the title of the project: ‘Ideas into Action’. Despite the complexity of the image, the identity holds itself well and could have been easily applied to posters and banners. The typographic treatment of the document aimed to be clean and tidy. Graphic elements like the windmills (left) were meant to tie the inside pages back to the overall identity of the project.
  5. 5. NZBIO brochures NZ BIO promotes bio events and research in New Zealand. At Malarky Brand and Media we looked after all of their print documents. Despite the fact that NZ BIO has very rigid brand and colour guidelines (established before GOLD we took them on as a client) we usually managed to create documents for them that looked sharp and professional.NEW ZEALAND DELEGATIONTO AUSBIOTECH 2009 PARTNERS CONFERENCE 2011 21-23 March 2011 SKYCITY Convention Centre Auckland, New Zealand CONFERENCE HANDBOOK CONFERENCE 2011 21-23 March 2011 SKYCITY Convention Centre Auckland, New Zealand CONFERENCE HANDBOOK CONFERENCE 2011 New Zealand’s Premier Bio Event CONFERENCE 2011 ENABLING SUCCESSFUL BIO ENTERPRISE New Zealand’s Premier Bio Event PLATINUM SPONSOR ENABLING SUCCESSFUL BIO ENTERPRISE SILVER SPONSOR PLATINUM SPONSOR SILVER SPONSOR
  6. 6. 80 YEARS OF GREATNESS Invitation My grandmother in Germany commissioned me to design an invitation for her 80th birthday. Christa Bergsdorf is an extrodinary woman and has seen a great deal in her time. She lived through WWII, the Cold War and remarkably was one of few female East-German rally drivers. To honour her life I wanted to create a card that functions as an autobiography at the same time. Using old photographs and a race track in the shape of the number 80 I crafted this foldout invitation.
  7. 7. IDENTITIES Logo Design Wellington is a bustling hub for small businesses. During my time as a contractor I have helped multiple small companies to establish an identity for themselves. B l ack Hat Ch efs Pantone 412 C ‘Black Hat Chefs’ is a catering service who were in C A T E R I N G need of a logo that represented sophistication and simplicity. The client was extremely happy with the solution. 60% 100% ‘Wellpet’ was a Job handed to me by ‘Eden Design’. They needed a mark for a large veterinary practice that had to be friendly, show a variety of animals and also still retain the idea of professional Black 20% text 10% care. The mark had a very tight deadline and was created within less than a day from initial concepts H at to completion.Black Hat Chefs Chefs ‘Kotare Trust’ was a pro-bono job, which also included the design of a website. The logo had to include the Kotare bird and be bold and friendly. C A T E R I N G F I N E C A T E R I N G ‘Kiwicar’ was a large job including the design of a logo, website and collateral. The owner of the business wanted to look distinctly different and friendlier than other car brokers. He also insisted Text 90% on the inclusion of the kiwi bird. ‘Candle Couture’ sells boutique candles and asked for an identity that reflects the up-market value CHALLENGE ANALYSE STRATEGISE SUPPORT INSPIRE AND STRENGTHEN EACH OTHER FOR JUSTICE of the product and can also serve a decorative susan_whiskers_biz_card_vertical_print.indd 8 7/27/09 5:25:13 PM Kotare Trust is an Incorporated Charitable Trust which susan_whiskers_biz_card_vertical_print.indd 2 7/27/09 5:25:11 PM function. The client used the logo extensively in HOME organises workshop programmes and develops community the signage around the store. research on social change issues. CONTACT US Our Trustees have backgrounds in social change activism, adult education, ‘Susan Whisker’ is a Wellington jewellery designer unemployed rights, womens issues, Te Tiriti issues, community development, TRUSTEES union building and environmental perspectives. and was in need of an extensive brand for her business. Susan also asked for several multi-cultural Black Black Black RESEARCH The Kotare Vision Kotare is a Charitable Trust established in 1996 by a wide range of people involved in community, church, youth, union, local economic development and characters and the design of a cat, which was then EDUCATION H at H at H at adult education. This group has since broadened to include people from Te Tiriti further developed into a pendant and design element. and environmental activism backgrounds. Kotare was founded in the belief that people from all sectors need to be inspired and supported to develop and If knowledge ACTIVISM sustain their organisations working for justice and positive social change. We can create Bergsdorf Rechtsanwälte are a German lawfirm. Chefs Chefs Chefs saw a need for the potential of flaxroots/grassroots people and communities to EDUCATION CENTRE be fostered, supported, sharpened and realised. Our initial years of experience has taught us that this potential needs to be realised and encouraged outside of problems, it is They wanted an abstract logo that speaks of their conventional institutions within an independent and creative environment. not through ability to bring a variety of multi-skilled staff SUPPORT The Kotare Trust believes that for real change to be effective, solutions to poverty, inequity and injustice must come from the people who are most directly ignorance together in order to solve the clients problems. C A T E R I N G C affected. R I educators have learned that respecting culture C A T E R I N G A T E Our N G and developing EVENTS analysis, organising and leadership skills are fundamental requirements for successful community development in all its forms. that we can LINKS Our educators and researchers are trained by the Trust and in addition to many solve them. years experiences in the fields of expertise, they are constantly challenged to reflect on their practice and maintain the principles of popular and radical adult Isaac Asimov (1920 - 1992) education.
  8. 8. ILLUSTRATION  This section displays a variety of illustration-based work. Often I am asked to create illustration work for corporate clients, in otherWORK. instances more traditional illustrations have been required. 
  9. 9. MASTER OF DESIGN THESIS 2011 Illustration This one-year research project was focused on visual narratives and how specific themes like death, nature and time in crossover children’s literature can be enhanced through illustrative methods and techniques. The visual component of the thesis was a 6 metre long continuous illustration which was exhibited at the ‘This Way Up’ 2011 Design Masters Exhibition in Wellington.
  10. 10. PRETTY SWEET THINGS Website Headers Pretty Sweet Things is a new blog, that publishes regular posts on topics such as craft, cooking, dining, music to name a few. I was asked to illustrate a selection of headers for the website. In co-operation with another designer/ illustrator I conceptualised and executed the headers, making use of analogue and digital media. The overall tone was lighthearted and funny, reflecting the cheeky and experimental nature of the blog. To view the website take a look at:
  11. 11. CAREER SERVICES CHRISTMAS CARD Illustration and Collage Career Services is a Crown entity dedicated to help New Zealanders achieve their dream career. Their brief was to design an illustrated Christmas card with emphasis on the holiday season. They also wanted to explore different postage possibilities and formats and try to keep the material cost to a minimum. The difficulty here was that budget and time were very limited. The final product was a self-closing card, which also functions as an envelope through a tab. For the illustration the client was offered a few options, and they decided chose a collage style, using photography and paint-textures. This style looks beautiful and is quickly achieved. The scene depicts a New Zealand family at a picnic on the wharf, the colours are summery and elements in the picture (like the Pohutukawa flower) hint at Christmas without being to culturally exclusive. The client was happy and the card was well received with Career Services staff and customers.
  12. 12. BIOPAINTS Illustration for Advertising ‘Biopaints’ is a New Zealand-based company that specialises in 100% natural house paints. Inspired by Art Nouveau pieces ‘Moxie Design Group’ developed an emotive advertising concept of a woman emaerging from the foliage, embracing nature. This image was first drawn and then vectorised. i added a watercolour paint-texture in the background to soften the image and enhance the idea of nature and freedom.
  13. 13. PERSONAL  The work featured in this section is a combination of personal illustration and graphic design projects. Most of these stem fromWORK. my two visual communication degrees. 
  14. 14. AGIDEAS PRESENTATION Art Direction and Editing The Massey University ICD Department approached me and three other students to plan, design and present a multimedia presentation for the AGIdeas international design conference in Melbourne 2007. We were given four months to complete this brief. The final presentation was a 6 minute long show reel, which visualised how Massey designers are influenced by Wellington as an inspirational environment. To complete this brief, our team did extensive research into the history of Massey University and Wellington. We filmed hours of footage, documenting practices on campus as well as the Wellington creative community. We juxtaposed student work with photography and the collected footage, using local music as a key element to give the reel structure, mood and pace. A key stylistic and structural element was the Wellington map, which was animated as a motion-graphics piece. After the completion we presented the reel in Melbourne as part of a speech about the department in front of a large audience of design students and industry professionals.
  15. 15. READING CONGRESS Awareness Poster The brief asked for a promotional foldout poster to motivate academics to attend the 24th congress of reading and to volunteer in the global battle against illiteracy. This is a topic, which will easily be overlooked or brushed off. I decided to take a slightly provocative approach with this project by suggesting the disadvantages, which illiteracy brings to the individual. The colours are very bright and can’t be overlooked and the poster will have impact when hung up. The backside contains additional information for the event.
  16. 16. THE KIWI DIARY Annual Calendar The Kiwi Diary is an annual calendar, which can be purchased in book stores and boutique cafes around New Zealand. Its aim is to feature New Zealand artists and share experiences, recipes and wisdoms. The diary is also dedicated to encourage a sustainable lifestyle and provides useful information and tips for the average Kiwi household. I have been involved with the diary for several years and contribute free layout work and illustrations. This spread features some of the design work I have contributed and a selection of Mullet Man zodiacs which I illustrated to lighten up the horoscope pages included in the diary.
  17. 17. CONVERSATION WEEK Major Project“WHY LK T O “WHYTA The brief was to promote the event Communication ?” DO MOST Week NZ to a New Zealand audience. Communication Week hosts discussions based on questions collected from NEW ZEALANDERS the general public prior to the event. “WHY DO YOUNG NEW ZEALANDERS FREE AS MUCH AS THEY DO? DRINK AS MUCH AS THEY DO? WHY The design aesthetic was inspired by the questions IS THIS HEAVY DRINKING CULTURE POSTAGE SO ENGRAINED?” HEAVY used to host the event. Through a variety of media Anonymous Wellington WHY IS DRINKING (posters, brochures, installations) the questions were Name THIS CULTURE presented to the audience in sometimes provocative, SO ENGRAINED?” for hou rs after Address at conver sation? One tha t you wil made you l carry lau gh with you at the hosted sam e tim in local e. We ll venues her e’s . Topics gets a say. sometimes startling situation. had a gre ing and l be rybody you’ve someth sions wil ure eve t time ght you lic discus presen t to ens s the las tau pub The promotion was designed to act as a teaser When wa that has EK free will be sation ION WE diator EE K a conver NVERSAT lic. A me it ended, ring CO the pub nce . Du ed from I ON W 2008 you r cha collect stions IDED! are bas ed on que NIBBL ES PROV Anonymous Wellington campaign and aimed to start conversation on the E R S ATULY 14 -19TH S AND SOU THE RN DRINK PAP A // TY TE EMA // ARY // MGH ASS Y CIN VE NU ES L LIBR V // EMB CEN TRA ORI A ECT ED CIN EMA CO N LING TON // VICT IN SEL AMO UNT L // WEL ATR E spot. Interactive components such as stickers and RS // PAR N HAL S THE ’S // BAT TOR S BRO THE TON TOW A conversation held on the 17th of July; J MUR PHY EST ME DIA HOP E BAR // WEL LING A // J.J. CONVERSATION ON CUB D BY GU ST NDE RGA CRO SS CAF E OSO PHY WEEK 2008 BE FAC ILITATE RÖD ER // KER RY PRE EZ // URS MIG HTY // PLU M SCH OOL OF PHIL 3.00pm at the SOUTHERN CROSS BAR S WIL L D SCH I GON ZAL OKE FRA SER UNI VER SITY SAT ION TITI // GER HAR // COR G // BRO the option to text a reply to a web blog were also CON VER A WAI AND BEN D DAG T // TAIK T // BILL // FRE E CLE MEN TWI NSE LOG AN TER // // STE VE JEM AIN HEL HUN CUL LEN // RAC HEA L SCR IBE DR MIC // HON PHY SIGN ER // GRE G MUR GUN N JASO N • 17TH OF JULY 3PM SOUTHERN CROSS BAR part of the project. • CONVERSATION MEDIATORS BILL AND BEN WEEK 2008 TO FIND OUT WHEN AND WHERE VISIT AIDS GENOCIDE DEASEASE EXPLOITATION STARVATION DRAUGHTS “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN AFRICA?” FREE Micheal Barron Wellington POSTAGE MURDER POVERTY Name Address A conversation held on the 13th of July; CONVERSATION WEEK 2008 5.00pm at TOWN HALL