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  • 1. FIBERNETICS CORP. Tuition Reimbursement RequestTo: Ryan Daly, Billing and Receivables Supervisor From: Claudia Baha, Bilingual Billing Representative 1/16/2012 1
  • 2. BRIEF OVERVIEWAfter enquiring with the Human Resources Department about the possibility for the tuitionreimbursement of my translation courses, I was informed that there is no regular procedure forsuch a request, that applications will be treated on a case by case basis and would, therefore, liketo make an official reimbursement request.I am a Bilingual Billing Representative, but, recently, I have been asked to translate a wide rangeof documents, from notification letters and websites to advertising slogans. I strongly believethat I have already proven that I am able to provide precise and accurate translations in a timelymanner. I have an Honours Bachelor of Arts with a double major- French Language and FrenchLiterature/ Romanian Language and Romanian Literature- from the University of Bucharest,country’s leading educational and research institution. Over the years I collaborated with varioustranslation companies from Romania and France.I feel that, by taking the translation courses offered at the University of Toronto, I will be able tobetter systematize the knowledge gained during professional practice. These courses will alsoincrease my professional development, knowledge and skills and will prove to be beneficial notonly for me but also for the company. I feel further education in this field will allow me toexpand my knowledge and to become an expert in the field of translations.Ordinarily I pay for all the courses I take (I am currently enrolled in a postgraduate program inCareer Development), however, I believe this program is directly related to some of the tasksthat have been, recently, assigned to me. I want to mention that all the courses are offeredthrough distance education, therefore my work schedule does not require any changes; I willcontinue to work full time. I want to assure you that my performance will not be affected in anyway, as previously mentioned, I am currently enrolled in the Career Development Practitionerprogram offered at Conestoga College but my work performance was always excellent.CERTIFICATE OF TRANSLATION INTO FRENCH-PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONThe courses included in this program prepare students in the theory and practice of translation.The certificate will help students develop skills to write accurate translations of the original textpreserving its integrity, meaning, style and nuance. The certificate comprises 4 courses: AppliedTranslation Theory, Translation Level I, Translation Level II, and Translation Level III. Eachcourse comprises real-world translation assignments of increasing complexity. It concludes withan in-class examination. The cost of the program is 2 780 dollars: 4 x 695 dollars.RETURN ON INVESTMENTAs we all know, various provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms deal withthe right of access services in English and in French across Canada. Every company that wants todo business in Quebec must provide service in French. The Charter of the French Language, 2
  • 3. better known as Bill 101, clearly stipulates: Chapter II 5. Consumers of goods and services havea right to be informed and served in French. 1977, c. 5, s. 5 Chapter VII 52 Catalogues,brochures, folders, commercial directories and any similar publications must be drawn up inFrench. Chapter VII 55 Contracts pre-determined by one party, contracts containing printedstandard clauses, and the related documents, must be drawn up in French. They may be drawn upin another language as well at the express wish of the parties 1977, c. 5, s. 55. Our company isgrowing rapidly and, no doubt, the material that needs to be translated will increase in the nearfuture. The company has significantly increased its customer base after the acquisition and this customer base is expected to increase exponentially when Dell Voice poweredby Fongo will be launched. In order to manage a higher work volume the productivity has to beimproved. And, definitely, an increase in employees’ knowledge will result in increasedproductivity.Having a highly qualified in-house translator will definitely save company time and money. Thiswill ensure that the deadlines are always met. It will be easier for the team to adjust to changingschedules. An in-house translator will be able to respond to last minute requests. An in-houseresource means that costs can be fixed which gives total visibility of language localization spent.The in-house translator will be constantly exposed to the culture of the organization whicheliminates the need to spend time correcting stylistic errors or inaccuracies, as would be the casewith an outsourced translation team.The company website, the advertising slogans or the advertising brochures are the first contactwith the potential client and ensuring that all these documents are written according to thehighest standards of language and quality, both in English and in French, is particularlyimportant. A poorly written document projects a bad image of the company. Quality control canbe tighter within an in-house translation team as the same translators are working on the contentrepeatedly. In-house translators are familiar with the terminology used inside the company andthey don’t need to refer to glossaries as much as freelance translators do, so the process can besimplified and consistency can be assured. Using multiple translators over a period of time candefinitely influence, in a negative way, the quality of the end product. Therefore, investing in thetraining of an in-house translator will be extremely beneficial in the long run.GUIDELINESIf the company were to offer tuition reimbursement for this certificate I would adhere to thefollowing guidelines:I must obtain a grade of B or higherI will write a presentation at the end of each course on what I learned and how I can apply thisknowledge here, at work. 3
  • 4. CONCLUSIONSThere are obvious benefits to the creation of an in-house translation team, mainly the cost controland the quality management. This solution is ideal for an organization like ours, organization thatis rapidly growing.I understand that in order to stay competitive it is important to find ways to cut costs, but, Istrongly believe, that the benefits that my attendance of the translation courses offered at theUniversity of Toronto will bring the company outweigh this relatively small cost. This isevidenced by the large number of our competitors, such as Bell or Rogers that also offer theiremployees tuition reimbursement. Satisfied customers and happy employees are both great for acompany’s bottom line.I have more information and look forward to meeting with you.Thank you for your time and consideration. 4