The Challenges - To Create Success In Network Marketing
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The Challenges - To Create Success In Network Marketing


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The Challenges we all face today...

It doesn't matter what it is and or where you are right now. Here are some simple plain truths that can help you move forward regardless of the choices you have to make today for your life.

To move forward and away from where you are you just have 3 decisions in making that choice.

You can do it the "Easy Way", the "Hard Way" or the "Just Hard Enough Way".

Let me explain to you what I mean by this.

Now its kind of funny as most people who want to get ahead in life want to work at the easy way. They believe that its the easy way, the simple way that will get them to their goals and dreams.

Whats cool about the easy way is that its very easy to do. Everybody can do it and that's the beauty of the easy way. The Easy Way though obtainable is not that valuable. Simplly because everyone can do it and that why its easy.

Because its very easy to do and it obtainable you most often do not create enough value for your customers.

That why most people do it. But the problem is because its so easy and because you don't take enough trouble to
get it done you most often don't create enough value. Because no value or less value is given to your customers
you don't get much reward financially through the easy way. Just look at all the small businesses around you.

Its relatively easy to set up but because its easy and can be done by a single person and cost a small amount of money most people get into it. They compete on price and work really hard. They just manage to scrape together a life working very long hours.

So that's the challenge we have when we take the easy way out to do something.

Now the exact opposite is to take the hard way and create very valuable information or products for our clients. But what we create is most often not attainable or too hard to get done cheaply or smoothly. This causes us to duplicate harder and it is the sad reality of life when we take the Hard Way. Its just too hard to get people to duplicate what we can do. You see this in many start up companies. They just don't have enough resources for systems to be put into place. Eventually they fold as they find it too hard to keep going.

Now you get yourself into a fix. The easy way is not good and the hard way which can be profitable cannot be duplicable so it also is not good. So what do you do.

Have you thought about doing something just hard enough. Most people ignore the in-between way - "Just Hard Enough". This is where 99% of people don't apply themselves. The cool thing about this way is it keeps 99% of the competition out. Most people either want it easy or want to work too hard at what they are doing.

By ignoring what most people do we can get so far ahead that its unimaginable.

What we are going to do is doing things just hard enough.
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Claude Fullinfaw

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