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Are you looking for a job in Brisbane! Keen to do some online and offline marketing (have your own business) for us and earn extra income (earn profits by way of commissions earned) as a student while you study.

There are so many jobs available in Brisbane for college students both local as well as foreign pupils.

Local Brisbane college, University or TAFE students who are resident in Australia can work as many hours they want. They just need to be careful that their studies do not suffer while they work.

Employers from businesses can sometimes not pay heed to the hours put in by a student. As there are no rules saying that a student can't work more than 20 hours a week.

But foreign students have to work within 20 hours a week. When I had my Indian restaurant I employed Indian, Colombian, Mexican, Peruian, Malaysian and chinese students. They all worked hard and brought in a lot of business. But they could only work 20 hours a week. Imagine if a local or foreign stuident could work less than 10 hours a week and earn over $1500 a week in part time wages.

Just imagine if they could!

Now the students who worked for me in the restaurant got paid the hourly award rate. If they worked overtime I paid that too. But seldom did they worked extra hours as I had to make sure my wage bill was kept low.

Imagine if those very students could have worked for me on commissions. And imagine if I allowed them to work on a percentage of sales. If they were allowed to do that their earnings would have been much much more than just basic income per week.

Do you know that there are multi-national companies will pay you on performance only. This means that its not the hours worked but on products sold that you can get paid for.

The sales you bring into the company is what you will get paid for. They will also give you handsome bonuses and prizes if you excell.

There are some companies who give you bonuses based on how well you train your teams

In fact if you were to develop team leaders in your sales force you will get paid a percentage of their income each and every week they earned. Would you like to work your own hours and earn a good five figure or six figure income while still in college.

Other sutudents in Australia are doing so why not you now.

There are young people as old as 18 and above who are earning over $500 a week for just 5 to 10 hours of work a week. Imagine if you can earn over $1000 a week for just 10 hours work. Would that excite you!

Now if you are excited to be part of a team who will train and help you get a good part time serious income consider contacting us immediately for an interview.

Looking forward to having you on our team.

Claude Fullinfaw

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