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Why Is Network Marketing A Fair Business Model

Why Is Network Marketing A Fair Business Model



Why is Network Marketing one of the fairest business models to be a part of in the 21st century? ...

Why is Network Marketing one of the fairest business models to be a part of in the 21st century?

If most to be business owners would just take the trouble to find out a bit more they will do themselves a big favor to avoid financial and emotional heartache in going in to business all by themselves.

Most people when they start off in a small business have very little business experience nor money to do any market research and learn what market factors drive their future businesses.

They go in blind and very often will find road bumps along the way that they could very easily have avoided.

One way to avoid this on the cheap is to listen to experts whose work is readily available for people like us through CDs and books. This information though inexpensive is priceless.

I strongly suggest that you start tapping in to the resources that Jim Rohn & Darren Hardy has for all of us. These men are world famous for helping millions of people. Why not you too!

When you actually start to go through their audios I suggest that you should write notes for yourself. Go over these notes and memorize them. This is the best way you can learn and then help others to learn as well.

In his CD "MAKING THE SHIFT", Mr Hardy says that the only equation that can cause an issue wher success is concerned in network marketing is the person in the business. Its basically you who can make or break the business. No one else can do this - not even the company nor the person who sponsored you. You are in charged.

Network marketing is a very even playing field. There are very few variables. Most of the factors are in your favor.

1. The Company is the same

2. The Products are the same

3. The Business Plan is the same

So the only variable is actually You!

So grab the opportunity and make it a success in network marketing today.

PS: If you like this information share these notes or use them to help your team. remember to get a Cd from Darren Hardy too.

And most of all connect with us on Facebook

Claude Fullinfaw




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    Why Is Network Marketing A Fair Business Model Why Is Network Marketing A Fair Business Model Presentation Transcript

    • The Four Variables In Network Marketing That can either make or break your businesses! I am a follower of Darren Hardy and Jim Rohn’s work. I suggest that if you like my notes here that you should go to the experts MR Hardy & Mr Rohn web sites and get their CDs and Books and Learn more. Claude Fullinfaw, Brisbane
    • Do You Know That To Succeed In Business You Should Know .. The common denominators that govern your success and if there are any variables that could cause you to loose ground and fail. Here are some ideas!
    • The Four Variables In Network Marketing there are just four variables that can either make or break you. Know what these are can be a real mind opener for most people when they start off in the home business.
    • The First Variable – The Company & It’s Leadership i) Does the company have different procedures & policies for the top college graduates and yet another set of rules for high school dropouts. ii) Does one political party be given different incentives while another gets a totally different compensation plan. iii) Do you see one religion given preference over another religion. If the answer is no to any of the above then the company is the same for everyone. So that is not a variable.
    • The Second VariableThe Products or Services i) Does the company ship different products into the rich neighbourhoods than they would to poor ones. ii) Do they offer VIP products exclusively available depending upon your social status. Now if everyone has the same products no matter if they are in a political or social economic background Then this is not a differential variable either.
    • The 3rd Variable – The Business Plan ) Is there a special business plan if you are white or colored. Or ii) Are there special bonuses paid if you are men or women. Or i iii) How about family people. Do they get paid a higher bonus compared to single people. If they are not then isn't this fabulous. Then this is truly the greatest equal opportunity on the planet. The playing field is completely level. This is not a variable either as everything is equal here as well
    • The Only Possible Variable Is … The “XXX” Factor This is the one variable that can either make or break you
    • So what is this XXX Factor? Now as everyone has exactly the same variables to work with. And since the company is a success with great products being sold over and over again and a compensation plan already paying people huge amounts of money Globally then all the above factors are not variables at all. They are all proven to work no matter what. So what then is the only remaining "XXX" factor? There is only one thing that will determine your level success or failure in this business. And that is you! You are the "XXX" Factor!
    • Recommended Resources ! I suggest that you get a copy of the following CDs and give your network marketing business a boost this month by learning more. I also suggest that you hear these CDs at least once a week for 90 days when getting started and then tap into them at least once a month from then onwards. They have done me a world of good. They will help you too. Making The Shift by Darren Hardy Building your Network Marketing Business by Jim Rohn
    • So Be Ready For The Battle Of The Minds Within You! For More Information Please visit our website at www.ClaudeFullinfaw.com/ or Our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/BestNetworkMarketingTips/